Pink & Red Favorites

Thank you for all the emails, comments and messages about yesterday's post. I'm so glad is resonated with a lot of you and encouraged you, too. Sometimes the scariest posts to hit "publish" on are the best ones. Thanks for your encouragement as we shared our hearts.

Alright, it's Tuesday. Can you believe Valentine's Day is next week?! The bright and cheery color palette that comes with this special day is one I don't often wear, but the 14th sure is a good excuse! Truth be told, I'll be wearing a black dress to our dinner date, but during the day you'll find me in pink! I couldn't resist pulling together some of my current color crushes together here.

From festive earrings, to cute socks, soft sweater tops, bold gingham, delicious candles, comfy lounge pants, a beautiful robe, the comfiest and most beautiful underwear, and a few pretty dresses, I want alll of this to magically end up in my closet ASAP ;)

I don't own any red, but pink and coral, that pretty salmon, and event the dark berry color are all colors I can get behind. What about you?

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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