Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not.

Today is the first installment of my new series called "She loves me, she loves me not." I'm super excited! It's a series about things we're loving in the design and fashion worlds, as well as our own lives.  It will also include things that don't appeal to us, or funny/ridiculous things that happened over the course of the week.  I will be kicking this first post off, then other bloggers will join in after me!  A fun way to get to know other bloggers!

She Loves Me:

1. Eco smart fire places.

2. Anthropologie dresses

3. That best friend from high school, Alyssa, just got engaged! She's starting a blog and has an incredible story and hilarious personality.  She never fails to brighten my day.  Follow her (:

4. This Tuscan house I found on a drive in my dream neighborhood

5. Cowgirl boots

6. This adorable little girls' room

7. My new gallery wall in my bedroom.  Showing this to you tomorrow!  For now, here's a sketch

8. Two of my favorite shows are back on TLC: What Not to Wear {Tuesday nights} and Say Yes to the Dress {Friday nights}.

9. YOU, my fabulous blogging friends!

10. My best friend Leta is coming to visit me in 3 weeks!

She Loves Me Not:

1. When security people at the airport completely take apart your suitcase that took you at least 30 minutes to pack everything in just perfectly, in order for it to zip.  

2. That I couldn't fit this one in my suitcase to take back with me to Seattle

3. Unpacking. It took forever!

4. Wearing Uggs everyday.  It's way too cold not to, though.

5. Seafood. Never been a fan.

6. Socks with sandals.  Enough said.

7. Popcorn. I either always choke or get it stuck in my teeth.  No thanks!

8. The chairs in the HGTV Dream Home Dining Room. How do you feel about them? {Love the rest of the house, though!}

Hope you're having a wonderful day, friends! And sorry if I start lacking on comments on your adorable just started up again :(  I will be catching up on weekends and doing my best during the weekdays! Stay tuned for more of this new series soon with a fantastic blogging friend of mine!

Love and xoxo,


  1. I also live in Seattle!! Is this where you go to school!? I absolutely love this post and would look forward to talking to you more because it seems like we have a lot in common/ our city in common haha

  2. AHH! I am so honored to finally be named on your famous blog :) you're the best friend I could ever have and I laughed so hard when I saw that you added that you hate popcorn! You're crazy, but I love you anyways.

    Love Always,

  3. jaja i agree popcorn is impossible to eat! also those chairs look like my conference room chairs.
    loooove that eco friendly fireplace, amazing.

    great post :)

  4. Love this post! Glad you got back to school safely. Been there done that with Airport Security! Such a hassle. Agree, those chairs are awful!

  5. I LOVE that little girls cute!

    When I saw the Dream Home dining room chairs I thought the same thing...they just don't go! It kinda looks like a board office!

    Have a great day girlie!

  6. Love this post!

    The Tuscan style house makes me want to take a trip to Italy. I love those cowgirl boots. I also agree... not a fan at all for seafood [everyone gives me weird looks when I say that]. -As far as the chairs in the new HGTV Dream Home. NOT a fan. Their to 'businessy' rather than 'homey'. They remind me of being in a meeting at work and let's just say when I come home... the last thing I want to be reminded of is lol.

  7. oh i love this post! such a cool idea. and i love that dress you're wearing in the first pic -who's it by?

    good luck with school girly-i know how hectic it can get quickly but you'll do amazing i just know!

  8. great post! umm, yes. anthro dress obsession over here. it's bad :). you look gorgeous in that picture!! hope your semester starts off well!

  9. I love wearing my cowboy boots too! I wear them all the time!

  10. What a great idea for a series, it'll be fun to follow along! I think I already told you, but I'm with you on those dining room chairs...yuck!

  11. I'm obsessed with the eco fireplace! And the chairs from the dream house? ehh.... no thank you!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  12. Love this idea! Agree totally about the socks with sandels and the chairs in the HGTV house. They belong at a computer desk. First picture of you is gorgeous!! Hope things are going well back at school and you're not missing your family too much! xoxo

  13. Great new series Michaela! And those chairs in the HGTV Dream Room are not good at all!

  14. i love your new series! ummmm...yes....those chairs are AWFUL!!!

    BUT i do love that little girls room with the zebra print!

  15. I started following a few days ago, and I'm very much so inspired by the design ideas that you have! You've got a swell (and pretty!) head on your shoulders my dear, and I'm beyond pumped to see what other ideas come out!

  16. Ugh, those chairs are bad. Feel's like a boardroom.

    LOVE this new series. Brilliant sweet girl.

