She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Link Up #2

Hi loves! It's Wednesday and this is the second installment of She Loves Me as a link party! Feel free to link up under the post and play along :)

Here's what I'm lovin' and not diggin' this week...

She Loves Me:
1. Strawberry anything.
By far my favorite fruit- always makes my mouth water!
2. Colored Cabinetry.
Especially loving the turquoise, blue, seafoam trend. Aren't we all?! Plus, this exposed beam work is to die for.
3. My CAD/Photoshop class.
I put this number together in photoshop the other day during class. It's a little girl room, so I imported my dresser into the room! Way too fun.
via @michaelanoelle instagram
4. This AWESOME braid secret via The Beauty Department.
Before you braid your hair, braid one of the three individual strands.  Then braid all of your hair like normal. This gives the braid texture and keeps it in better! I've done it twice this week and LOVE it.

5. 14 days until I go visit my boyfriend in Michigan!
I couldn't be more excited!! It will have been 6 weeks since the last visit!
watercolor print via
She Loves Me Not:

1. No more sunshine :(
We were on a roll there for a while, but the sun is officially gone for a bit and it's back to rain for the Pacific Northwest.
2. Modern Family hasn't been on in WEEKS.
This is my family's favorite show and I, for one, am having with-drawls! When does it come back!?
3. Biology.
I'm not going to use it in my career...why do I have to take it?! {to become a well rounded person...I know, I know, mom! ;) }

Thanks for reading! What are YOU loving this week? Tell me in the comments or link up your own post. The link party will be open through the weekend! Have fun and visit other links, too! :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. OMG, has it already been 6 weeks since you last saw the BF? Can't believe that! Hope you have a ton of fun in MI! And I love the braid trick!

  2. LOVE that braid tutorial!! I'm definitely going to have to try it out. :))

  3. YAY for 14 days till Michigan!!! And I totally agree about Modern Family--I miss it! That show makes me laugh so hard, and I could really use that with finals coming up! :P

  4. YAY for 14 days!! You can make it through these 2 weeks!

  5. omg! you now have me craving for some strawberries and cream. yum!

  6. 14 days is sure to fly by!! Love strawberries and now I'm craving them :)

  7. That's my favorite thing about California - strawberries all year round! In Brazil, I could only get them in the winter!

    Hope times flies by and you can see your bf soon! :)


  8. Thanks Michaela! I feel your pain with biology :)

  9. Ooh, so many fun things to talk about. First off, yay for only 14 days!!! And I love that Photoshop drawing... you are so lucky to get to take those kinds of classes! And finally... strawberry... mmm. Have you tried the fresh strawberry cupcake recipe that was on Cassie's blog? Simply amazeballs, you will love. I know one thing I love this week... Michaela! : )

  10. I can't believe it's already been 4 weeks since you saw H. Has it really been that long?! Time flies.

  11. Oh, I am so jealous you're leaving the PNW to visit MI! I <3 the Mitten, enjoy every second of it!

  12. Cute post! Loving the braid secret! I need to try it!


  13. I love that kitchen! And seriously what is up w modern family! Too many reruns! Your blog is adorable & youre so pretty! New follower!

    Xo Kelly

  14. girlfriend i have been sucking down some strawberries like no one's biz-nasss! Why have i not thought to put them on cupcakes!!

    I'm so intrigued by this braid link - MUST check it out!

    And YESSSS boyfriend time! Can't wait to hear some stories!


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