He Has Risen Indeed!

Today I am grateful.  Grateful that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins.  Grateful that He rose again, giving us the opportunity to live forever with Him in Heaven.  Grateful He is true, faithful, and abounding in grace and mercy and love.

Happy Easter, friends! 
I hope you have a joyful day celebrating with those you love (:  Although I won't be going home this weekend, I will be home next weekend to be with my family.  For now, this sweet picture will have to do:

My brother & me on Easter of '96

"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in my will live, even though he dies; whoever lives and believes in me will never die."
~John 11:25-26

Love and Happy Easter,


  1. Sweet post! Happy Easter to you too! Love the old photo...

  2. What a wonderful post...
    both words and images ♥

    Happy Easter!

  3. Such a cute picture of you and your brother!

    The bf and I also won't be with family today... I think will be the first major holiday it's just us, which will also be nice :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


  4. I am grateful as well for today. Have a happy Easter my dear! xoxo

  5. Hope you have a wonderful Easter my dear :-)

  6. Happy Easter! I love your old Easter pic... how cute. (:

  7. Don't you just love looking back at old photos? SOO CUTE!

  8. Praise God. Glad you are being blessed in seeking GOD girl. You and your brother look adorable. That pic of you looks sooooo accurate to how you look now! I love it. You are going to age beautifully


  9. I have the cutest children ever, just saying!!!

  10. Cute picture! Glad you get to go home next weekend! Hope you had a Happy Easter :) xoxo


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