I've Been Diagnosed with a Case of...

...my life is consumed with reading, so much so that my hands always have highlighter on them, my floor is covered in fabric threads, my scissors are ruined from cutting double-sided tape, my desk has marker lines on it, and I really need a nap syndrome. 

 And it's in critical condition.  Here's why:
I'm in school.  
But you already knew that!  I'm taking 18 units which is a little above a normal class load when you're on quarters, and let me tell ya...I'm feeling it. BUT I'm not complaining.  I'm loving my classes and learning a lot! I couldn't be more grateful to be here learning what I love.  So what an awesome opportunity to share my classes with you!

Here are the classes I'm taking:
Textiles: We learn about all sorts of different materials and how they're made.  Did you know if you wash your jeans inside-out with 1 cup of vinegar the first time you wash them, the color lasts longer with every additional wash?

Professional Practice: This is my favorite class so far.  It's all about how to run our own interior design business. This is really appealing to me, because eventually I want to own my own residential design firm.

Individual Family & Development: This is a psychology class that goes through the lifespan of a person. It's required for the entire Family Consumer Science Department {nutrition, apparel design, interior design and individual family development} because each major works with the basic needs of people.

Perspective Drawing: If you follow me on Twitter, you know I'm in this perspective class.  Probably because I tweeted a picture of my latest creation. While in class. Hi Mom, I'm sorry.

If you missed my tweet, here are some pictures of a 3D model of a little girls' dresser I created using a 1 inch scale. The first cut out is a shelf for books so the little one can reach them.

The pink drawer pulls are stickers I just happened to find in my supply cabinet!

I'm really excited about this class.  Soon we'll be designing our dream room. My wheels are already spinning!

Side Note: So while I try to get over my illness {ha} I have a question.  How do you manage blogging between school, work, and being a mom? Do you have a system? I just love reading your blogs and want to keep up with comments and replying, but school comes first, of course. No, my dad did not pay me to say that.  Blogging is not a chore to me, I just wish I had more time to do it because I love it so much! Thoughts?

Love and The School Syndrome,


  1. You are a busy girl. Our oldest is the same as you, full time student-nanny-and interning all at the same time. It can get exhausting. Be sure to set aside a little "me" time for yourself each day. Whether it's a cup of tea at that favorite shop of yours (not while doing homework!!), a walk through a bookstore, a bath with special sea salts/oils, or watching your favorite show. In regards to blogging, I am probably not the best to ask as I don't post as often as some of the other gals but if you look, most of my comments are early in the morning. I get up to make Kate breakfast and while waiting on her to eat and head to school I read new posts and comment. If I have extra time during the day or in the evening, I may check for new posts then as well.

  2. I pray for God to not let me get into any distractions that he doesn't want me to first off...Then I pray for him to guide my priorities.
    Write them down starting with the most important first...then the second ect.
    Tackle your day following your first priorities first, or as much as possible.
    If the last ones are left off, oh well. Yes, my blog suffers because of this, but it's just not supposed to be my top priority right now.


  3. All your classes sound way interesting! Sometimes I really want to go back to Interior Design School but wonder where I would even find the time to study!! As for blogging, it is hard to write posts, comment on others blogs and keep everything going. I just do it in snipets. A few minutes in the morning, a few minutes at night. But it can be so overwhelming to try and keep up. But blogs make me happy, they offer so much inspiration so I will keep trying to juggle it! xoxo

  4. All I can say is I'm glad blogging wasn't around when I was in school :)
    I would just say pick some "blog time" hours and stick to them. It is so easy to sit down to read your favorite blogs, then before you know it, a few hours have passed. Hang in there, your doing great!

  5. At least your classes are interesting and allow you to be creative. That's what I loved best about being a Fashion major :) Love your little creation! Have a blessed day! xoxo

  6. Love your little model too cute :-) Keeping a balance between work, being a student and being a wife is a hard balance to juggle but I manage! I try not to spend too much time during the day blogging but set aside time in the morning to read and post to my blog, it works!

