2020 Interior Design Trend Predictions

This was a fun post to write! I did lots of research on 2020 trends and today I'm giving you the scoop. There are a couple of my favorite 2020 trends and ones I think we'll see a lot of this year (and for years to come!)

PATTERN PLAY: in backsplashes, floor tiles, wallpaper (especially floral!)



COLOR: colored cabinets continues on, bold colored pieces of furniture with neutral backdrops, monochromatic rooms (walls, furniture, molding, fireplaces all the same color).


TRIM WORK GALORE: this might be one of my favorite 2020 design trends! Give me all the molding and trim! It's a classic way to make your space feel elevated. From wall detail work to ceilings, I'm here for this.


PAIRING OLD & NEW: the collected layered look is always something that's in, in my opinion, but mixing old and new is really gaining momentum this year! I love how Amber Interiors does this so seamlessly (notice the trim work on the ceiling, too!)


BLACK / DARK DOORS: from front doors to all interiors doors being black or a dark painted color, watch for this trend!


VELVET: curtains, furniture, even clothes!

EARTH TONES: this hunter / emerald / sage green trend we all love-- yep, it's an earth tone. Paired with that terracotta color? I just love it!

RATTAN, CANE & NATURAL MATERIALS WITH TEXTURE: allll the texture! This is another favorite trend of 2020 for me! From furniture like headboards, chairs, barstools and console tables, adding these textures and light, warm tones to your room gives it so much richness.


These are a couple of trends I found were deemed "out" when I was researching.

Over the range microwaves: opt for the microwave in the bottom cabinets or in your pantry, if you have one! Obviously this is possible for everyone.

Open shelving: so funny, because this made both the "in" and "out" lists! This was a huge trend last year, but I for one am in favor or it going out and instead doing tall, classic cabinets again!

Gray: leaning more towards warm tones these days and I'm A-OK with that!

What do you think?! What are some of your favorite and least favorite trend predictions? 

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Friday Finds

Hi friends! Happy Friday! I hope you enjoyed your week. I feel like I finally got back into the swing of work after the holidays, the wedding I helped design and plan, and then recovering from said wedding last week ;) I started with two new design clients this week and I'm so excited about both of their projects. It was also a good week because we booked our Florida trip for mid-February!! I could burst with excitement. The sunshine couldn't come soon enough.

I'm bringing Friday Finds back with some great sale items you might love, but first I shared my reading list for 2020 on Instagram and thought I'd post it here, too, incase you missed it.

1. The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield (practicing radical hospitality)
2. Stop Calling Me Beautiful by Phylicia Masonheimer (pursuing deeper truths about who God is and who you are in relationship with Him-- comes out in February)
3. Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson (how humility grounds and nourishes your soul)
4. Mark of the Lion by Francine Rivers (I'm going to try to get through the first in the three-part series, though it’s long which makes me nervous)
5. To Hell with the Hustle by Jefferson Bethke (Reclaiming your life in an overworked, overspent, and overconnected world)
6. The Prenup by Lauren Layne (fun rom-com)

* I also might try to fit in one or two more reads if I have time, but without pressuring myself to get to them, from this list: Tending Roses, Letters to the Church, The Flatshare, Get Out of Your Head, Where the Crawdads Sing, Liturgy of Ordinary.

I just started an Amazon store front so I can keep all of my favorite Amazon purchases in one spot for you guys! I have lists of home, tech, book, and general favorites. I hope this is helpful for you! My favorite and most used items within my lists are below:

1. Microwavable Heating Pad: great for neck, back or stomach cramps. I use this 24/7 in the winter just to stay warm! It also smells amazing.

2. Yeti Tumbler: this is what I drink from daily. I even bring it to the gym! I also just learned I can get my Starbucks drinks made in my own cup which keeps it so much warmer for longer :)

3. Gua Sha Face Tools: just started this since getting it for Christmas and love it!!

4. Steamer: we never even iron anymore and it's the best.

5. Alba Lotion: we both use this daily after showering, and since I'm a lotion addict, I have a little container in my purse that I use throughout the day. It's also totally safe for your body!

6. AirPods: we both got these for Christmas and I have to say, I'm hooked!

7. Lincoln's Dog Treats: these are the best because they smell amazing (I was so tired of smelling terrible dog treats every time I opened his treat jar ;)) Natural and healthy, too!

LOFT: 40% off full priced items

Anthropologie: 40% off sale items

Madewell: Extra 40% off sale items

Nordstrom: lots of fun sale items!

Happy weekend!

