Sunday, December 19, 2010


Happy Sunday, everyone!  Christmas has made it's way into my room.  I framed a graphic sheet of wrapping paper and set it on my desk and then hung a few ornaments on my bulletin board.  I also picked up a small tree from Trader Joes which, conveniently, already had lights on it.  It sits on a small table I made when I was little, right in front of my window.

Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday before the busiest week of the year begins! My pastor made me laugh today when he reminded us to be kind drivers and shoppers, because most people who drive and shop during this week are angry, in a hurry or something to that effect.  It's ironic, because it's supposed to be the most wonderful, selfless time of the year! I vow to try to be a nice driver and shopper this week (:  

But for now, my mama and I are baking cookies.  Recipes coming this week! Yum!

Make sure to come back tomorrow to learn about a fun craft from the ever-stylish Michelle from Ten June!  

Love and 6 Days 'Till Christmas,


  1. That little tree is a very nice touch in your room. Have fun baking with your mom.

  2. I hope you two are making delicious cookies :) I LOVE the print that you framed and the tree. SO PRETTY!

  3. Soooooo cute! And yes, I really need to take the nice driver pill. Seriously. I am very bad. Shame on me sometimes. I scream a lot in my car!! But, but, but....OK, no excuse. lol...

    Cannot wait for recipes! I shall talk to you soon, friend. :) :) I am pretty sure I had something else to tell you, however it has escaped me. I will think of it!


  4. Very cute. I love glittery ornaments, they make me so happy! I try to remember to be a nice driver, it is crazy how, well, crazy people get right before Christmas.

    I want to see your cookie recipes, we are trying to decide what cookies to make later this week {for Santa of course}

  5. Awwww I love it! It's all so cute :)

  6. so gorgeous. happy holidays! :)

  7. Love the decor! So perfectly sweet.

  8. That's such a good frame the paper! It looks beautiful!!

  9. The framed wrapping paper is such a cute & inexpensive idea! Love all of your christmas decor

  10. oh that is so cute & creative... and easy, right? love it :)

  11. Ah so cute!
    Happy holidays
    x fashionnerdic

  12. Everything looks great. I can't wait to see your recipes. Happy Monday.


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