  7. I definitely know the feeling! When I know I'm going to have a crazy week ahead of me I schedule as many posts as I can in advance. Other than that, I just try and fit blogging in where I can. If I have 30 min or an hour here or there I'll write up a post for the next day or for a day when I just don't have time. It's hard some days though. I only have two weeks left and I am SO happy to be done this year! Best wishes for the remainder of your term/semester/whatever-they're-called-these-days haha xo

  8. Oh Miss Michaela, I don't think there is just one solution to feeling like you are truly on top of everything and managing a successful blog with everything else (Whether that be a family, a husband, a house, a job, a school schedule) is tricky work. But you will make it work and remember to set hours and priorities and I know you will manage just perfectly :) XO

  9. I am in the same boat right now! I'm working 40+ hours a week, currently in the midst of a take home exam nightmare that I'm halfway done with and have already spent 16 hours on this week, plus I have a bunch of other assignments to finish by early May.

    Sometimes I get upset because I love blogging and really right now, I have so much I can blog about, but I just don't have the time. My husband has helped me tremendously with posts and projects just so I can keep posting consistently. I've had to give up a lot of commenting on other blogs and I often read on the go or inbetween other things.

    It's hard, but I just try to remember that this period of being hit with everything at once is temporary. School will be done eventually and as long as I love my house and blogging about it, I will always make some time for it. Even if it's not as much time as I would like :)

  10. I manage my blog (typically) after work. Last weekend I wrote a bunch of posts and have them scheduled for the next week or so

  11. I try to get dinner on the table, dishes and bottles clean and baby down by 9pm. Then I have time to blog and craft for a few hours before bed around midnight. Although this makes me very tired in the mornings ha.

  12. It's really exhausting. But it's actually something I really enjoy, so I try to blog on the weekends. I've also had to cut out some weeknight tv watching :) I think a post comes together a little quicker, too, if you put some thought into it over the week. When you are doing your homework and think of something, just go into your draft and add a few sentences. Then, when you do have time, all you have to do is upload pics and post! You're doing great :)

  13. You're so busy! I am still in HS and I don't have kids or even a relationship, but I tend to blog at night after everything is done or during lunch break.

  14. Awesome model! Trying to find that balance is key. Don't let your school suffer because of blogging. When I was in school, I put way too many things ahead of school, and boy, do I regret it.

    Stay on track by making a time table of your priorities - like when and how much time you should be spending studying, going to class, homework, blogging, commenting. And be realistic about the times. Good luck girlfriend!

  15. You have a full plate, but your classes sound very interesting.

    I do not have any advise since I am on the same boat as you. My husband and I went to school back in January, there is always work, I just opened my own design company, and I have a little one and no family living close to me to help with watching her. I am still learning how to manage my time. As some bloggers said I try to think of ideas of what to write during the week and if I can the chance I sit down and start a draft and hopefully I get to finish it on time.

    Just make sure to give yourself at least 15 min a day of "me" time it will help keep you sane. I do it during my daughter's nap time and its fantastic.

  16. It's rough. And I'm not even as busy as you. I say set aside a little time to blog every day, but everything else comes first. And it's okay to take a break sometimes. Don't run yourself ragged. Do I sound like your Dad now?

  17. I think balance in life is one of the toughest things! There always seems to be something that is a little out of balance... whether it be the blog, the home life, friendships, work/school... ugh!

    Definitely make school your priority and try to schedule in a little time each day for blogging if you can. I'm sure you'll do fine!

    p.s. I love that little dresser model... the shelf is a great idea.

  18. Oh my gosh I want to switch my major and go to whatever school you're at because that sounds like a lot of fun :) I honestly am still trying to figure out how to balance it. I've wanted to quit blogging so many times just because I don't have enough time for it as I used to, but I usually do it after homework before my daughter's nap is over or at night when she's sleeping since I really don't have a life anyways ;) I think you're doing fantastic with balancing everything!!

