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Let me preface this post with this: Yes, it's still me- the purple-obsessed, chevron-lover, design-enthusiast and chocoholic.  To my close friends and family who are reading this post...please hold your applause until the end ;)
As of this past weekend, my roommates and I decided we were going to try this new thing called exercising and eating healthier.  In order to tone up and stay fit, we made a commitment that we are going to cook more healthy meals together, run at least once a week, and do a 10 minute abs video every night before bed.  If you know me at all, you know that I despise running and most forms of exercise.  There's something about a gym that bores me. My mom took me one time and I did the bike, elliptical, and weights and was donezo after 30 minutes! Booorrring. That marked the last time mom let me come with her to the gym. 

Over the past couple of years, though, I've discovered I love hiking and walks outdoors. My mom and I will do those at least once a week when I'm home in the summer.  I have also acquired a love for hot yoga this past year! It's a great workout/muscle builder and something I really enjoy, however, it is very pricey {not to mention you sweat so much, I unexpectedly  lost a little too much weight to be doing on a weekly basis}.   So, we decided that a short jog once or twice a week will be a great replacement.  

Only problem? I. hate. running.
And I get headaches when I run, which could be because A. I have poor breathing techniques or B. My brain is trying to find a reason to quit. Most likely option B.
But, my roommates are great because they push me to keep going. And yesterday on our run I only got 3 side cramps.
It can only go up from here, people! 

I was a good blogger and brought my iPhone to capture my first run in ages. My roommates are learning that even the littlest things get intagrammed now :)
this would be before the run.
stunning view and some serious sunshine always helps!
couldn't resist having a little fun with our shadows!

Want to know what we cooked as our healthy meal last night? Here's the recipe!

Heat oven to 350. Throw together an assortment of vegetables {red and yellow peppers, zucchini, broccoli, red or white onions} with some sun dried tomatoes and drizzle olive oil over the top.  Bake vegetables for 20-25 minutes.

Cook pasta {I love gluten free pasta with this dish!} and combine vegetables and pasta in one bowl. Drizzle balsamic vinegar over the pasta and veggies and serve! Top the pasta dish off with some parmesan cheese if you wish!

So, today marks some very important things:
1. I exposed to the world wide web that I'm not a fan of exercising and probably embarrassed myself.
2. In doing so, I've allowed all of my bloggy friends who love to work out able to keep me accountable.
3. I've written my first post about exercising. 
4. I shared my first healthy recipe on the blog.
5. I've been online shopping for-- wait for it--- running shoes, because my shins hurt and I'm guessing it's because my shoes are 4 years old. Suggestions?!

So tell me, what's your key to a balanced and healthy lifestyle? What type of work out do you most enjoy?

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. im so impressed with you, lady!!! i love this post :) keep up the good work!! even though it seems tough now, soon exercise will become part of your daily routine, and perhaps you might even enjoy it more than you thought possible. XO

  2. I hear you on the I HATE RUNNING. I want to like it, I really do but after a few minutes I'm bored. Guess I need to just stick with it. Hot yoga sounds like it would be awesome. I'm a little nervous about being able to handle the "hot" part.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. You are so awesome Michaela! I have been following your blog for awhile but havent ever posted a comment.. mostly because I dont even blog myself. I am a young life leader in Kansas City and have some of the same passions and loves as you! Its fun reading about your life and sharing in your adventures.

    Last year I decided I wanted to become a runner. I signed up for a half marathon and started training. I figured the only way I'd get into it was if I had a goal in mind. I guess it worked! I will run my THIRD half marathon next month and have come to love it! Shoes definitely do impact how you feel when running. I suggest finding a shoe store near you (runners world store or something of that nature) that fits you for shoes based on how you run. It will make a WORLD of difference.
    I also have found that hot yoga really enhances my running so while it is expensive (I've been WISHING for cheaper prices for um forever) keep up with it every once in awhile! :)

    Much love! <3

  4. Good for you M! It's all about making a start and staying committed! It's great that you have roommates that can keep you motivated and vice versa! :)

  5. I hate running too! You're not alone! Haha. But that dish sounds delicious and I feel like the bf might actually eat it since it includes some sort of carbi-ness! He hates anything healthy. Talk about frustration. Keep it up though, girl! I could use the inspiration!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. Good for you! I have started running too and after 3 weeks I did a 5k race! It is always fun to have a goal to motivate you :)

  7. Ok! You and I suffer from all the same afflictions when it comes to exercising and running. Boring! I can't breathe when I run and I get killer headaches. 2 years ago I decided that if I could run 2 5Ks every year, that would meet my personal exercise goal. I used the "Couch to 5K" app on the iPhone and it worked miracles. Within a few weeks, I was running over 3 miles pretty easily. I would highly recommend it! Also, don't buy your running shoes online, go into a store and have your shoe fitted. We have a running store here that runs analytics on your step, arch, etc and they find the best shoe for you. It is the best thing I ever did. My feet never hurt after a run! I hope that helps, Michaela! Good for you for wanting to be healthier. When you are naturally thin, getting the motivation to exercise can be hard, but it is important no matter what your size!

