Winter Blues, But What We're Looking Forward To...

When people ask me how long I've lived in Michigan, my answer goes like this:

"This is my fourth winter."

Because winter's are the most memorable, that's how I remember it ;) And by memorable, I actually mean really, really tough. After my first winter here, I was honestly contemplating going back to California. It was brutal. I don't think they get easier with each year, but I do know what to expect. I was just not made for these temperatures, guys. The fact that I have Raynaud's disease (a condition where areas of the body feel numb and cool in certain circumstances, due to the cold and poor circulation) does not help! 

I have to daily remind myself that Spring is a promise! It's coming, sure as the sun will rise, even if it seems like this snow will never end ;)

So because it's so cold, something a lot of people do here is take a trip to Florida, or somewhere warmer in these cold months. I usually go back to California for a week or so to see my family and soak up some sun. But this year we're doing something I'm SO looking forward to! My husband and I are going to Kauai with my parents in April! To say I'm excited is an understatement. I'm so ready to see the sun and have it actually be warm and maybe even get a tan ;) Ha! 

We went to Maui on our honeymoon and it was literally the best week of our lives. My parents' favorite island is Kauai and they have been many times, so it's going to be really fun to go with them and have them show us all their favorite, beautiful spots.

Living across the country from my family is pretty challenging. My husband's family lives here in Michigan and my parent's live in Northern California, so I often feel like no matter where we end up, we will always be disappointing one side of our family. That's the tension inside my heart, so I'm really trying to remind myself that God will make it clear to us as husband and wife, where we are supposed to live and when. For now, it's here in Michigan. 

The bright side of this is that we get make memories with my family in different ways, like taking vacations and experiencing some fun spots when we visit California. In December we went to Disneyland together, we've gone to Tahoe together, enjoyed day trips to Carmel (the city we were married in) and lots of other adventures. Even though we live across the country, we still want to make an effort to show that we value my family and time spent with them (because we really do!!)

This was the sunset on our first night in Maui for our honeymoon in 2016. I'm dreaming of the gorgeous sunsets to come :)

All of this to say, I'm sooo cold, I miss my fam, and we're counting down the days until Kauai! I love the ocean and the way it causes me to pause, reflect and feel God's power in a big way. 

If you've been to Kauai, let me know your favorite spots and restaurants. I'd love to learn some new spots!

Here's to hittin' the gym in preparation of this trip...ha!

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  1. Such a exciting trip! We just booked our Kauai trip for the 3rd week of April a few weeks ago! I feel a bit stalkerish writing this but it is to funny ..we both got married Fall of 2016, both went to Hawaii for honeymoons (Oahu for us) and now a Kauai trip. But seriously I promise they are all coincidences.

    We are still figuring out activities for our trip but I had crowd sourced tips from others and they all recommended the book 'The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed'. I have been paging through it and it seems really great and I am typically not guidebook fan. I hope you guys enjoy Kauai and if you get there before us I can't wait to see what you enjoy!

  2. My husband and I got back a few weeks ago from Kauai and it is truly magical! Our favorites were hiking the Kalalau Trail and taking a catamaran to see the Na Pali Coast. As far as food goes, Porky’s Food Truck and The Spot (organic frozen yogurt) are musts! Enjoy your vacation :)

  3. UM YES. I could not agree more about winter. I've hated it my whole life (ha!!) but Cam has made me realize that the silver lining is no bugs, which there are too many of down here in NC! Soo there's that I guess ;)


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