Design Dilemmas: Entryway Tips

Today we're talking about entryways and foyers {if you want to be fancy!} A reader and fellow blogger, Chelsea, wrote in and asked how to make her entryway inviting and cozy. After seeing pictures of her entry, I had some ideas right away! Take a peek:


First thing I notice are those high ceilings! I'd die for a foyer that grand.  Here are some of my tips for your guide to a welcoming entryway design:

1. Function: Every entry needs some sort of table, credenza, or seating area so guests can set down their bags, put on their shoes, and homeowners have a place to throw their keys, mail, etc. {of course the keys and mail would have a pretty bowl or dish to go in:) }
2. Create a Vignette: A long entry table or dresser isn't complete without a pair of stools, benches, or baskets for shoes underneath.  An occasional chair next to this furniture piece is always a great option, too.
3. Play Up the Best Features:  In Chelsea's case, this would be her ceiling.  This entry is screaming for a statement piece of lighting. The jewelry for the room, if you will.  I see a suspended lantern pendant or chandelier.
4. Lighting: It's important to feel safe and welcomed in the entryway of a home. This is the first space one enters into after coming in from outside, so the light level needs to be adjustable. If it's dark outside, the homeowner will want some light in the entry as soon as they enter the space. An overhead light {pendant or chandelier} AND a light on the entry table would be key in creating this welcoming feel.
5. Accessorize: Other fun things I see going into Chelsea's entry would be a printed rug for some pattern and/or color, a mirror to add some light and depth to the room, and some artwork.

Here are a few entryways that I feel are beautiful, functional, and combine all the above elements!
If you had to give one piece of advice to Chelsea for her entryway, what would it be?! 
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Happy Thursday!
What's your latest design dilemma? Do share, and maybe you'll find your question answered here!


  1. Great suggestions! I think the console table + vignette is definitely the best way to add character and function to the space. Maybe with some baskets under the table for extra storage? I love Pottery Barn entry vignettes for more inspiration!

  2. such great ideas girly :) i recognize that photo in your spring speicals packages hehe! XO have a great day

  3. Love these ideas!! WIsh we had a formal foyer in our home!

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  5. Thanks for this Michaela! Love the pictures and the elements you listed... I'm so inspired now!

    Thanks again, I'm so excited you posted this :)


  6. These are all great tips! I'm sure she will come up with something amazing!

  7. Great tips. My entry is still needing more layers. Still searching for the right lamp and coat rack!

  8. A cute umbrella stand is always a great accessory! Love this post!
    Tiffany Leigh

  9. Wish we had a formal foyer as well. OH MY GOSH. That last photo is perfection. The floor, the settee. I love it all.

  10. I perfectly agree with everything! Especially the chandelier - the space is begging for it! Our entryway is just a door into our living room but when we have a 'real' house I'm so up for all these tips!

  11. Our door opens up right into our living entryway at all. :( I've always wondered if there is a way to somehow make it "feel" like an entryway. Any thoughts?!

  12. Wow, those high ceilings really are amazing! I can't wait to have an entryway one day!!

  13. Wonderful inspiration, Michaela! Favourite is the entryway from Atlanta Homes--someday I must have a gorgeous, velvet couch like that!:)


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