Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Design School Project Review

This year I really want to share more projects that I do in school with you guys! I feel like I dropped the ball on that one in the last few months.  I'm flying back to Seattle today to begin my winter quarter, but before that takes off, I'm here today doing a short recap of a project I did last quarter.
This project was for my Advanced Drafting course, where we were put into teams and told to create design plans for two rooms in the Seattle Design Center.  Most of the items we sourced had to come from showrooms in the design center or had to be custom designed by us.  One room was the Break Room {a place for designers to come in and sit down, gather their thoughts/plans, and grab a cup of coffee} The other was the Work Room {a room with 3 works stations for designs to draw up plans, presents design ideas, etc.}

Here's what we came up with...

Work Room:

Break Room:

Our team custom designed a kitchenette for the Work Room and a work station/book-shelving system {with an attached closet for designer's coats} for the Break Room.
left: break room shelving system; right: kitchenette/fax station

I promise to share more projects this next quarter if I can! My interior design classes include Lighting Design & CAD 2 {computer assisted drawing}. In addition, I'm taking a Marketing class, too. We'll see how all of that goes (:  In sad news, my very favorite tea shop closed last week. Over the past few years, it had become my home-away-from-home as I'd go to do homework for hours each day, so I'm saddened to see it go. I guess I'll need to find another cute shop I enjoy just as much..preferably one with tea! Prayers appreciated, ha!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
PS. Thank you to all of my blog pals who shared their 2012 Goals yesterday! So fun to read (:


  1. The plans look amazing and might I say they are so perfectly drawn! You are one talented lady and heres to hoping you find a fab place with amazing tea to study! I have a slight tea obsession too, need my green tea everyday!

  2. As someone contemplating going back to school for interior design, it is so fun to see what kinds of projects you are challenged with. It looks like you did an amazing job with your tasks! Can't wait to see more. :)



  3. How cool!!! You are super talented, friend. I definitely want you to share more school projects on the blog- I love hearing about what you're learning! Ok I just sounded like your great-aunt or something, but it is true... living design school vicariously through you! ; )

  4. Love the plans! Hope school and Seattle treat you well :D

  5. You're so so talented!! Love your renderings! And I'm sad to hear your tea shop closed! Hopefully you find a suitable replacement soon! :)

  6. You did a great job. I would love to work in an inviroment like that.
    Belinda @
    Designs by Belinda

  7. love seeing your projects. I need to show my projects more too. I always get so busy and forget to. these are so fun to see though so keep them coming :) good luck finding a new place for tea!

  8. It's so much fun seeing your plans drawn up! As an engineer, I know drafting and CAD, but zero about designing a room - it looks like so much more fun than designing something boring, like a gear!

  9. All your plans look great- I'd love, love to take some of those classes!!

  10. well that is definitely impressive, lady! happy new year!!

  11. I'm so sorry about the tea shop! I hope you find a shop that is just as homey to study at. :) Love the rooms!

  12. I am SO unbelievably jealous of your classes/career. I have always wanted to do interior design but they don't offer that major at the university I attend.

    From your drawings I can tell that you have a knack for it. Good luck with all those classes!


  13. Sooo sad about your tea shop! My favorite (and really only) really cute and cozy coffee shop/bakery closed and I'm rather sad. Nowhere to go!

  14. Ohhhh no, it really closed?! That's so so sad!!! I'm sorry.

  15. OMGoodness...I loved the little tea shop you blogged about. So sad to see it go. You are super talented my friend!!

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