Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cozy Home in Upstate New York

*all images via House Beautiful's Scandinavian Aesthetic home tour, designed by Charles O. Schwarz

When I saw this cozy home tour, set in charming upstate New York, I quickly fell in love with so many elements. I definitely gravitate toward a more traditional design style, but with a few country, vintage or whimsical touches {and sometimes I love me punches of modern, too!}. This home tour has a little of all my favorite things. It's rustic, has awesome textures, pretty chandeliers {any girl's dream}, lots of light, not too many overwhelming colors, and a genius kitchen and breakfast nook design. I loved it so much so I told you why above. How cute is the striped upholstery in unexpected colors?! And to forgo mentioning that crazy-cool chandelier in the kitchen would be a crime.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't hang it in my personal kitchen, but I can appreciate it and think it totally makes the room. Part of the reason it works is because the ceiling is vaulted, so it allows for the extra height, texture and overall size of the fixture.  Everything else in the room is relatively simple, so going a bit crazy with the the chandy was a-okay in my book. 

What's your favorite thing about the home tour? Or maybe you don't like it one bit...and that's okay, too :)

Have a lovely Tuesday!
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  1. Ah! Love, love, love this house. It looks so cozy, yet sophisticated. All of the wooden finishes and fireplaces are my favorite :)


  2. That house is gorgeous! I would love to live in a house like that :). I love the kitchen especially!

    Rachael xx.


  3. Gorgeous! I love the fireplace in the bedroom! I want that :) I got married in upstate New York (I was born in the Watertown area...almost Canada!) It's an absolutely beautiful part of the country!!

    1. I bet!!! Lucky you :) I want to visit some time!

  4. I love the light, airy feeling of room and bath, especially the first bedroom!!

  5. I love this house! It's so cozy and comforting!


  6. I looove all the architectural detailing like the curved ceiling, and wood panel ceiling! Gorgeous!

  7. Aesthetically, I am not typically drawn to cozy country, but I am appreciating the eclectic styling of this home. There is great depth and interest that I love. Those blue walls, for one, are amazing! And the entry way is pretty fantastic. Oh! and don't even get me started on that bathroom!!! I could soak in that tub for hours :) XO Brynn

    1. Girl, I'm with you! LOVE the bathroom. Yes pleasssseee!!

  8. Country isn't usually my style (I think, partially because my own dear mom decorated very cutesy country until recently). I love this home, though. There is so much sophistication to it, and I positively adore the color palette throughout. I see a lot here that Tim and I could happily agree on incorporating into our own home -- Thank you so much for sharing!

    P.S. You're the sweetest!

  9. I love the rustic charm of this home and that chandelier is amazing, you couldnt have that in just any home but it definately works here. Gorgeous!

  10. My favorite thing about the home tour was seeing my family's home once again! My family owned this property from 1952-1981. The interior of the home has changed a lot since then but I really enjoyed going inside my home again in through the pages of House Beautiful and on your blog.


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