Friday, January 13, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

Right now, I am: Sitting in Starbucks writing this blog post, sipping on my Zebra {black & white} hot chocolate. Not a coffee girl, remember?!

Outside is: Cold. Reallll cold. Like see-your-breath-freezing. It's also very blueish white outside...the color of pure coldness.

I'm excited to: See my pup this weekend! I'm told she's going to go nuts. Probably because she knows I come armed with a camera and there will be many photo shoots.

I'm a little nervous about: Starting my life over again in Los Angeles next year to attend FIDM {but also so excited...I'm doing a direct transfer program with them...2 degrees in 4 years, yes!}

I'm dreaming about: This:
When I was really little: I was the biggest accident waiting to happen. Like my dad would actually call me that. I'd spill things, break things, misplace things, and never own up to it. Even though my mom new me laughing nervously and claiming "It wasn't me!" meant it was. Clearly, it was.

When I was in middle school: I was awkward. Let's face it, we all were. And I'm pretty sure I thought my high-top sneakers and sweatshirt around my waist were awesome.

In high school: I met some awesome friends and teachers {some of which are still some of my favorite people in the whole world}. I also stopped wearing high-tops and developed a better sense of fashion. Thankfully. My friends and I wore heels to school sometimes...only on Friday's. Wow, now I'm embarrassed.

In college: I learned how precious life is, and how much my family means to me! And how much I love interior design.

My dream job would be: To be on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. But because they just cancelled the show {so sad}, I'd love to work for a big-name designer {oh hey, Mary McDonald or Emily Henderson?!} in Los Angeles or San Francisco.  After that, I want to start my own residential design firm, reaching all types of people. I wouldn't be opposed to having my own TV show on HGTV or writing a book, either. Dream big, right?!
Mary McDonald, me and Cristin over the summer at her book signing!

I'm really scared of: Throwing up. Number one fear in the entire world. I have a record going here...haven't done it since I was 5 or 6.  Except two summers ago when I was allergic to a medication I took for strep throat, but I don't count that one, because 15 years without throwing up sounds much better! Don't tell anyone.

Something not a lot of people know: Is that when I don't like a certain food, I just tell people I'm allergic to it, so I don't sound impolite or picky. I'm am seriously allergic to walnuts, though. Promise.

My favorite type of room is: One that is light, airy, inviting, visually stimulating and creative. One that fills your heart.  A room that says something about the person who lives or works there. One like this:
{via one of my favorite photographer's blogs, Katelyn James Photography. Also seen on House of Turquoise.}

My favorite TV Show is: The Bachelor {guilty pleasure}, Modern Family, all HGTV, and Parenthood. 

That does it.
Now it's your turn. Pick a one {or a few} of these and fill in the blank with your own answer in the comments!
Happy weekend!
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  1. I'm so jealous you met Mary McDonald! I love her. That's awesome that you're going to FIDM! From what I've seen on your site I really think you're super talented. You definitely chose the right field!

  2. you are so cute, genuine, and sweet michaela! and so young with so much going for you- i can't wait to see where the future takes you. i know you are going to do amazing things!

  3. I have a phobia of throwing up too! I start to panic if I feel nauseous and will fight the urge as much as I possibly can (which probably makes it worse). Glad I'm not the only one!

  4. How exciting...she's one of my favorite designers!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

  5. FIDM adventures?! Soooo exciting! You'll love it:-) Remember me when you're famous, and then come decorate my house! xoxo

  6. Love this post! So excited about you attending FIDM!! Congrats!

  7. COngrats on FIDM! So excited to see more pics of that cute puppy!



  8. Ahhh FIDM!

    Can't wait to hear about this!!

