{Sunday Thoughts} This is my Heart

Ah, Sunday. A day that truly makes you stop and rest. Rest in the grace, the love and the truth that is only found in God. This verse causes me to wonder: what is in my heart that is in turn coming out in my speech? My prayer is that I'm tucking away good things in that little heart of mine, so I can touch others and serve the Lord better in my daily life. Anyways, just some food for thought on this lovely day.

Happy Sunday:)


  1. So beautifully put! We just heard a sermon on words, how they can knock others down OR build them up... and this adds to it perfectly.. thanks :)

  2. what a beautiful thing to read and be reminded of first thing in the morning. everything that we feed ourselves shows in the way we choose to serve others, lovely.

  3. <3 <3 <3

    Love this. You're a doll.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this, Michaela.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. this is wonderful. our sermon today on how real religion is not only spoken but lived and how the words that come out of your mouth reflect what's in your heart.

  6. The perfect Sunday thought.

    Hope you are well, Michaela! My life is crazy busy, but I'm sitting in the car on the way home from church, waiting for hubby to grab some fried chicken from the grocery store (haha!), so I actually have a minute to pop in.

    Thank you for sharing your heart today. It will likely touch more people than will comment...but God will use you!

    Have a blessed day. :)

  7. Love this! Something to really ponder.

  8. Beautifully said...Love hearing Godly inspiration from other bloggers. XOXO
    The Lord is with you!

  9. The heart...so important in God's eyes. Thanks for this.

  10. Michaela, the beauty and goodness of your heart is so evident. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts with us.


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