How I Survive in Washington

You're probably wondering how a California girl willingly finds herself in the rainy city of Seattle.

I ask myself the same thing every day.

But over the last three years, I've had some time to think about it.  Clearly, I'm here for school and I feel so blessed to be able to go to my dream school, but that doesn't take away the fact that it is a 180 from what I was accustomed to in California.  I've come up with a few tips and tricks to get through it! {Hopefully these will apply to everyone who finds themselves in cold and rainy weather or for those of you who are far away from home!}
ONE. Layer. I'm talkin' tank top, shirt, sweater, jacket, scarf, double leggings, thick socks! Bundling up can be fun sometimes :)
TWO.  Don't cop-out.  By this I mean, if you enjoy getting ready in the morning and getting a little dressed up, do it! Don't let the rain stop you. Freshman year, I made this mistake, but now I make an effort to get ready and feel good about myself before walking out the door. Because you all know my moto: if you feel good about yourself, your day is that much better already!
THREE.  Take Vitamins; specifically Vitamin D! Ever since taking a good dose of Vitamin D, the lack of sun has been much easier to deal with.
FOUR. Invest in a heavy jacket {and rain boots}.  First, because they keep you nice and toasty! And second, because using an umbrella 'round these parts is a dead giveaway that you're not from here. Rain boots are a-okay, though! {If you're wondering- I still use an umbrella. Can't take the California out of this girl!}
FIVE.  Get out! When it rains in California, it's a movie & hot chocolate day, but if we did that here, nothing would get done. I make sure to go a few places each week. Starbucks for homework, shopping, down town for lunch on weekends {Nordstrom Cafe anyone?!} and yoga class are a few of my favorite places. 
SIX. Be creative.  Little home projects like painting and keeping my indoor garden alive help me stay creative and artsy, which I love. Do whatever makes you smile!

You know what else helps a bit, too? Getting blonde highlights and lots of baking and/or buying of cupcakes. They both add a little bit of sunshine and tastiness to a rather dull atmosphere!
If you live in a cold and rainy climate, what are some ways you survive?
PS. Welcome to my sponsors Danielle and Brianne from The Ravenna Girls
Both living Seattle themselves, what a perfect day to introduce them! They have a fun blog with tons of great DIY projects and inspiring posts about life, crafting, and design. You will adore this creative duo!


  1. I do lots of crafting in the winter-time. Lots of tea, coffee shop trips, shopping trips, and trips to places like Barnes and Nobles with a good book make it better. That and trying to wear bright colors every once in awhile to cheer myself a little. :)

  2. Loving your tips for surviving in a rainy climate! I definitely hate rainy days, so I could use a few of your tips for surviving them here, even in a sunny climate. :)

  3. This was definitely me for most of college too! I remember my first roommate freshman year had to remind me to hold onto my long sleeves when I put my coat on so they didn't roll up haha...this year-round summer girl had forgotten! :P

  4. Perfect if only we ever got more than a day of rain. Haha. Teach me how to survive the heat and humidity!!! I still don't know how after 26 years.

  5. Such great tips. I would definitely do the same if I lived in Seattle.

  6. Love this - sounds like Wellington! It rains all the time here - I gotta say the turning point of my LIFE was buying an expensive but amazing toasty warm rain jacket, and investing in BOOTS - you can't have too many pairs! Makes you feel so much better to still be able to change your look a little even if you are mostly hidden under a coat!

  7. painting and cupcakes DEFINITELY always brighten my mood too :)

  8. Those sweets look so divine. And your hair is stunning, such a beautiful colour.

  9. I didn't know you were a CA girl!
    When I was in KS last year and missing my sunny GA I had to buy some cute winter accessories to get me through;) Love those rainboots!

  10. haha this is a great post but I must admit I don't miss Washington much at all. To have it be like summer right now & all my friends still living in Washington telling me how it's raining every day makes me think... ya I don't miss that weather one bit. :) But hopefully you can add a little bit of sunshine! :)

  11. We moved to California from Seattle a couple years ago and I actually miss living there like crazy. Nothing like the summers up there. The Puget is so gorgeous!

  12. This is perfect and so true! I have lived in Seattle my entire life and the older I get the less I tolerate the dreary and rainy days. Perhaps it's time for me to move to S. Cal :)


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