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Instagram...it's the "it" thing. It is no secret that I love snapping pretty pictures throughout the day and sharing them with my friends. But more than taking my own pictures, my favorite thing is following some of my fave bloggers, friends, stylist, designers, and photographers and seeing their beautiful snapshots. It's amazing how much prettiness can be found in one place.  It's also amazing how many not-so-pretty pictures can be found there...ha! {We'll get to that in a minute}.  Today I'm sharing some tips and tricks to get your images insta-perfect! After all, I'm not checking my app just to find some dark, grainy and weird pictures...are you?!

ONE. Light: The single most important thing to a great picture is the lighting you take the picture in.  Take your photos next to a window or better yet- outdoors! Then when you add the filter, it's light, bright and airy, instead of dark and grainy. If we can't see what's in the picture, why is it up there?!

TWO. Subject: What are you taking a picture of? I have followed people before who post pictures of themselves in trashy outfits at a party...that's not exactly something I care to take a peak at! You know what else isn't my favorite thing to look at? Text written in a "note" on your iPhone. That's for Facebook or Twitter, silly! Here are things everyone loves: food, clothing, cute shoes, projects you're working on, cute kiddos, art, a yummy drink, your adorable pet, your new mani, arm parties, beautiful blooms, etc. Post things that are fun to look at! 

Other tips:
- Take lots of shots of your subject in your camera before uploading to Instagram, that way you can choose which placement you like best!
- Up the exposure in the Photoshop for iPhone app before you upload to Instagram.
- Take pictures of things that interest people, and of different things to keep followers interested.
- Make sure your photos are crisp and clear.

Some of my favorites to follow:
@danagastelum @inhonorofdesign @amy_5kindsofhappy @ecmothdesign @heygorgevents @weddingchicks @thewayweare @swankychicfete @marina_yummymummykitchen @jasminestar @inslee @theeverygirl_ @mackenziehoran @lynbacca @designlovefest @emilyley @emthegem @heysweetpea @lovestefani

So tell me- who are your favorites to follow? Any picture tips you'd like to share? Be sure to leave your handle in the comments so I can check ya out! Follow me at @michaelanoelle :)

Have a great Tuesday! Don't forget the She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not link up party is tomorrow!


  1. @heygorgevents has the best instagram!

    i'm @nstudly :)

  2. Just started following you! Instragram is definitely such a cute way to document the little things in life :) Love it!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  3. I love instagram. I started following all those you listed. I'm @klhuyler.

  4. awww Michaela, so sweet of you to include us on your favorite list! such honor!

    have a great week & see you in instagram!

  5. Instagram is soooo addictive. It can be easy to forget to use photography tricks to get the best picture. Love your tips on using Instagram as a social media tool too. I should probably try to do that more. :)

  6. LOVE this!! I think these are such great tips and can really make a difference when it comes to what you post.

  7. Aw Thanks Michaela! I love Instagram! And you're right - the best part is seeing other amazing photos and pretty little details that might never make it to a blog or pinterest!

  8. I love instagram! Great tips Michaela!

    -danya @ PinkPeonyStyle.com

    I'm @dcollyer ;)

  9. Your list of favorites is spot on! Loving all of them + you!

  10. Great tips M! Couldn't agree more! It's my favorite way of following my favorite bloggers...much more personal!! xo

  11. You're the best for including me here, Michaela. Heart you :)

  12. Seriously, everyone needs to go by these tips! Please. Haha!

  13. Thanks for the tips!



  14. Love Instagram! Of course, I follow you! If you'd like to, check me out @splendorcat. :)

  15. LOVE this post, i most definitely agree with you're rules of instagraming c: thanks for keeping the pretty things in your pictures <3

  16. Thanks for the instagram love! Just added you :)


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