Loads of Color: Pantone's Picks

images via Pantone

I was so excited to see Pantone's beautiful hues for this coming Spring. I know, we're barely into Fall and the colors are already out, but hello- they're stunning, so we're talking about them early! You know I love me some purple, but even better is the complimentary color mix of purple with some yellow, as done so beautifully in the gown above.  This new "Grayed Jade" is equally as lovely and serene.  Another favorite is the Emerald.  I've already been seeing lots of it in stores...have you?  While we're at it, I'd also like each of the ensembles sketched above. These are just my favorite looks- each Pantone color has it's own fashion spread to accompany it. I can't wait to see how these saturated hues will translate into the home. I'm already loving what I see.

Which Pantone Spring 2013 color do YOU gravitate towards most?!

PS. Thanks for all your sweet comments on yesterday's post


  1. Amazing blog :) I follow You now and I hope that you like my blog too! Have a great day ❤

    xx San

  2. Loving the emerald! So rich and gorgeous. I like the poppy red too, but I'm a bit afraid to use red in interiors. Some designers do it so well though and I'm excited to see more!

  3. i like the emerald, poppy red, dusk blue and monaco blue. I hope you are having a safe (flat-tire free) drive!

  4. I feel like that yellow dress needs to be in my closet! I love all the colors for fall.

  5. Oh, Pantone, how I love you! Pantone actually makes a board book about colors for toddlers -- I've been meaning to pick one up for M. :)

    Surprisingly, I find myself drawn most to Lemon Zest. Strange, because I tend to gravitate toward hues more like Emerald, Dusk Blue, and African Violet. Hmmm ...

    Thanks so much for your camera advice earlier!

  6. I'd be excited to talk about them too- i love that acid green. i already have a pair of jeans in that color and it really adds to my outfit

  7. I love the grey/purple combo! My plans for my sitting room are in fact grey walls, purple ceiling (and larger furniture) with yellow accents! :-) x


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