Things to try for 4th of July Weekend

It's JULY. How is this possible?! One of my favorite holiday's is coming quickly! I love the patriotic colors, fireworks and all the fun associated with the 4th. We usually spend it at my grandparent's house in Tahoe, but this year I won't be able to make it out there. This will be my first year not going there, so I'm a little sad! To distract myself, I rounded up some of my favorite little recipes and projects. Take a look and give some of them a whirl! 

1. My Cherry Lime Cocktail recipe:


Cherry lime powder mix
Cherry garnish

1. Start by mixing up your cherry drink lime mix, following the directions on the packet.
2. Combine 1.5 cups of drink mix with 1 shot of vodka and ice in a shaker. Shake well until cold.
3. Pour the drink into your glass on the rocks and top it off with a slice of lime on the outer rim of the glass. A cherry in your drink is the perfect finishing touch. Sip & enjoy!

2. American Flag Mason Jars 

4. Fruit Kabobs 

5. I think I'll be baking this cake recipe on Saturday, but make it one big cake instead of mini cakes! I'm on the hunt for these star sparklers. Anyone know where to get them?!

Do you have any projects or recipes you love for the 4th? Do share! 

Happy JULY!


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  1. Those rice krispies look so fun! My little guy would love them!



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