Inspiration in the Sunset

This past weekend we went to the beach for the day, and goodness gracious! This sunset. I've always been enamored by the pastel hues of a sunset. When I first moved to Michigan, it was a common occurrence for me to say to my boyfriend, "Look! It's so pretty!", pointing out the sunset in the distance, in the middle of dinner on the porch or driving somewhere in the evening. He took note at how much joy this beauty brings me, and now he's often the first to point out a sunset's saturated palette. It warms my heart :)

I think what I love so much is how unique each sunset is from another. The clouds and vibrancy of the colors are always different and beautiful in their own way. I've always found such inspiration from sunsets. They're simple, they're colorful, they make the water sparkle, and God made them. That alone is kind of the coolest thing!

I rounded up a few beautiful home decor items inspired by the beauty of a sunset.

Coastal and sunset-inspired home decor:

Do you love the sunsets as much as I do?!


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