Contemporary Vintage Chic, with a Touch of Whimsy.

That would be the name of my design style.  It's long because, well, I'm not sure if there's just one word to classify all the things I love!  In my guest post over my girl Megan's blog, I'm sharing three things that define me as a person, and my style is the first thing! Head over to Mackey Madness 
to find out more about me and say hello to my blogging bestie (:  Oh, and you'll witness my debut in saying the word "y'all". It's epic.
Here is an image to tease you:

Speaking of this Vintage Chic style, my good friend from my design department shares my love for this style {but is trying to mesh it with the modern style of her fiance!}.  Cassie lives in the same apartment building as me and I think she has done a wonderful job in decorating her place. Keep in mind, we're given standard furniture that we have to work with. I just love the touches she's added to her apartment. Oh, and she's getting married this summer so lots of pieces in her apartment are for her wedding, too!

She made this wreath using Jones Design Company's tutorial (:

Cassie made these wreaths for her wedding this summer. Aren't they cute?!

The cute wall art was made by tearing vintage book pages out and glueing them to a canvas then adhering glitter silhouettes onto the canvas.

 Lots of empty blue and clear mason jars. You know how I love these!

I love this wall. Simple twine used to display pictures, cards and memories. Reminds me of the one in my room.

 Her bedroom is so Anthro.  I love how she almost created a headboard effect behind her bed with inspiring pictures of interiors.

I had to throw this in, because cute is this canvas of Cassie and her fiance on the beach?! 

Even the desk area is so charming with her gallery wall of frames and keys.

I keep telling her she should start a blog of her own! Am I right? She's thinking of starting one after her wedding.  I'll be sure to let you all know (:

What about you...what's your style?

{Hurry on over to Mackey Madness to catch my guest post!}

Love and Vintage Chic,


  1. i did that ikea "whats your style" quiz you had posted on your blog a few weeks back and (as expected) was modernly chic - however i do love a touch of whimsy. love those pics on the wall!

    now i'll have to head over and see meggie's blog. happy almost easter weekend pretty lady! :)

  2. I love her apartment! So many great ideas. I love the art using book pages, might have to try that one. Heading over to Megan's.

  3. The wall art is adorable! And I have an obsession with Keys! I collect them... this apt is so very pretty! Right out of a magazine.

  4. I am dying over that canvas! how do you make a canvas of a print???

    she is a creative chicka... and I wish I could do something that amazing with standard furniture!


  5. I can't put my style into words- haha - I can't be defined ;) I'm too all over the map!

  6. loved your post on megan's blog! your friend definitely needs her own blog :)

  7. Loved your guest post on Megan's wall! And I love your blog..I've been creepin' for a while (creepy!?!) haha but don't think I have commented yet!

    my dad is an interior decorator and I just have SO MUCH respect for the stuff you guys do. I love watching him argue with my mom over what will look better in our house..haha it's so funny. Designing/decorating seems so hard, but so rewarding at the same time. And you are so good at it too! :)


    ps I love that twine/picture hanging technique...I think that's so amazing!

  8. That grey comforter is AMAZING! It's just what I need ;)


  9. loved your guest post. love that last gallery wall. and the canvas of her and her fiance. swoon.

  10. that canvas of she & her fiance ... amazing! and the gallery wall above her desk ... LOVE.

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  11. I really want to try some of those! SOOO cute!

  12. Love your friend's apartment! The keys are darling and the pillows on her bed are perfect!

  13. I have that "K" from Anthro too ;) well in a different lette hehe

  14. OMG Why have I not been introduced to this fab girl? I'm not going to lie, I almost passed out after seeing the canvas of her and her fiance. PLEASE. I need one. Super adorable M :)

  15. So great to have stumbled across your blog. I saw a comment that you wrote on "fitness food and faith's blog" and had to come meet you. God is amazing indeed!


  16. New follower and totally smitten! I found you from your guest post, and I just wanted to say how nice it is to find fellow Christ-followers bloggin' their hearts away. Can't wait to read more! And Happy Easter season.

  17. Oh my gosh so cute!! I love it all! And I looove that canvas of the beach picture. Adorable. I spy Burberry Brit in the picture too- that's what I wear! : ) She needs a blog!!

  18. I'm not really sure how to define my style when it comes to interiors? Still working on it I guess.

    But I do love the pictures of that adorable apartment. Those burlap wreaths are cute, and I really like the gallery wall in that last picture. (:

  19. I love that bedroom! Those pictures are beautiful! I saw your guest post, and had to come visit! Your blog is adorable, can't wait to read more! :)

  20. What a beautiful bedroom - love the white frames behind the bed!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  21. What a beautiful apartment! I love that canvas!

  22. My style is confused. It usually doesn't collaborate with my wallet very well...

  23. What a lovely home!! YES, she should start a blog :o)

  24. Love your friend's home. :) So very cute and definitely my kinda place.

    You really are just wonderful Michaela. I love you blog. It always cheers me up on down days.

    Came by to say hi and hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.


  25. I'd have to say my style is looking at other people's crafting genius and then hating myself :) jk. that sounded way harsher than it was meant to. But yeah. I can't do that.


  26. These are all so cute, I want to copy everything!

  27. i love this so fresh and chic!


  28. Wow so pretty! I love the bird wall art! :)

  29. She totally needs a blog. She's had me as a follower in two seconds. I need her DIY skills.

    Thanks so much for guest posting for me, love!! You are the greatest!!

  30. She should definitely start a blog :)

    My style is classic with some british & french country thrown in, with a little dash of modern. I think haha


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