Home Tour: Neutral & Contemporary

My Domaine  via Alvahem

Oh, this bedroom. All the textures, the oversized art, the chandelier. All the things! Other than the bedroom in this apartment, the kitchen is another favorite space. I love how the backsplash glistens and how all of the plants in the space bring in texture and a rich, green hue. The key to a neutral space is loading it with textures and this home has accomplished the art of that perfectly! Between the pattern on the rug, the painted wood floors, textured wallpaper, luxurious white bedding, plants and more, this space is anything but boring.

What's your favorite element of the home?

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Happy Monday!



  1. Loved the Kitchen so muccchhhhhhhhh.Great Work

    Good Wishes
    Interior Design

  2. I love all the different textures of white in this home! It keeps it crisp, but interesting at the same time!


  3. What a beautiful home, I love how bright and light it is!

  4. I love everything about this apartment! Those floors are awesome and I love the green against the white, something about it is so calming yet vibrant

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs


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