  17. Every time I see those chairs in the HGTV home, I just shake my head. So bad.

    I love me some cowgirl boots too, well really, just any boots. I have pretty funny boot store actually, maybe I'll share it on my blog.

    Anyways, love this new series. Glad you made it back safely girl! x

  18. What a great post! I LOVE your loves!

  19. What a fantastic post! That picture of you is incredible! I can't stand popcorn! I had braces for over 8 years, and after not being able to eat the stuff, I kind of lost the taste for it! And I'm loving my cowgirl boots! Mine are a little scuffed up but I love them anyways!
    Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  20. Really cute Michaela! If you need another blogger to do a list, I'd love to! Email me. :)

  21. i'm digging your loves girlie! im a fan of the not loving popcorn im the same way!!!!! and sandals sock , ewww . you nailed it on some of these of not loving. ha ha. love this post, so great!!!!

  22. Cute post. Just bought my first pair of boots last weekend and love them. lovely blog! :)

  23. this is such a great series to start! i think i agree with you on most things too. ha! and i DO NOT like the chairs in the HGTV dream home, seriously, they could have done better.

    that first photo of you is gorgeous! :)

  24. You don't like popcorn? We love it around here - you are darling!

  25. I agree, the office chairs are not my favorite. Did you learn to do your sketches at in school or were you already artistic?? I am creative but not artistic, i need to learn to sketch like that.

  26. great post! and i like the idea of your new series :)

  27. girlfriend, we have so much in common... haha. can't wait for the rest of the series... what a fun idea! xo

  28. Michaela! First off, your gorgeous!!! Beautiful picture of you & I love love your dress! Cute new series you're it! I still think it's so funny that I met your friend Leta on the plane coming home from Ontario bcuz we were both reading our bibles..such a small world. Good luck with school starting! & I also thought the same exact thing with those bueno..
    Take care & God bless girly!


  29. what a fun post! i will agree with you on the chairs--not loving! and i too love cowboy boots!

  30. Love this post and new series, Michaela! What a great idea! I am totally with you on the airport thing...when we went on our honeymoon, they literally opened up my makeup bag and DUMPED it out on the table. I almost had a heart attack, right there on the spot!! I'm glad you are safely back at school...I can't wait to see your wall tomorrow!! : )

  31. What a great series idea! Loved it. I'm with you on those awful chairs. One would be fine, but there are so many that all I see is legs and wheels.

  32. This is sooooo darn cute girl!! I totally agree with all your picks. I LOVE COWGIRL BOOTS...EEEK! As well as that gorge house and YOU, my friend. :) :)

    As for the not-so-lovelies: I suffer through winters sans Uggs because I can't deal with them fashion-wise for some reason...haha! And socks with sandals almost-kinda freak me out. Just sayin'.

    This is SO cute, girl! Let me know when you want me to do mine. I will fit it in (it just looks so darn fun)!!


  33. I have to say that I agree with a couple of your dislikes. The HGTV Dream Home chairs are not my favorite either... the rest of the house is pretty good though! I've had airport security take out all of my belongings from my bag that was perfectly packed too... they started shoving things back in, and I could tell they weren't going to be able to close my bag. I just put my hands out and said "I'll do that." My husband's a pilot so I'm all for them being thorough... I don't want him in danger, but man it's annoying when you have a bag that you had to sit on to close. :)

    p.s. I curled my hair using your method... saw it on your tutorial. I had a girl ask me if it was my natural curl (and I told her 'no' obviously...) It really turned out great! Thanks.

  34. oh my goodness! I love this feature and Say Yes to the Dress is an amazing show!! Can't wait to learn about other bloggers!

    oh and I don't like those chairs. I feel they should be in an office.

  35. I would love to see what GREEN means!!!! My room is currently an olive green but I'm moving and may actually decide to pain my new room purple! But I still would really like to know the inside scoop on green. THANKS GIRL! x

  36. I LOVE this idea and what you started with this "love me, love me not" I will definitely contribute - how fun!! PS - I love that Tuscan house, too - beautiful! (what neighborhood is that in?!) Great blog, girl!

  37. Saw those chairs in the dream home and thought they were so ugly too! Haha. Love that gorgeous Tuscan house...houses are my favorite things to creep on....I definitely have my favorites picked out! ;-)

  38. That Tuscan house might now be my dream house!

  39. What a great new series!! Love finding out more about my favorite bloggers!! Totally agree about the chairs...


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