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Happy Saturday! After a full 24 hours in bed, I think I'm on the mend! Being sick when I'm far away from home at school is one of my least favorite things.  All of your sweet messages helped this girl feel a little better, though! 
Today I'm introducing you to 3 of my newest and most fabulous sponsors! I hope you'll read a little about them and then go say hello!


Hi there awesome readers! My name is Savy and I write over at Romance In A Glance. I started my blog a little over a year ago and I love watching it grow. My hope is to spread the romance and share a little love through my writing. I write about everything from marriage and dating topics to wedding ideas and even some jaw dropping posts over in "The Naughty Nook." I'm hoping to occasionally break the barriers and cross the line with topics that we all should talk about. I also have a new "How To Do It" feature to showcase new recipes that I succeed at, because let's face it...I'm no Rachael Ray and I get really excited when I do good in the kitchen.  So I figured why not share my small successes so you can have a new recipe to try as well! I love writing and anything to do with the color turquoise. I'm definitely a mushy, gushy girl at heart. So I hope you check out my turquoise-rrific blog and catch up on some of my romantic reads. I'd love to have you follow along or just say hi! 


Recent grad with a BFA in New Media. Love all things design, from graphic to interior. Total TV addict (especially police/crime shows). Wanted to be an ophthalmologist for years before I chose new media. My blog, Gallery No. Eight, is where I collect and curate my favourite inspirations of the moment. Fashion, beauty, interiors- nothing is off limits as long as it's beautiful :) I love to create and design, and helping others with the talents and skills I was given is what I feel I was meant to do! My design services range from Blogger to Etsy to Wordpress, from little buttons to whole makeovers and everything in between. Would love to help you out with any design solutions you may need!


Bailey Jean. Just a Texas girl pursuing a degree in Theatre at Baylor. {Anchored in Love} is where I share my heart for people, Christ, theatre, design, photography, and DIY, and it is also where I get to meet wonderful bloggers and friends who share the same passions. I have an obsession with Anthropologie, Pinterest, Karen Kingsbury novels, and traveling and I'm not afraid to admit it. Please stop on by to join the adventure!  
"Finally {sisters}, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable --if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-- think about such things." {Phil. 4:8}


Aren't they all just stunning?! Yet another reason you should go visit them :) I can vouch for each pretty lady and say they are awesome, talented and very sweet bloggers!

Hope you enjoy your weekend. What do you have planned??

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  1. I know how you feel about hating being away when you're sick. I feel the same way every time I get sick.


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