  8. I hate running and weights too, which is one reason I dance.

    You also might want to continue to do a little yoga at home so your muscles don't get to tight and sore from running.

    Good luck with finding a good shoe!

  9. Good for you! I used to hate running too, and couldn't do it for very long. One of my friends helped motivate me to keep doing it though, and I ended up running three 5Ks in one summer. It's nothing huge for runners, but for me it was a big deal. I actually started to enjoy it after a few weeks too :). My running shoes are Mizuno. I usually hate tennis shoes of all kinds because they're so heavy, but these are really light weight (a plus for running for sure!).

  10. um yes you need to get new shoes ASAP--- I had shin splints too and half of it was the shoe I was in and the other half was the fact I wasn't stretching before and after runs....... There are several KEY stretches to prevent shin splints and you have to do them! second, you have to go to a shoe store that will watch you walk barefoot and assess your gait! If you are like me you have a tendency to turn your foot inward (not noticeable to anyone, usually...accept my husband, he picks up on that stuff and saw it in my walk) then you need extra support. I run in asics kayano-17's and LOVE LOVE LOVE them.. They are last years shoe but I always find them online and re-order them. Your shoe only lasts for a good 500 miles. second, never get your shoes wet once you get them, and don't push them off your heel when you take them off, take the time to unlace them, because pushing them off will break down the support!

    I could go on and on and on, but I am probably boring you. If you want help or need any tips, let me know! (also, grand rapids has an AMAZING shoe store called gazelle that does gait assessing and will find you the exact shoe you need if you and henry want to go there and spend some time!)


  11. Girl I'm the exact same way! Running makes my knees hurt, throat hurt and I get headaches but after you feel so much better! I need to get on some type of routine!

  12. Hi Michaela,

    I would highly recommend going to a running store in person and having them evaluate your running stride. Kind of awkward, but they will put you in the right shoes based on a lot of criteria, and the right shoes make ALL the difference.

    Hope it helps!


  13. Good for you, girl!!! And I would say that I agree with Chelsea, totally go in to a running store and they will tell you the best ones because different brands do different things the best (c: You go, girl!

  14. Good for you!! I'm on the same bandwagon or "so to speak". Started running with the C25K program and it's starting to get easier, I think. ;-)

  15. I set a fitness goal today too on my blog! I attended the Boston Marathon yesterday to cheer on a friend running in it (!!) and decided that I too want to qualify some day. I'm training to run a half marathon now, but hopefully in 2013 I'll do my first marathon. Good luck working out!

    xo Lisa

  16. make sure to drink TONS of water during the week! It should help with your headaches :)

  17. I don't like exercise and I certainly don't like eating healthy. But I do like you. : )

  18. Good work! Although you don't need to loose any weight!! But it's always good to eat healthy food.
    My boyfriend and I gained a lot of weight on our travels last year and in order to get fitter and loose weight I make us oatmeal porridge every morning (not the instant quick cooking kind, but the real stuff) as a result we eat a lot less over the day, we use no salt in our diet and living in Singapore it's hard to get away with that when we eat out because of the MSG they often put in food here.
    I do a quick Tabata excerise video which gets my heart beat up and I sweat as much as on a run. Then I do the 100 excerise (100 jumping jacks, 90 squats...) The result? 10 kilos in 4 months and in size 6!

  19. Good for you girl!!!!!! I am so with you on the gym. . boring! I think you just have to find the one thing you love. Maybe it will be running. I became a runner last summer! :) I could't get past three miles to save my life. It also ended last summer. Have some cute clothes, though. Kick boxing on our bag in our garage is the only thing I love. Great release with great music. I applaud you guys and your new goals. Good for you.

  20. Great job Michaela! If anything, being consistent is what will pay off. One of the best local stores is Run26. I know there's another big one in Seattle, but I can't remember the name. :-/ Also, get some wicking running socks to avoid blisters!

    I ran the Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon (yay!), but I personally LOVE workouts like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Body Weight Exercises, Beachbody Insanity videos or Jillian Michaels videos, and then I jog for cardiovascular endurance. The full body exercises make you feel like you're going to die, but my motto has been, "You can rest when you're done!" and you feel awesome afterward only 10-20 minutes later. :-)

    As for food, I have opinions a whole book long, SO I'll just say "Good for you" for taking initiative!

  21. Good for you girly! I'm kind of like you when it comes to the conventional ways of exercising... booooorrrring. :) haha! but I've discovered a love for jogging and hiking and stuff that gets you out in nature. The gym just kind of makes me groan. :) haha!

  22. Super impressed with you, girl! I hate running, so mostly stick with walks around the park and the occasional hike!

    Really loved your pasta recipe as well! We're big fans of basalmic vinagarette over here, as well! Would love to read more about your healthy recipes if you don't mind posting!:)

  23. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite post you've ever written!!! I love really getting to know you! I think it's so funny that you hate running but you're making yourself do it. hey, I actually like it and I can't seem to make myself to do it. haha There is always something else I would rather do!


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