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You know I love Wednesday here on the blog, because I get to introduce you to a new blog pal. This beautiful girl is actually a blog friend turned real life friend and she. is. fabulous. If you haven't heard of Shannon from GBO Fashion yet, you're missing out on some awesome clothes, thrift shopping how-to's, and guarenteed laugh-out-loud funny blog posts. 

 Let the laughing start today with Shannon sharing her loves and love-me-nots :) Take it away, friend!


Hi all you cutie Michaela Noelle Design peeps! I'm Shannon - author of the blog GBO Fashion. Why am I excited to post on Michaela's blog today? Um, hello? You might as well ask me why I'd be excited to win a gold medal at the Olympics? Or why I'd be excited to be the first-runner up on So You Think You Can Dance (first runner up cuz seriously, who even wins THAT show? the most ridiculous people in the world. ridiculous as in so amazing I die.)? Or why I'd be excited if my husband gave me a $100 per day shopping allowance? I'm excited cuz it's MICHAELA! And she is beyond fab, as you all well know. So fab in fact that I nearly peed my pants when she asked me to post today. So thank you Michaela for having me! And now how bout' I stop talking and we get on with it then, eh?

She Loves Me


I gotta be honest - I'm not exactly sure what has triggered my current obsession with peplum. Oh wait - maybe it's the fact that it's adorable? Mmmmyeah - that might be it. Well, whatever the reason, Tommy Likeeeeee! Especially these Shabby Apple numbers right here. Remember how you can enter to WIN one of these beauts on my blog right now? Just sayin'.Image via


So the thing is, I'm a cheap skate. Also, I'm broke. Also, I'm vain and worldly and materialistic and have a passionate LOVE for clothes. And shoes. And purses. And accessories. And it's a problem. Solution? THRIFT STORES! Ever since discovering the magic and wonder and fairy-dust-unicorn-wizard-of-oz-pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow-Diamonds-in-the-Rough that could be found at thrift stores (translation: the really cute clothes), I have been a die-hard! These days about eighty-percent of my wardrobe is second-hand baby! And I'm not even ashamed bout' it. I recently posted about my thrifting methods (oh yeah - I got methods) over at Fabulessly Frugal. You can check it, that is.

Image via Pinterest

Lace dress: Thrifted | Faux leather jacket: Thrifted | Heels: Thrifted | Clutch: Thrifted | Watch: Nordstrom ($18) | Bracelet: F.21


Cuz seriously, how could you not love this boy? Turns out he's the sweetest thing on earth on top of being the most handsome. And I'm totally not biased either.

Image via


Cuz really? Does home decor get any sexier than this? (Answer: Yes. When Michaela is directly involved. Then and only then.)

Image via


A hot combo is a hot combo. And peeps? THIS is a hot combo. Um, in MY opinion, at least (gee, this will be awkward if everyone reading this HATES the stripes/floral combo. Try not to judge me.)

She Loves Me Not


Mmmyeah. Cuz that's happening right now. Is it wrong to want to get knocked up (by my husband, of course) as a way of getting OUT of job hunting? Orrrrrr did I just say that out loud?


How this ever seemed like a good idea I will never understand.

Image via Google

A mullet DRESS on the other hand - now THAT is something I can appreciate.

Image via 


Mmmmyeah, we're definitely NOT loving anything about this, turns out. But then, welcome to my life.

Thanks for having me cutie Michaela! Love your face off.


Shannon, you kill me! I'm always loving beautiful gallery walls and of course I'm equally obsessed with peplum.  Go say hello to Shannon today at GBO Fashion. And learn what GBO stands for :)

Happy Wednesday! What are YOU loving this week?


  1. Thrifting!!! I love it. All of this is too good.

  2. shannon, why are you so adorable/?!? seriously!!!!!! loved this post michaela!

  3. She seems so fun (and with great style to boot!)...Heading over to check out her blog now--thanks for sharing, Michaela!

    The Glossy Life

  4. She's so cute!! Love the comparison of mullets to mullet dress! Haha!!

  5. I love the first floral and stripes combo, it is divine!
    Is the 'she loves me she loves me not' link up next Wednesday?

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