Braided Updo Tutorial

A few weeks ago I tried out a new braided up-do and I shared it on instagram with some great feedback. Today I'm here with the full tutorial for you to try it at home!

You'll need: 3 small elastic bands, lots of bobby pins

 Step 1: Divide your hair into 3 sections

Step 2: Braid each section loosely and tie with an elastic.

Step 3: For both of the side pieces, I like to french braid them so that it looks like a continuous braid all the way down the side.

Step 4: Twist the middle section around itself and pin in place.

Step 5: Place the left braid under the middle twist and pin into place.

We will cover the elastic with the next step!
 Step 6: Twist the right braid around on the top of the middle coil and pin into place.

Step 7: Tuck and pin loose pieces in place.

Finish with my favorite hairspray of all time and you're good to go! {this is not sponsored, I genuinely LOVE this product and want you all to try it! :)}

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I think this can go casual, fancy, and always looks sophisticated. What do you think?!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Adorable! I never have anything creative to do with my hair other than a ponytail so maybe I can venture out with this!

  2. Love! It looks so complicated, but I think you made it into really easy steps. Thanks!

  3. Michaela, this is adorable! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, I'll definitely be doing this soon. Perfect for those hot days!

  4. You have so much hair! I love it! I've got super fine and thin hair...meaning these types of updos look miniature size on me haha

  5. ultra cute! wish i could do my hair as well as you do yours! i am terrible at braiding behind my head
    ladies in navy

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  7. You know I’ve been seeing a lot of your tutorials on Pinterest and what I really like about them, aside from the tutorials themselves are the backdrop. Haha! ^.^ And this one is definitely one of them. I also love braided updo hairstyles. ;) Lizzie


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