Thursday, February 16, 2012

Swooning Over...

...everything West Elm! I had the opportunity to visit the Seattle store {which is ah-mazing} last night for a blogger's Spring line tour. With every new product came another "ooohh" and "awww" from my lips. I came armed with my camera and am now here to report my very favorite new finds.


Awesome new indoor garden...we got a suspended glass bubble as a gift to put a succulent in. I can't wait to try it out!

Adorable bowls and kitchen goods...

Cute Easter/Springtime tablescape...

West Elm's first oh-so-stylish recliner!

Most genius coffee table I've ever seen Rustic Storage Coffee Table {sale}
It totally eliminates the ugly TV trays! Am I right?!

Mirrored Buffet

Rustic Kitchen table:

Lots of pretty bedding...

This whole area is all very affordable bedding starting at just $69! Perfect for dorm room bedding.

Loved their idea to turn the books around, so the pages face the viewer. So much lovely texture!

Well, picture over load is over. I hope you take some time to visit their website! Or better yet, a store location, because my is an experience! And just so you know, you may think their prices are high {like Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma}, but they are the lowest price point of the three stores. This is one reason I love them most- they have the most affordable and stylish {in my opinion!} home goods around :)  I picked a little something up for a lucky reader...more details to come soon on that giveaway.

**I was not compensated for this post in any way, I simply love West Elm and their products!**

What's your favorite new item?! 
Have a beautiful Thursday!
PS. Speaking of Seattle bloggers and my sponsors the Ravenna Girls!
Brianne and Danielle live in Seattle and love DIY projects, decorating their home, renovating their little bungalow and much more! They have two awesome Etsy shops: 1. vintage finds & 2. vintage upcycled handmade items. Check them out :)


  1. they have some really cool stuff, love all the succulents, Im a big fan!
    I wish the came to the UK!

  2. I LOVE WEST ELM! That store never disappoints!

  3. Oh, I love West Elm! And is that a sparkly pillow I spy? I must have t!

  4. ssssshhhhhhhhh.... don't tell anyone but they have a totally awesome OUTLET in Memphis! It connects to the totally awesome Pottery Barn OUTLET (the best one I have seen so far). I could spend HOURS in there! Thanks for sharing... have a terrific Thursday

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  6. LOVE them!!! I wish my closest West Elm were not 75 minutes away!!

  7. We have a coffee table like the one that raises in our family room. It really is the best for those lazy nights when all you want to do is sit and eat in front of the TV.

  8. I love that gold, shiney pillow and the rustic storage coffee table! I despise the person that created tv trays. So ugly!!!

  9. Wow! There stuff looks amazing! Ive never heard of West Elm, must be out of the loop haha. But we just purchased our first home so I am excited to look at decor! I'm totally going to check out their website :)

  10. West Elm just has the best stuff!!
    I have a hanging bubble from there with a succulent in it and I adore it! It's so cute! How sweet of them to give you as gifts!

  11. oh goodness, i think i need to make a trip to west elm! i've never been there and there's one like 15 mins from where i live! would you say the prices are comparable to crate & barrel?

  12. As I scrolled through this post all I kept doing is ooohing and awwwing - I would literally buy everything if I could! The indoor garden is my favorite though. Having a whole shelf of these inside a room would make it feel so much more alive :)


  13. The second picture and the owl bowls are to die for! I wish I had an apartment/house to decorate!

  14. Oh my goodness, their stuff is gorgeous! I don't think they have a location near me but I'm heading over to the website to see...eeek!

  15. I love those carved tables! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  16. Ahhh why do they do this to me...everything is so perfect! I think a trip to West Elm this weekend may be in order!

  17. oh gosh, my wallet is already feeling the pain after just looking thru your pics. i already found three things i must order- STAT. and you know how much i love west elm ;) hope you enjoyed checking out the store! xx

  18. I'm kind of (actually a lot) in love with succulents... and that adorable rustic kitchen table. Dinner for two? Yes please. (:

    I wish there was a West Elm close to me... but sadly I think the closest one is an hour and a half away... maybe I'll get a chance to see it sometime in the near future. I love the photos you've shared!

  19. ahhh I wish I could have gone! I'm rather loving that sparkle pillow in the first pic. And it instantly made me smile to see the hedgehog plate! hehe! why are those funny little creatures just so adorable? :)

  20. I LOVE West Elm and everything in the store. Too bad the closest store is 3 hours away.

  21. LOVE all of their stuff right now! Those succulents need to happen at my house!

    So glad to have found your blog! Newest follower!

  22. Ah! Swoon! We don't have a West Elm in SB so I have to admire from afar (the internet). boo hoo.

    Have a great weekend, Michaela!

  23. oh myy, I am swooning with you. I love West Elm though my real obsession is with Pottery Barn. Poor Cam can't even stop me when I enter one!!

    Thanks for the pics - I've forgotten to look at WE's website since moving out here! You just put fuel on the fire! (:

  24. I just adore WE, even though I work at PB, they are much more "my style" (c: Shhh...don't tell anyone! (c:

  25. I really like West Elm, especially the succulents.


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