To Grandmother's House We Go...Part 3

I've already taken you on a quick tour of part of my grandparent's home up in the Sierra Mountains in Northern California, so today I'm going to show you more! 

To see the delicious kitchen and great room, go here. Today I'm giving you the grand tour of their master bedroom.  Shall we begin?

Hallway/art gallery leading to their bedroom:

Yes, friends, this is no eye trick or amazing camera angle.  Their master bedroom is MASSIVE. 
{PS. It was snowing the day I took these pictures(: }

I love the huge expanse of the floor to ceiling windows.  And look at that lighting up in the ceiling. Love me some rope lighting above. One of the best ways to get much needed ambiance.

Now for the bathroom.  Try not to be jealous (:
The jetted tub sits perfectly in front of the bay window, onlooking countless acres of trees.  THIS is how to take a bubble bath. Am I right?

OH- you want privacy from the trees and birds?  Just hit the button and down come the cream colored shades.

Grandma's vanity.  Even though I have my own personal guest wing when I stay at their home, I always end up in here getting ready with my grandma.  Maybe it's because of this collection:

Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Coach, Juicy, Versace.  You name it- she has it.  Yeah, my grandma rocks (:

View looking into the bedroom.

Grandpa's side.

Amazing shower with double shower heads, both with different water pressures. Best shower of my life, ha! (:

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a bathroom bigger than my bedroom? I think yes.  I would love to be taking a bubble bath right about now! 
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PS. If you didn't read yesterday's post on kindness, be sure to read it and join in our fun! Let's make a difference in our neighborhoods and cities this week (:

Love and Grandma's House,


  1. Still amazing and so so big! It reminds me of a ski-lodge! :)

  2. Love it! That shower looks amazing!

  3. Wow! The natural light is amazing, and that bathroom is AT LEAST twice the size of my bedroom!! Love it!

  4. Okay, but for real, when can I come visit and spend the rest of my life at Grandma's house?? Tomorrow?? Okay! I'll bring my hubby and our three puppies...we can just live in the bathroom!

  5. PS: I think my fave part (or one of my faves) is the hallway leading to their bedroom. Amazing!

  6. I could stay in that tub all day, the view out that window looks stunning.

  7. Your grandma does rock! Now I see where you get your fabulous style! :)

  8. Wow! Who wouldn't want to wake up to that gorgeous view! I love all the natural light.

  9. Ok, your grandmother is awesome!!! I want to visit!! I'm with Megan, I could just live in the bathroom! :)

  10. I just found your blog, it's SO cute!!! I live about an hour and a half from Tahoe, so I'm pretty jealous of this mountain place in the Sierras. :) It's such a gorgeous place!!

  11. That hallway is beautiful...I love all the windows and that tub looks so inviting! Your grandmother definitely rocks :) xoxo {av}

  12. i totally want a bathroom like that! it's huge!!! lucky lady :)

  13. Great pictures! I think you are beginning to see why I never want to leave the house. It's like being on vacation in a great lodge.


  14. holy moly what a house!

  15. Thanks for the tour! I love seeing other people's homes!

  16. Wow that house is amazing! And your grandma is so trendy :)

  17. gorgeous! i want a house with windows just like that! beautiful!

  18. what a gorgeous house! I love cabins- they always are so home-y and relaxed while still looking fabulous! You've inspired me- I'm going to Big Bear next weekend to stay in my mother's cabin- I'll have to do a photo tour afterwards!

    PS that hallway/art gallery bench/cabinet is AMAZING!

  19. Thanks everybody for all the comments. I took a bath the other day when it was snowing and stayed there for an hour in the bubbles.
    Signed Rock-in Grandma!


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