Fashion Friday #29 & Some of my Favorite Things

We made it to Friday. Hooray! This past week we had a beautiful day of sunshine, so my roommate, Jacque, and I went to the beach with some of our friends (not quite the California beach we're used to, but nonetheless, a beach).  

Here's what I wore:

Top: Anthropologie
Sweater: American Eagle
Jeans: Vigoss

I'm thankful for days like those. Simple day with a sweet friend and a touch of sunshine.
A gorgeous day, it was.

I'd also like to share my addiction to nail polish, once again.  But Spring is nearly here {and for some it already is...jealous!} so I'm having fun trying out new colors. Here are some of my favorites:

Naturally, I love the purple (: Which one is your favorite? Have you tried the shatter yet?

I get Shellac when I go to the salon and get them done and it's awesome. It comes in either french or color and lasts for up to 3 weeks! You should try it (:

Happy Weekend!

Love and Fashion Friday,


  1. How adorable are you????? You are stunning in these photos. I LOVE that anthro top!!! Obsession. Looks like you had a great beach day. Beautiful photos. I love OPI nail polish - one of my favorites! I hope you have a fabulous weekend miss! xoxo

  2. A sunny day at the beach... yay!

    Last night my friend and I played around with her OPI shatter. She had the black shatter, but I'm really interested in finding the silver one. That stuff is the bomb.

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday. (:

  3. Great photos. Okay, so now I'm the cool mom...just had my toes painted in the new coral color with the shatter coat. It is awesome!!!

  4. love that top. you are so so so pretty. its sort of annoying how pretty you are.

  5. Love the top! Need to go to Anthro...

    And I love those polish colours! I haven't tried Shatter yet (it doesn't really speak to me) but I've been loving blues and pinks lately!

  6. Oh man, I can't wait to hit the beach!

  7. love this pics- and your cute outfit!!
    I haven't tried the shatter nail polish but i saw it on another blog and it looks really neat! I love light purple/lavender and pinks for the spring time (:

    Hope ya have a great weekend !

  8. Beautiful pictures! I love LOVE your top!!
    I've been hearing such good things about shellac! I'm going to have to try it!

  9. I looove the beach too and your outfit(and of coruse OPI polish!) :-)

  10. gorgeous pics on the beach! pretty, pretty outfit.

    happy friday :)

  11. Those pictures of the beach are so beautiful! And you look so beautiful woman! I love that top!

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  13. Loving that Anthro top! Looks like you two had a great day at the beach. You look so happy in these pictures! Beautiful.

    Happy Friday, love!

  14. SO happy you got to go to the beach!! Gorgeous pictures! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  15. Happy Friday beautiful girl!!!! Adorable anthro top!

  16. Yes! We made it to Friday! Phew! I can't wait to take some beach trips soon. Have you ever been to Pacific City? It's perfect, especially when it's hot, (for Oregon:-) xoxo

  17. how do you get beautiful pics and are actually in them?! no one ever knows how to use my camera, so I'm never in any shots!

  18. Love that top! So cute! And that beach is gorgeous! Glad you got to put your toes in the sand :)
    Happy weekend!

  19. Love your outfit...hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

  20. I've been in North Carolina for 6 months and still havent seen the beach! oh no! It's only 25 min away so it's def time to take a lil trip! <3

    Gorgeous photos and I loooove your outfit!

    I think the purple might be my fav polish too! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  21. LOVE your style! i haven't tried the shatter yet but im dying too! man i miss me some beach! nothing beats the sound of the ocean! happy weekend pretty lady.

  22. You are precious!! I would take any beach right now. I still need to try the Shellac!

  23. obsessed with that top.
    my love for anthro never dies.
    annndd that beach looks amazing.
    : )

  24. I love that sailboat picture!!

    And the black and white one with your hair blowing in the wind.

    And your shirt.


  25. If I was *half* as photogenic as you, my dear, I would be one happy camper! And I have been dying to try that shatter polish! How much fun is that stuff??? And I think I might need to track down that Mermaid's tears as well...(c:

  26. Hooray for the Northwest sunshine! I'm all about shellac (as you saw when I awkwardly introduced myself at the mall today)!

  27. You look adorbz. ALSO! I am addicted to OPI. The purple is pretty, but I love the light pink for nails and dark pink for toes. I'm such a girlie-girl about nail polish. :)


  28. Oooh what beach?! Alki?

    Glad you got to enjoy the sun, we had some today too, woo hoo!

    Cute cute cute!

  29. I have been loving nailpolish, too! My favorite is Essie! I love the color palette in their collections! Right now I have on a bright pink shade called peach daquiri - lovely!


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