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Client Reveal: Emerald Green Kitchen

I'm so excited to share this client project with you today! This home was a new construction home I helped design in 2018, was built in 2019, and I finally photographed it right before Christmas in December. When my clients told me they wanted green kitchen cabinets I was like, YES and amen! I love me some white cabinets, but boy was it fun to go a totally different direction and do something out of the box. 

These clients are some of my very favorite. They had some different visions for their house, but we always found a great compromise and they both continually tell me how much they love everything about their house!

What I love most about this kitchen is that it doesn't feel over-the-top or too colorful. Somehow, the deep, emerald green acts almost as a neutral and with all the white, light colors around it, makes it so nice. The kitchen still feels bright and airy, even with darker cabinets! The touches of gold are just perfect with this color, too, don't you agree?! 

This part of the room is right by the dining table, so a little wet bar was the perfect solution for this wall. That pass through leads to the garage, mudroom and powder bath (which I'll show you next week!)

The kitchen opens to this gorgeous, two-story living room with floor to ceiling windows. The view looks out onto a small lake and it's just breathtaking. It was Christmas when I took these photos, so that's why you see stockings on the mantle ;)

In between the kitchen and family room is a space for their dining table. It's a big, open space, perfect for entertaining. 

kitchen island pendants / knobs / dining table / paint: Sherwin Williams Cascades
Builder: Eastbrook Homes 

If you had to paint your cabinets another color, other than white (or leave them wood), what color would you do?!

I can't wait to show you some peeks at the bedrooms and powder bath next week!

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19 Favorite Things of 2019

I love sharing my favorite things with you here on the blog and on Instagram. While I only show you things I truly love and use myself, this list is the cream of the crop. Settle in, because I'm sharing my favorite 19 things of 2019! 
1. Lou & Grey for LOFT Signature Softblend Sweatpants. I had been eyeing these for quite some time, then I got two pairs for my birthday and I sure as heck kept BOTH! They are the softest (like, seriously), smoothest without being silk, material I've ever felt. They truly feel like that buttery-soft feel. I live in them (thankfully I have the two pairs so I can wash one while wearing the other!) These are one of the things that have a cult following and I totally see why! This link is for the black and gray colors and this one is for the colors. They're currently on sale and worth every darn penny!!
If you need more convincing, check out my highlight on Instagram here.

2. Our Well Woven rug. It was just the change our living room needed!
3. Black out roller shades in our bedroom from The Blind Spot of West Michigan. I love it to be super dark in our room and these do the trick!
4. Countertime Eye Renewal Cream. This is where it's at! If you're not already using an eye cream and you're in your 20's, it's time. This is one of the first places we start getting fine lines AND it helps makeup go on so much smoother. I love this one so much!
5. Madewell High Rise Jeans. I haven't had a pair of Madewell jeans for 10 years and now I remember why I liked them so much! They are super soft, have just enough stretch and this is my first pair of high rise jeans...I gotta say, I'm a fan!
6. Our gym membership. I'm a yoga addict now! I go at least 3 times a week and work out another 3 times a week doing cardio, abs, arms, etc.
7. The hot tub at the gym. 50% of the reason we signed up ;) HA!
8. Our new house, of course! So grateful.
9. Our front garden. I can't wait for spring to see if my tulips come up that I planted! And then I can't wait for summer to see it all in bloom again. Maybe this year my peonies will bloom. This year we also have to tackle the backyard landscaping.
10. Native's Natural Deodorant. I love the Coconut Vanilla scent. I also rotate the Primally Pure one still, but it's nice to have two- one for my gym bag. (PS. I'll get on my soapbox for a second: if you're not using a natural deodorant, you should totally switch over! No one needs to be putting aluminum, especially women, under our arms near those major lymph nodes. I promise it's not bad or hard to switch!)
11. Amazon Workout Leggings. These feel JUST like my Lululemon Aligns. They are $25, too. BAM! They have lots of colors and they restock quite often. Love the pocket for my phone!
12. Honest Beauty Co. Mascara & Primer. Ladies, I have found the perfect mascara and this is IT. I get asked if I have lash extensions all the time because of this. It's also super budget friendly and safe! You're welcome :)
13. Amazon dog bath wand. When we lived at our apartment we had a dog bathing room with a tub and everything. When we moved, we obviously didn't have that anymore. After months of killing our backs washing Lincoln in the tub by using big bowls of water, I thought "there has to be a better way!" And there was. Here is is. This wand attaches to your tub spout and makes your life so much easier. Now we don't have to rotate filling up bowls of water and dumping them on him ;)
14. Amazon blue light-blocking glasses. These really do help me not get a headache or eye ache while doing computer work!
15. Hello Fresh. (Not sponsored, we pay for this a couple times a month because that's how much we love it!) I loathe meal planning and grocery shopping, though I'm trying to find ways to enjoy it more. It's so nice for my meals to just arrive so all I have to do is cook them (which I also don't like doing, but again...trying here!) Click here to get $40 off your first box-- not sponsored, just a thing you can do when you purchase enough boxes and I'd love to share with you :)
16. The American Gospel: Christ Crucified documentary. We watched this in December when it came out and it was so, so good. The first one was released in 2018 and it was incredible. They explore and uncover false doctrines and narratives that have seeped their way into American Christianity and give sound biblical teaching as to what the actual gospel is. Highly recommend!!
17. Survivor. I know, so old school, but I saw it on at the gym one night and got into it. Then we got home and I kept watching it. My husband had never seen it before (but I grew up watching it from season 1, then hadn't seen it in probably 10 years), so he was making fun of me at first, but by the end of the episode he was so into it, he asked if we had others recorded ;) We watched the whole season together and loved it. Can't wait for it to start in February!
18. For Christmas my husband got me this Barefoot Dreams cardigan (it's an ombre pattern, but that's sold out now). I always heard people talk about how much they love their Barefoot Dreams and felt them at the stores, but I had yet to get one until this year. I live in it, friends. It's like my house coat, haha! It's so soft and cuddly. I would even wear it to do errands like grocery shop. I'm an XS, but this only came in s/m m/l, so the s/m fits totally fine!
19. Mittens! I'm not sure why I didn't try mittens for the first 4 years I lived in Michigan, but holy smokes! They are so much warmer for me than gloves. I think the fact that all my fingers are together to prevent isolation helps a ton! These are the ones I got and I love them. They're fleece lined. I thought I'd need the xs/s, but thankfully I tried them on in the store and I actually needed the m/l!
Do you have any of these things? What are some of YOUR favorite things from 2019?! 
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The Short List No. 12

