She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Five Kinds of Happy

Hi friends! Wednesday is here again and I'm thrilled to introduce you (if you don't already know her!) to Amy of Five Kinds of Happy
This girl brings a smile to my face every time I read her blog, look at her instagram pictures, and see her cute little home decor projects. She's an all around sweetheart and also quite the jokester. I happen to think she's pretty funny. A funny, gorgeous girl who loves design and has a cute house: what a perfect combo! Read on to find out what Amy's loving and not loving this week :)

I am stoked to be here today! MND is one of my favourite blogs ever ever.
I'm going to do this backwards... just to be different.

She loves me not

1. Dolls - it's an actual phobia. But recently I touched a Barbie, so there's progress.

2. When I see a hair somewhere that a hair shouldn't be. Have you ever had to play Islands trying to cross the bathroom floor without getting them on your socks? I don't like that game.

3. Having no control over workout tracks at the gym. Every time they play 'Karma Chameleon' on the big screen directly infront of my treadmill I feel the energy physically draining out of my body. Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez on the other hard... weirdly energizing. Our little secret.

She Loves me
1. Virtual room designs. It's an addiction. Remember when Michaela mentioned the burning-eyeballs from using photoshop obsessively... they burrrnnn. And it's oh. so. much. fun. I get so excited I can't sleep after.
Just sayin.
{Traditional family room with lavender pops}
{Girl cave/Mom cave room with the same tufted lavender chair because I love that thing} 
{..messing with people's houses regardless of whether they want a makeover or not.}
 2. Being a creative type.
We can't get bored. There is always something to do. I usually have 5 projects going at once and somehow trash the whole house in the process, whilst scampering  from room to room in my undies snapping pictures. On those days I forget to shower, or have breakfast... and sometimes lunch. My face is all just-woke-up (I'm talking first class cotton-mouth) and I sure as heck am not answering the door to anybody.

Later, after about 10 minutes instagraming my outfit (just kidding. That's vain...) I head off to class where I get a text from the husband all "who launched a hand grenade up here?". Pfft. That's how I do cleaning.
{I was so proud of organising this dresser, but he couldn't see past the piles of clothes on the bed... PUN!}

3. Having a house to play with.
We call ours The Nest and it's my favourite place. Not so keen on the street-brawlin' that has happened outside 3 nights this week... or the fact that I am sometimes uncomfortable walking out the front-door depending who is lurking outside. Although that's mainly because I know that when I get into the car they'll see the embarrassing job I did with my parking. Not that there's a law against being 2 feet from the curb on an angle. Or is there..??
{doing up our oooold bathroom without rebuilding}
{my favourite room}
 4. These colours: they look like happiness.

6. Dry shampoo! Because I frequently get lost in my world of projects-in-undies, and then end up running late, dry shampoo has been the saviour to my up-to-5-days old hair. 

7. Getting the truth OUT. Ever since I wrote a post called 'The Truth about Blogging' I have felt ridiculously liberated! Call me a class-A bottler but releasing that bi'nizz was amazing.

8. Gangsta talk. Something about non-gangstas pretending to be gangstas... it makes me happy.

That was a lot of points. Thanks so much for having me Michaela, and to you lovely ladies for reading! (and guys if there are any!)

Thank you, friend! I love those colors, too, and what fun designs! Told you she was funny! I like that she mixed things up by doing the love-me-nots first. My kind of gal:)

Go say hello to Amy at Five Kinds of Happy!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!
What are YOU loving this week?!


  1. Dolls are the worst. However, I can handle them but when it comes to clowns I lose all sense of sanity. I just want to get away but I can't do anything but shut down. It's a problem...

  2. I love the lavender pops in the living room. I'm actually wanting to do a similar color scheme in my craft room too. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I love everything she said Haha! Gangsta talk especially. Noted. I also get addicted to my "photoshop" I should get a real photoshop then Id probably be more addicted Lol


  4. This post literally had me laughing out loud. Husband was looking over at me like, "What the ..." with judgy raised eyebrows. Um, HE is the grown man playing a baseball video game, thank-you-very-much!

    What I'm trying to say is, I loved it!

  5. These are always so fun! And I love love love those colors!

  6. if my house was made up of those colors I'd probably be cheery all the time. never a sad moment. ever.


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