She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Hodge Podge

Hi friends! Wednesday seems to come so quickly each week! I'm excited to introduce you to a talented designer and blogger, Barbara from Hodge Podge
Barbara is crafty and creative- just take a peek at her DIY project gallery for proof of that.  Beyond her stylish living, I just adore her passion and spirited approach to design. She's from Canada, which means she spells certain words all fancy...I secretly love that:) You're sure to enjoy her loves and love-me-nots!

Hello from Canada eh! So thrilled to be asked to be part of Michaela's She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not series. It was thoroughly enjoyable to try to come up with some loves and loves-me-nots.

She Loves Me
1. Coffee. 
My kids say I have a bit of an addiction to the stuff. I just love the taste and the comfort it brings, and has helped bring many a project from the brink of disaster!

2. The colour red.
I heart red. Ever since I got my first box of pencil crayons with a gorgeous "poppy red", I have been smitten. I don't like red in large doses but in small bits here and there to give a space that extra zing!

3. Unfitted kitchens.
I am drawn to unfitted kitchens, with open shelving, darker lower cabinets along with lighter uppers, touches of wood and a bit of an industrial edge. Ones that look like that have been curated over time,  but elegant and scream "cook and eat here."

4. Maxi Dresses
I adore maxi dresses. Maybe it is a bit of nostalgia from my childhood when my mom wore long dresses that were so "in" in the 70's. But for someone like me, who has never liked my legs, a maxi dress is perfection! I have a few in my closet and am looking to add a few more. Hopefully this trendy dress will stay in style for a while!

She Loves Me Not
1. Misspelled Words.
I can't stand poor spelling, especially on business signs, etc. If you are going to advertise to the public, then get the spelling right. 
Thanks again for having me! Hope I spelled everything correctly :)

Thanks, Barbara! I'm also loving kitchens with varied colors in cabinetry and open shelving. Misspelled words always bug me, too! -- Especially if I find them on my blog from a past post. This is me giving readers permission to let me know if something is spelled wrong :)

Go say hello over at Hodge Podge today!  What are YOU loving this week?
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I can't live without my coffee every moring! Love those kitchens...I also love the dark lower cabinets and the light upper as well as the industrial look. That last image is histerical!

  2. I adore Barbara & her blog!! Such a fun surprise to see her name over here this morning :) Hope you both have a fabulous week! xoxo

  3. Gosh thanks for having me Michaela, I love how you say I spell words all fancy :) And thanks Brittany - she is a great blogger and incredibly talented designer from Canada as well {she designed my blog!}

  4. Great post - the touches of red are wonderful, and I too love a kitchen with open shelving!! Isn't it amazing how many places you find misspelled words - even in our newspapers!!

  5. I love this post. I love that kitchen. Your blog is really nice. I'm a new follower :)

  6. Maxi dresses are all I wear these days!! Love them!!

  7. Michaela, nice to "meet" you through Barbara'as guest post :-)

    Barbara, I SO hear you on the spelling mistakes! Bad grammar bugs me too - I can't help it, I'm an English major! I'm not a coffee drinker or a maxi dress wearer, but I love pops of red and the look of unfitted kitchens :-)

  8. Ohh I love Barbara's Maxi dresses. Esp that one shoulder modcloth number... do we live too close to both have it? Who wore it best :)

  9. Beautiful spaces! I have a slight coffee addiction as well (just a cup or 2 a day) and red in small pops appeals to me. I just bought a maxi dress this summer and I feel so chic wearing it.

  10. Love that house!!! so pretty and modern :)


  11. oooh i love maxi dresses too ! They are just so floaty and beautiful !

    Chrissi xo

  12. oooh i love maxi dresses too ! They are just so floaty and beautiful !

    Chrissi xo


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