    And omg, I always say I am allergic too! No more questions are asked :)

  9. I hate throwing up, too. I used to have severe GERD and was being sick every single day. It was a nightmare. It is much better now but I need to watch what I eat otherwise, bleargh!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Awww your little puppy is adorable!!! That little face is so sweet. You have so many amazing things going on right now!! You should definitely DREAM BIG!!! I think you are so talented. And really, you already met Mary McDonald! So jealous of you. :)

  11. Your little puppy is SO adorable!!

  12. Your puppy is so cute! We just had to put ours to sleep yesterday, super sad day. Anyway, this was an awesome post! You have so much going for you!! I hope all of your wonderful dreams come true! I LOVE Parenthood too! It's my favorite!

  13. I hope you have the best weekend with the puppers!! And you have so much to look forward to when you move to LA!! You'll fit right in! :)

  14. Wow, we are even more alike than I thought! My favorite shows are Modern Family, Parenthood, and all HGTV as well! I love to hear about people's quirks....they are what make us individuals!

  15. I hate throwing up as well! So so much! I'm right there with you for being super awkward in middle school - high school a little as well !

  16. No way!! Did Extreme Home Makeover seriously get cancelled? That makes me so sad, I LOVE that show was well, although some of the design choices leave something to be desired. Its a great gift for those in need though, and very inspiring. Can't wait to see more pics of your new bebe, she is sooo cute!

  17. I am dreaming of a shoe closet like that too! Haha. And I won't tell anyone your throw-up secret ;) that's hilarious, I like to make my stories extra "dramatic" if you will. And that room is beautiful, it represents your personality well I think!

    Happy Friday Michaela! xo

  18. aw I didn't know Home Makeover was cancelled! Thank you for introducing me to that office makeover, it is to. die. for! I'm drooling over all the details right now!

  19. Love this! I'm going to use this for today. :) Also, I am completely with you on the whole awkward in middle school thing. I was the worst. hahhaaha

  20. FIDM?! That's so awesome :) I didn't know you were going to be going there. I love your style and I love this room you picked out! I love rooms with good sun important!

  21. Your big move is going to be so exciting!! I know that you'll do awesome. You've got such a bright, sweet personality!!

  22. Have a wonderful weekend with that sweet puppy of yours! How exciting about school and the new move!!

  23. Right now I am waiting for the water to boil to make pasta :) It is gross and cold and rainy and grey outside today, boo :( But I am excited that it's Friday :D I'm nervous about the final fourth year show we're putting on. Things aren't coming together like we thought they would. I'm dreaming about graduation! Can't believe it's only in 4 months! My dream job, I don't know what it would be! I thought it was interior design, but I've realized I love beauty & fashion so much, I'd love to incorporate all three somehow! haha And finally (I know I skipped a few haha) my favourite TV show is Downton Abbey!! But I have a ton more that I love too haha (Modern Fam, Castle, The Good Wife, Bones, Big Bang Theory....) Happy Weekend Michaela!!! xoxo

  24. So much goodness~ wow! Have a great weekend with that cute pup!

  25. Awww, hope is so precious :) have so much fun with her. Not to sound like a mom... But they grow up so fast!!!

    And you are totally going to kill it in LA lady :)

  26. I cannot get over that sweet puppy face. I bet she even has puppy breath. sigh.

  27. your puppy is adorable!! and congrats on FIDM! sounds exciting :)

  28. I'm not much of a coffee girl either, but lattes with only a shot of espresso are divine. I would recommend them if you haven't tried any! My favorites are the pumpkin spice latte and the vanilla latte.

    It's really cold here in MI too. I keep asking myself why I didn't go to college somewhere where it was warmer {besides the cost of out-of-state tuition}.

    Congratulations on getting into FIDM! A high school classmate wanted to go there for fashion design, and I know how hard it is to get in.

    I hate throwing up. I haven't thrown up since I was in eighth grade, although I've gotten sick enough more than a few times since that I thought I was going to. In fact, talking about throwing up is starting to make me a little queasy, so I had better stop.

  29. I thought you were moving to Shreveport to go to school here?! Am I missing something???

    : )


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