Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shops & Blogs to Love

Happy weekend, lovely readers! Today I'm popping in to share my talented sponsors with you. A few you'll learn about today happen to own some of my personal favorite shops with the cutest goodies. Be sure to learn a bit about them and pop by their blogs and shops!
Sarah.  Classic and calm, love great finds and tory burch flats. Passionate about my surroundings. Adore peonies and louis vuitton. Reading bedtime stories and visiting farmers markets. Favorite places in the whole wide world, charleston sc + napa valley ca + home | calgary, ab
GALLERY WALL is meant to be easy affordable art to add character, personality and charm to your home. Whether you're filling frames to build a gallery wall, adding a simple piece above a night stand or layering it into a bookcase, GALLERY WALL pieces will give you the boldness you want. Offered at a price that makes it easy to add a few to your wall, or to change your image/ style without hesitating is exactly what GALLERY WALL is for! 


I am Shae, modern home decor extraordinaire (or at least that what I tell myself)! I'm the owner and designer behind Skoope Home. I am the petite little lady who constantly breaks needles while putting zippers into pillow covers, and takes so many trip to the post office, that they comment on my ever shorter hair cuts and rave about my large, non-prescription glasses that I love so much (yup, those).
I describe myself very simply as a 22 year old, off-key-singing, mystery television watching, raspberry lemonade drinking, up 'til 3am, from the soul laughing, fast on the street - slow on the expressway driving, playoff basketball screaming, bright color wearing, creative; and I'm completely okay with that!

Hi Y'all! I'm Stephanie, my home on the web is & I also own the newly opened SS Print Shop! I am a student majoring in communications, photographer, lifestyle blogger & freelance writer. I have a big heart for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, getting to know people & their stories, helping others, photographing beautiful moments, rolling around with my husky and my beautiful soul of a boyfriend. My heart is the happiest when I am by the ocean or when I witness acts of kindness. After I graduate, I have dreams of travelling the world for two months and soaking in all the beauty God has created. I believe that working hard, being nice to people, and always being thankful (even during your trials), will allow for amazing things to happen in your life. 

I feel blessed to have connected with Michaela through this busy blogging world and wanted to take the time to thank her for the opportunity to be featured on her amazing website. She is a talent & a beautiful person, with a gorgeous heart. 
Hi guys! My name is Christine and I am from the amazing city of Chicago. I just so happen to be finishing up school and starting my career at the same time. I love sharing those experiences with everyone, along with so much more. I write about everything from music to movies to fashion to my unfortunate panic attacks from finding bugs on the wall. I love watching reality TV marathons and finding new music to listen to, as well as read as much as I can in my spare time. I'm just a single girl getting by in the city with amazing friends and a family less than an hour away. I'm at such a great point in my life right now and I would love to get to know you guys! Come on over to A Day in the Life and check me out!


Hey, I'm Shannon from GBO Fashion!  What's GBO stand for?? When my sisters and I were younger, we’d always get each other’s opinion on how we looked before going out. Sort of by accident, we came up with a quick & easy rating system – we’d simply look at each other and say ‘GBO?’. Translation: ‘Do I look Good, Bad or Ok?’. Now, these gals seem sweet enough from the pic, but don’t let em’ fool ya – when it comes to rating a fellow sister, they were BRUTALLY honest. Here’s a sampling of the kinds of answers we’d get: ‘Well your outfit is G but your face is B. You need to go re-cover that naaasty zit on your chin!’  Yep! That’s about how it went. Are you judging us right now for how ridic we were? Yeah, me too. 
Well, you get to rate my outfits according to the GBO rating system over at my blog. It's fun...and sometimes I share hilarious pictures in the weekly woofs and woots. Come visit me for lots of fashion, thrifting advice, and style inspiration. It's a party!

Yep, they're all gorgeous and talented. Told you! I don't lie, people:) Go say hello to each of these ladies...and be sure to come back Monday for a giveaway from one of them!
 Have the best weekend!


  1. I love finding new shops (and blogs)! Newly following Stephanie now ... She's fabulous!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the feature Michaela!
    & thank you Katie, you are too kind :)


  3. So fun to check out new blogs and shops! I bought one of Sarah's pink pieces for my niece's new apartment and she just loved it. It's nice that her work is so affordable!

  4. Thank you so much Michaela. You're just wonderful(kind of want to scream it from the roof tops :)


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