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I'm thrilled to welcome Jana Bek, a talented interior designer also in the state of Michigan, to the blog today to learn more about her and her design style! Jana and I have been friends on Instagram for a while and we're hoping to meet up here in the future :) I know you'll love her style-- and I'm sure you've seen her amazing Brushstroke Lamps somewhere online or Instagram. I love how unique the designs of the lamps are and am hoping to get them in a client's space really soon! What a talented lady! Read on to learn all about Jana...

Jana Bek Design
Your Style in 3 Words: Sophisticated, Vibrant, Cheerful

1. What is one of your favorite projects you've done in your home?

Our breakfast nook – it was an eyesore for so long, we didn’t want to retile so I hesitated updating it. I finally took it on for my “One Room Challenge” (20 designers redesign a space in 6 weeks & blog about their experience). The short time forced me to dive in and now it is one of our favorite spots in the house!

2. How did you get into design?

I started in product development and fashion merchandising at Macy’s & Henri Bendel, I loved the experiences but not the fast cyclical nature of fashion. I transitioned to interiors as it offers more permanence of design – a well-designed space is one you can enjoy for years.

3. Stripes or plaid?

4. Geometric or floral?
I’m a huge floral fan, but most spaces I design usually include florals and geometric patterns in the textile mix. Florals tend to dictate the personality and palette of the space then I layer in other patterns for interest.

5. Symmetry or asymmetry?
It really depends! Sometimes I like over the top symmetry, like this amazing entry by Amanda Lindroth. Other times I prefer balanced asymmetry like, in a bedroom, matching nightstands but with different lamps atop. It just depends the vibe myself or my client is after.  

6. One decorating "rule of thumb" is:

Buy pillow inserts a size up (or overstuffed ones). So if you have a 20” pillow cover, buy a 22” insert – this makes your pillows look very full & will give you that luxurious look you are after.

7. I couldn't live without _____ in my home.

Art. Art really transforms a space and creates a mood, I’m a firm believer in investing in works you love – hold out for pieces you’ll love to look at I'm a huge fan of Natural Curiosities and Gray Malin. 

8. A design don't:

Don’t design for others, for trends, etc. We live in Michigan, yet I’ve created a coastal inspired oasis for us – I think many would find this juxtaposition “wrong” but it makes us happy. Once you get caught up in design rules, you lose your own aesthetic; your home should be a reflection of your taste & lifestyle.

9. What is your favorite spot in your house?

Our master bedroom. It really feels like our own resort retreat, just a happy space to start the day and unwind with a cocktail in. Our master bath, on the other hand, is scary outdated but I’m delighted to share that I’m partnering with Kohler & Wayfair to make it over as we speak!

10. What has been one of your biggest design challenges-- either for your house or a client project?

It would be our great room. My husband designed the space with an interior designer before we met – he didn’t know what he liked then and every piece in the room was heavy and the colors mucky – bad green chenille sofa, brown jacquard chairs, and sad yellow walls. The quality of the furnishings was great though so I challenged myself to work with as many of the items as possible. Doing so, I was nervous it wouldn’t look transformed but I stuck with my vision and we are absolutely delighted with how it turned out. New pillows, reupholstering the chair cushions in white linen and fauna for days turned it into the light, bright, British Colonial/Havana hangout we were after.

Breakfast nook and great room photos: Sarah Dorio
All other photos: Erik Melvin

Aren't her lamps awesome?! Shop all the colors here. I completely agree about the pillow rule! My client's are always a little hesitant when I tell them to buy a few inches larger, but it really makes SUCH a difference! Thanks for being here, Jana!

Visit Jana's blog and Instagram today for more decorating and design ideas.

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Happy Wednesday!


  1. Loved Jana and her style, and I love this series! :)

  2. Amazing design work. Love all her rooms. Love to see the bathroom when it is finished.

  3. Amazing design work. Love all her rooms. Love to see the bathroom when it is finished.

  4. Beautiful space, so cozy yet beachy and bright! Great advice as well :)

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs


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