Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Flower Arrangement & Fruit Tart Recipe

Photos by Michaela Noelle Designs for The Inspired Room

Want to see a beautiful, colorful, Springtime floral arrangement, perfect for Easter brunch or dinner? Head over to The Inspired Room to get the step-by-step flower arranging tips and learn how to make this amazingly delicious fruit tart! My grandma and I devoured the tart right after these pictures were snapped :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Gorgeous! I brought in some daffodils that had bloomed before it snowed here (again!) and they were easy to pop into a vase because it's just one type of flower. I will definitely check out your tips for arranging with a variety of blossoms because mine always look unbalanced.

  2. Beautiful flowers! I need to get some more for our house!

  3. That fruit tart looks delicious! Nice work!


  4. This looks AMAZING!!! I love all the spring colors. Your hair is looking awesome, by the way! :)


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