I'm back with another edition of The Short List, where I give you a peek into some of my favorite things, what's coming up and more. I love these posts because they're so fun to write! I hope you enjoy them, too. Here we go!

What's New: well, a new YEAR for one thing! ;) Not that much is very new, other than still plugging away on our house. My husband has been traveling a lot for work lately which is a bit of a new thing and one I don't love, but I'm getting used to it. He has a couple big projects in other locations right now. I'm hoping to get to go with him on one trip soon!

What I'm Listening to: I recently found this band called Tow'rs and I just love them. It's really great music to listen to while I'm working at my desk. Other than that, I usually listen to Country Music. I also love me some podcasts and in fact, I tend to listen to podcasts over music in the car lately. Since it's Bachelor season again, I love Almost Famous, Scrubbing In with Becca Tilly & Tanya Rad, Made for This with Jennie Allen, Journeywomen, Knowing Faith, She Reads Truth, The Next Right Thing, Asking for a Friend with Lauren Conrad, and anything on The Enneagram. I just listened to Sleeping at Last's episode on the Three and loved it. Please send me your favorites!

What I'm Watching: The Bachelor is back on, so my friends and I watch that together on Monday's, Married at First Sight just started (seriously, don't judge until you try ;)), we're LOVING The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (just started and currently binging!!). Very sad Netflix took Friends down. Anyone else?! Ugh!

What I'm Reading: I just got this rom com book called The Prenup that I'm starting this week, thanks to my friend Victoria's recommendation. Also preordered this book and I cannot wait to get it! She's one of my favorites to follow on Instagram, too. I've been learning so much about sound biblical doctrine, church history, and lots of theology stuff from her!

Currently Coveting: I really need a new pair of gym shoes. Loving these

What's on my Desk: Last week I helped plan, design and do the flowers for my friends wedding. Here's a peek at the gorgeous flowers! 

This week I'm diving into a new client project! She lives in a studio apartment and I can't wait to help it function better and look and feel just how she imagines it.

What I'm Looking Forward to: My husband and I are trying to plan a trip to somewhere warm in February or March! Please give me all your Florida recs! We're considering Fort Meyers, Naples, or West Palm Beach. 

On another note, my husband and I are going to a coffee shop this weekend to fill out Jennie Allen's Dream Guide. It's not too late to think about the past year and think forward to 2020. I actually like doing this a couple weeks into the New Year so I have a couple weeks to ponder before writing everything down. This is such a great tool! Get yours here.

Favorite Thing as of Lately: I got this jade roller and gua sha tool for Christmas and I'm LOVING them! I will have to do a full post on this sometime, but I use them every morning and not only does it help with any puffiness, it also helps massage a tight jaw and get circulation moving.

That's a wrap! Tell me your answers to some of the questions in the comments!

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