  19. Oh that's a great question! I still haven't found the balance. And I'm not in school nor have kids. And I just work part-time. Maybe I should stop complaining?!

    I LOVE the dresser. It's so sweet and romantic, exactly what I'd want if I had a little girl.

    xoxo, Ana
    My (Newly)Wed Life

  20. I try to do most of my blogging at night after Sawyer has gone to bed or in the morning before he gets up. My family and work are the most important things and take up a lot of my time. I wish I could blog everyday and have more time to work on projects for the house but I have to balance my time. I just have to accept that and do what I can when I have time. My readers will understand.

  21. what a blessing to be learning all about what you love! i'm always amazed at people who balance it all. with a blog thrown in the mix. for me, my husband comes first, then grad school, then work. which leaves a lot out. I'm hoping to improve it all!

  22. Please share some of your creativity. :) And it IS hard to balance blogging with everything else. Blogging is something that can really take up a whole lot of time! I try now to just blog when I really feel like it and comment and read when I want. I used to feel more obligated to read EVERYONES blog, but that's just not practical!

  23. i cannot answer your question because i am not busy enough...

    and i may or may not have my priorities out of whack on occasion.


    your classes sound so interesting and fun! wanna switch classes with me?

  24. I like to treat myself.

    Like, say I do 5 minutes of homework? Then I get to read your pretty blogs for an hour.

    Or let's say I do 3 dishes. Then I get to internet shop for the rest of the evening.

    it's all about the treats, I tell ya.

  25. You already know my take on managing my blog. It manages me. Haha.

    Love that dresser...it's so so cute! You can come and design the next house we move into!

  26. I wish I had some intense words of wisdom, but I rarely do - however, I do have some words of encouragment! Your blog is great and I know sooo many people love to read it, as I do! You'll find the balance! Can't wait till you become a full fledge designer - can I hire you to redo our new home!? You'll take GA clients, right?!?

  27. It is so hard isnt it!? AND it would be so much harder for you having so much on your plate at the moment. When I was working full time my blog suffered so much but now im not working...but i still find it difficult to juggle haha! xx

  28. i am super jealous of your classes! sounds like a lot of work but so much fun.

    i can't answer this because i need answers too. work is my school now and i love it too - it comes first - gotta pay those bills! - but i wish i had more time to blog! i'm amazed by ladies who do it all!

  29. well i haven't been that great at it lately but i usually dedicate 1 or 2 days a week when i have some free time (often sundays after church) and write my posts for the week and schedule them so i don't forget to post. if something comes up and i want to change things i just push the scheduled dates ahead. or i at least edit all of the pictures for my posts and upload them to photobucket and make drafts cause thats the most daunting part for me at least...i don't write much lol.

    that leaves me free to check blogger when i have a little free time each day to comment on my favorite blogs :)

  30. I know exactly how you feel. It gets really hard to juggle husband, home, nursing school, AND blogging. Sometime's I just want to pause the blogging world and I'll come back in a few months. But I'm sticking around while I can. There's so much to learn from blogging, I don't want to miss it!

    Goodluck to you, and I hope you feel better soon!

  31. I SO feel you on this girl!!

    School is killing me right now. I just finished writing 12 pages of polished prose for the weekend, and now I have to study for my Oprah exam. Which is tomorrow. YIKES.

    I will have everything wrapped up on Friday! (But, OK, upsetting: I have to miss Good Friday services to take an exam. Apparently, my heathen school likes to schedule exams between the hours of 12 and 4, the time of worship on this all important day (my exam is 130-330). I am sort of upset about it.

    Prayers to finish the semester strong!


  32. This is the cutest thing EVER!! I wish I did cool projects like that in college!! Can't wait to see your dream room inspirations!!

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