Design Star

I have a strict schedule. A TV-watching schedule, that is. And Sunday is HGTV's Design Star. Here's the recap:

They were asked to design luxurious (key word) apartments for Donald Trump Jr.'s newapartment building in New Jersey. They said it had great views of New York! I was excited, because honestly, I love the finer things in life. Upscale, pristine, classy.

Well, I have to say this challenge left me less-than-thrilled. Out of many things I think went terribly wrong, the worst offender of all mistakes was this "Blueberry" bathroom.

This is Tom. Tom has such a gentle heart, and Tom thought that painting this small bathroom entirely dark blue was a great idea. It would have been better if he hadn't have painted the ceiling as well, but that turned blue, too! Vern Yipp, one of the judges on Design Star, made the best point of all when he noted a bathroom (or any room for that matter) shouldn't be painted a dark dark color if there is not one inkling of natural light. I mean, really! The other thing that got me was Tom repeatedly saying he was going for a "spa-like" feeling. I get the blue choice, but DARK blue? Not so sure that achieves the spa look.

My Grandma Belinda (with Designs by Belinda), e-mailed me today to get my scoop on the show last night. She made a very good point in saying how the Trump's are all about luxury! A rich, warm grey or carmel tone would have fared much better in this space! And it would have coordinated with the existing countertops.

So, bottom line: don't paint small spaces with no natural light a dark color. And moreover, don't paint the ceiling the same color! Genevieve Gorder was right when she said, "It was a hot mess". Agreed.

So, here are some of my favorite bathrooms that I keep in a file entitled "Inspiration Rooms" on my laptop. You should start one, too!

Who doesn't love a little zebra print?!

I'm IN LOVE with the lighting fixture. Now THIS says "spa".

These two are both simple. The one on the left is definitely more modern (seen in the shape of tub). Both are lovely and serene, though.

Make sure to catch Design Star, next Sunday at 10pm!

Love and blueberry bathrooms,


I had made up my mind...

...and I was only 13 years old.

I'm gonna be an interior designer so I can wear cute outfits to work everyday.

That's an interesting reason to become an interior designer, but I distinctly remember thinking this very thought. Since then, I'm pleased to tell you the reason has changed. At 19 years old, I can say with confidence that I'm destined to become an interior designer. Color, design, texture, creating, recreating, dreaming, inspiring, improving and serving. It excites me to know that one day I will be out in the world changing lives, one room at a time. It also excites me to know some people out there (hopefully!) will come with me along on the journey.
This blog is a place for me to document my life and love for design. Some posts may be about things I'm learning in school, thoughts on new design ideas, some may be about what makes me the person I am today and some may be totally and completely random! One day I hope to look back on this blog and see how far I've come...and how far I still have to go. It should be great. An adventure to say the least.

I guess wearing cute outfits to work will be a bonus, right?!

Love and Cute Outfits,

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