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My sweet friend Carmel {our fifth house} tagged me in this little game. I have to answer the questions she came up here I go!
1. If you had a time machine, where or rather when would you go?
Hmm...I'd go back to when I was younger. Life was so care and worry-free! 

2. Diamonds or Pearls?

Diamonds please :) Although, a good set of pearls is a staple for any wardrobe!

3. What's your favorite movie? 

Serendipity...hands down. It's one of those where you don't want to watch it with me because I know every.single.line.

4. When you were a kid, what was your favorite television show?

I would mostly watch Trading Spaces and HGTV actually...nothing has changed...ha! Other than those two, I remember liking The Big Comfy Couch, Arthur and Lizzie McGuire.

5. Let's pretend you found $50 in your couch cushions, what would you run out and buy?

Some cute shelves for my bedroom {need more storage asap!}, a new pair of flats, or a little springtime dress to get me in the mood for spring break!!

6. What is your favorite color?

If this isn't obvious already then I have a problem communicating my favorite color ;)

7. Why did you start your blog?

July 2010

8. What is your favorite home decor store?

West Elm. BAM.

9. Name one thing in your make-up bag you can not live without?

Mascara. Can't go anywhere without it. Oh- and all my Dermologica products. They are amazing!

10. Do you watch Revenge?

Nope :(

11. Will you still be my friend even though I made you suffer through this little game of tag?

Of course!
Alrighty, now I tag all my readers! Whoever wants to play- go right ahead.

Here are the rules: 
*Post the rules
*Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you; then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged

Here are my questions to YOU:
1. If you could eat any type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
2. Favorite book?
3. Favorite Season and why?
4. What song is on repeat right now?
5. What's your dream job?
6. Breakfast or dinner?
7. Movie night in or fancy girls night out?
8. Heels or flats?
9. What was the best part of your week?
10. If you could spend one day any place in the world, where would you go?
11. Favorite part about blogging?
And for some weekend inspiration / if you still don't know my favorite color, here's a hint...
Traditional Home

Ready. Set. Go. 
Have a blessed and fun-filled weekend!


  1. This is such a cute idea and I'm in love with that dining room!

  2. i actually loved all the same shows as you did as a kid :) i even met lunette from the big comfy couch once, ha! although i never watched hgtv much...i did watch trading spaces though, and loved it!

  3. That's funny, lunette and molly a clown and her dolly on the BIG COMFY COUCH!
    I LOVE HGTV, and I loved TLC when it had all those room makeover shows, like while you were out, and clean sweep. Because of clean sweep I've been trying to get my parents to clean up their house...its a work in progress... my mom is VERY stubborn.
    Anyways, I'm totally gona do this tag game, so cute!

  4. Thanks for playing along! I loved reading your answers! Trading Spaces was one of my favorites too- it's when I first fell in love with Genevieve!

  5. I love Serendipity... The movie AND the restaurant in the movie! It's so good! Frozen Hot Chocolate, yum!


  6. I've just come across your blog and love it so I am now your newest follower. The tag game was awesome. Loved your answers. I'm actually doing the Photo challenge with and that's how I found you. Oh and I love your tag line...called to serve,joy is design and passion to to blend the two...Awesome!

  7. So fun to read your answers, Michaela. I'm with you on diamonds but yes, on pearls, too. A beautiful strand of classic pearls is a great staple. Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. I just love learning more about you, sweet girl! And I totally forgot about Trading Spaces! One of my all-time faves:-) xoxo


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