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Happy Wednesday, friends! It's that time again. I'm here to introduce to you another one of my favorite and stylish bloggers, Nicole, from Busy Girl
Nicole is gorgeous and so funny! Her posts always make me smile. She loves traveling, photography, shopping, cooking, reading and coffee {self-diagnosed addict!} I just know you will adore her, too. Let's find out what she's loving and what she's not!

Hi!  I'm Nicole from Busy Girl.
I adore Michaela, she's the sweetest girl.
Who shares my love of fur-babies and chevron.
So when she asked me to share some of my favorite and not-so-favorite things with you, I was all over it.  Mainly because it gave me an excuse to gaze at some of things that make my heart swell for a little bit.

She Loves Me
1. Maps. Postcards. Stamps.  From all around the world.  I like having a little piece of everywhere in my home.

2. Garden fresh food.  Homemade hummus topped with avocado and roasted tomatoes?  The perfect lunch.

3. Cozy neutrals.  Perfect for every occasion.

4. Simple but sweet nautical touches.

She Loves Me Not
1. Sour cream.  Sorry, it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

2. Scuba diving.  I tried it on our honeymoon and couldn't help but feel claustrophobic.  I guess I'll be viewing fish from the top of the water from now on.

3. Spam emails from an African prince wanting to give me all his money.
I'll take the money, but not the scam.  Nice try.

4. This pointed nail trend...whoever said fashion could kill was right.

Thanks for having me Michaela :)

Thanks, Nicole! I'm adoring your love picks.  Neutrals are my favorite and stamps and postcards are so fun to collect! No scuba diving for me either- 1. Fish scare me and 2. I think I'd suffocate!! 

Go say hello to Nicole over at Busy Girl!

Happy Wednesday!
What are you loving this week??
PS. Don't forget the second She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Link Up is next week- April 18th! Join in, link up and share what you're loving and not loving that week. Can't wait to read them all!


  1. i feel the same way about garden fresh food- it is the best! and i had not seen the pointy nail trend..... eew.

  2. aw thanks for having me lovely girl :) xo

  3. Cute post! And I have to agree, I do not like the pointed nail trend either!

  4. Thanks for the introduction, Nicole... a very good post and such a wonderful subject! Thanks for sharing and I hope both you ladies have a great day! Jalon

  5. Yuck!! Pointed nails?! I have noticed this once or twice, but honestly thought it was just a lady gaga/nicki minaj thing to do. But Adele?! frightens me, that means people actually think it looks good or is stylish. Yuck.

    Raiana xo
    Raiana Schwenker Atelier - Etsy Shop

  6. Love nautical touches...especially with summer around the corner! Although, it's snowing today! Boo!

  7. Not a fan of the pointed nails trend-- scary! I love finding Ohio blogs (born there) so it was a treat! thanks!

  8. Gah! Those pointed nails are disgusting! And that sandwich looks absolutely amazing - yum!

  9. Such a great post and I couldnt agree more on nautical touches!

  10. I typically don't write the cheesy one liner comment: "love all these"...but it's true. Can't help it.

    And let me tell you, being married to a man who is 1/2 fish is not easy. I enjoy fishing ON the boat, but you will NOT find me in el auga. He's a dive master and spear fishes...all that. Creepy, creepy! I also may or may not have a fear of drowning. So. Yeah. On the boat it is. [grin]

    Nice to meet you! :)

    Michaela, I think I'll link up next week! I finally did Megan's "Sometimes & Always" yesterday. Took me long enough. ;) Lol.

  11. i saw that toast/egg recipe on Pinterest and now i just have to try it!

  12. I don't think I'd like scuba diving either!! I would be scared of drowning. But I do love sour cream!


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