February Goals

Happy February!! This is usually the month I really struggle with because the weather has been bitter cold for too long now. I really want to try to keep a content attitude this month though. I'm sharing a few of my goals for this short month down below!

- Take our Valentine’s Day cooking class together! After the class, we get to enjoy a romantic dinner together! This was one of my Christmas presents to McCann. 

- Write a post about grief and how we’ve gotten through the death of my husband’s dad. I often get asked about this topic, so a post is in the works, written by both of us and sharing our hearts.

- Stick to our budget and remember that saving now will mean we can have freedom later to do big things like buy a house, take a trip, be really generous to strangers and friends, save for our future kids. Working with a financial advisor the last year has been really eye opening! I'm a bit of a spender, so this has actually been challenging for me. I'm planning to write about this more soon too.

- Continue meal planning. This has been going so well for the last few weeks!!! Makes grocery shopping so much easier and less stressful. And I only grocery shop once a week! Always looking for more meals to try (a new year’s goal was to do one new one per week!) so send them over!

- Finish sourcing items for 2 new construction design clients of mine. One home that I shared a few days ago on the blog will actually be in our Michigan parade of homes in May, so I’m working on finding pieces that will look beautiful in there and show well! Excited to be filling it with Chelsea Michal Art and Arianna Belle pillows.

- Really make sure to be active and go to the gym! Now I have a real motivation coming up for us in April, which I’ll share about soon! I've been going 1x for the past few weeks, but I need to up it to 2xs! 

-Finish my current book so I can start a new one. I’m ordering The Lifegiving Home soon, which has been on my list for almost a year!

- Continue being diligent on my study of the book of Judges in the Bible. I’ve actually never read this book of the Bible, but I found a bible study podcast on it by a new favorite, Jen Wilkin, and it’s been really great. What an interesting book, I’ll tell ya!

- Have a wine and Skype night with my parents!

- Take Lincoln on more walks. I feel so bad, it’s so dang cold so he really doesn’t get as many walks as he should! We did take him to the dog park last weekend when it was sunny and he loved it.

- Make a special Valentine’s Day breakfast for us the weekend before Valentine’s Day! I'll be sure to share it here with you. 

- Put up one piece of Valentine's Day decor in our home. Not sure what this will be, but I might try to make a little heart garland or something. We'll see! (Do flowers count?! Ha!)

What are some of your goals this month?

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  1. These are some awesome goals my friend - and just remember that when these are done, you will be one whole month closer to Spring and Summer x


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