{Fashion Friday} 1 Look, 3 Ways

No Heat Curls Tutorial found here.


Sweater: B.P. Nordstrom
Jeans: Vigoss
Leather Jacket: Nordstrom
Blazer: B.P Nordstrom
Skirt: Nordstrom
Tall Boots: Steve Madden; Cowgirl Boots: Dillards; Flats: Steve Madden
Scarf: Nordstrom
Sunglasses: Anthropologie (only $5)
{Okay...so I kind of like Nordstrom;) }

I'm really trying to budget my money better lately, and one way I'm doing that is by mixing and matching outfits! Clearly it would be obvious if I wore the three outfits above one day after another, but spacing them out a few weeks apart would be doable :) 
Remember that one goal of mine for 2012? 
Start investing in clothing. This means I want to buy less clothing, but I want the clothes I do buy to be of good quality- lasting me for a while!
These outfits are me trying to mix my staple items (blazer, leather jacket, boots} with other less expensive and fun pieces.

I'm also really keen on the color red right now. I've never really experimented with red in my wardrobe, but let me tell ya...I'm likin' it.  I'm liking it so much that I may have bought a red lipstick the other day to be friends with the red sweater. What can I say? It was calling my name.  I just couldn't resist.

Do you have any pieces in your wardrobe that you mix and match? Which look out of the above 3 is your favorite?
Have a great weekend!
PS. All the beautiful photos were taken and edited by Victoria Carlson Photography. She is.the.best.

PPS. I'm sharing this post with Anna, of In Honor of Design's True Beauty Files.


  1. Love your fashion posts. That stripped sweater is so cute and I wish you could come do my hair! I can't get it to hold curls for anything! Yours looks gorgeous!

  2. Such cute photos! And I'm kind of dying over that house in the background. Can I live there Please?! It's so beautiful. I love houses like that. Anyway, good for you trying out that daring red lipstick too :) looks great! Happy friday friend!

  3. You always look so great! I love all of these outfits, but my favorite is #1. My favorite picture of you though, is the last picture with the red lipstick, sweater and blazer! Have a great weekend girl!

  4. Gorgeous mixing and matching. Def a great way to save your pennies while still looking oh-so-fabulous. :)



  5. I love this! My favorite would probably be 3....no wait, maybe 1 :). I don't know, they are all great! I just bought red lipstick too...but now I'm too nervous to wear it haha!

  6. Love mixing and matching my favorite pieces =) I mean, they are my favorites after all... so a girl has got to find a way to wear them all the time without being too obvious.

    A few years ago I finally started investing in high quality pieces and am SO happy I did. In the long run it ends up saving me money bc they last longer and if you pick the right piece- are always in style!

  7. I ADORE that sweater!! What a great color! Love all the looks you put together! :)

  8. Great outfits! I am with you, trying to invest in some basic pieces...worth the splurge if you can wear them different ways.

  9. How stinkin' cute are you? I love all three outfits. I started "investing" in my wardrobe a few years ago, and it has been great! I love the quality and versatility of my big ticket items. I will still purchase lesser priced trendy pieces here and there, but they are definitely one season items. My Perfect Fit Mixed Tape Cardigans from JCrew are my favorite. Great on jeans, slacks, pencil skirts or shorts, they are my go to in my closet and they are actually really well priced!

  10. Completely agree with investing in quality pieces. (Except for the occasional cheapy, trendy top.) ;)

    Really cute pics. I think outfit numero dos is my fave...but maybe because I dream of bundling up in the cold weather...sometimes. ;)

  11. I love these kind of blog posts! I'm learning to invest in better pieces and not just buy things because they're on sale. I love Look #2 the best, but I'm just a jeans and boots kind of girl. (:

  12. The first is my fave! I love your hair like this! Such a fun post!

  13. These outfits are SO adorable, and I love the pictures. :) Great post

  14. You are too cute for words :)

  15. Oh! I'm right there with you! I need to start investing in clothes more than just buying what I like all the time!

  16. I totally bought a red lipstick shade (or 2) the other day as well! It's so fun!

  17. It's so hard for me to mix and match - keep the multiple way posts comin!

  18. Those are all such cute looks! You look gorgeous! Have a great weekend, Michaela!

  19. #3 is definitely my favorite! I try to mix and match too, but it doesn't always work out lol

  20. So cute. I am loving the last photo with the sunglasses. I am a fan of #2. I am a sucker for a cute blazer. Great photos. And can we talk about that house you are in front of????

  21. Great photos! I love your outfits!

  22. simply stunning in all 3 outfits!
    I need to get better at matching my pieces to make more outfits without having to buy new clothes!

  23. i love all three looks! and i really need to start doing the same... buying quality, investment pieces!

  24. great post and gorgeous outfits! love how you mixed and matched.. now I'm totally inspired to dig into my closet and try this too!

  25. Did I comment on this yet?? This is so precious...the first outfit is definitely my fave! I'm obsessed with boots!!

  26. You look cute in every outfit, Michaela! Your fashion posts are a lot of fun. Love the red lipstick you're wearing...great red on you. That house is gorgeous!!

  27. So cute! I love all three of these looks. I would totally wear them all :)


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