The Prettiest Mess

It's not a secret. I just really love flowers. If you take one peek at my instagram, you'll get the picture {pun intended:) } My mom has always had a knack for arranging beautiful flowers, so I'm the lucky daughter who gets to come home from school to a precious bouquet sitting on my dresser each and every time. My grandma, also an interior designer, has always kept the most beautiful garden. We have pictures of us gardening together when I was young and they're some of my favorite pictures. With my pigtail braids, mini watering can and a determined little spirit, I had my own little garden that I was responsible for at grandma's house. It doesn't stop there, though. My aunt {who's daughter just got married and through this amazing bridal shower} takes the cake for green thumbs. Her backyard is luscious and colorful, filled with old treasures from antique and consignment stores. I could live in her garden.

It is no wonder that I have been bitten by the same flower bug :) One of my new year's goals was to always keep fresh flowers in the house. What a fun goal, I know! Well, I recently styled a shoot in Santa Barbara and did all the florals myself. I got up at the bootie crack of dawn to go to the flower market here in Los Angeles. It's like my heaven on earth, other than the unkind hour of the morning you have to go to make it for the good flowers! Arms full of ranunculus, garden roses, spray roses and peonies {!!!} I was ready to go. Sitting in the middle of the newspaper and freshly cut stems and buds, I thought to myself, "This is the prettiest mess I've ever made." My mom would agree ;)

These pictures make me smile so big, because that's what my heart was doing while arranging the bouquets. I can't wait to show you more of the shoot soon, but for now here are some beautiful arrangements that Danielle captured!

*all images by Danielle Capito Photography | Flowers from Mayesh at the LA Flower Market | Turquoise chair from Elan Event Rentals

Do you like?! What's your favorite flower? Currently mine are ranunculus, peonies and garden roses.

Have a beautiful Tuesday!
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Spread the Love: Random Acts of Kindness

Just about a year ago I had a really special experience. I was out to dinner with my now ex-boyfriend and we had our ENTIRE meal paid for by the couple behind us.  It was the craziest, kindest, most amazing thing someone's ever done for me. Even more, I didn't take the time to look around the restaurant, so I'm not even sure what the couple looked like. Wow. What a gesture. To pay for a young couple's $80 dinner. I SO want to be able to give that to someone someday, don't you?! If you want to read about my genuine excitement, you can read this post I wrote about it happening.

You may think it's silly, but I'm planning on paying it forward on the year anniversary of this day. Even if I can't pay $80 forward, and despite the fact that I'm not together with the guy now, I do think it's important to give back to people. I want to serve others, show God's love, and truly make someone's day a bit brighter, if even for a minute. God's really been teaching me to love and serve people with nothing in return, and this is another way to do that.  You know what my favorite part of giving is, friends?! The way your heart feels after. Overflowing. I could be having the worst day then pay for someone's coffee in front of me at Starbucks, and immediately I feel an overwhelming sense of joy. It's God's way of reminding me that this life is not about me. It's about others. It's about serving. It's about making other people smile, sending friends a note, baking cookies for neighbors, buying dinner for the homeless person on your way into a restaurant, loving those who are hard to love, and loving without getting anything in return.  That's making love and life and joy really happen. 
This quote is my desktop and phone background. Download it for free by following the link!

I'm so excited to team up with one of my dearest friends, Nicole from Bloom, and with all of you who want to join in, to bring kindness to people this next week. In the next week, be thinking of how you can pay it forward, do a random act of kindness or do something sweet for a friend or family member. I'm going to host a link party right here next Monday, so we can see what each of us did to pay it forward! The blog world is such a supportive, giving, and encouraging place, I thought this would be yet another way to inspire each giving and then sharing about it! Don't think of it as bragging about what you did to pay it forward, but rather think of it as just another way to encourage others to do the same. Let's spread kindness around the world, friends. Won't you join me?!

Pay it forward, write a post about it, and link up at the party right here on Monday, May 6th!  Share in the comments if you've ever had anything paid forward to you before so we can get some ideas :)
Who's with us?!
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May is Around the Corner!

*image by Gem Photo

If you'd like to sponsor Michaela Noelle Designs in May, now is your chance to get signed up! There are two packages available for different price points. I truly love showing off great etsy shops, businesses, graphic designers, photographers, home decor goodies and blogs.  If you think we'd make a good fit, please email me at michaelawarner90 {at} for my media kit and more info. We'd love to have you!

Happy weekend!

Springy Colors & Favorite Sofas

one / two / three / four / five / six 

A few days ago I went on a pinning streak on Pinterest, pinning all my favorite images from House Beautiful's website.  We're going to play a game. What do all of the above sofas have in common?! 

They're all colored in some way.  I, for one, am totally digging this colored sofa look, especially for spring and summer. {Told you I had spring fever!} As walls are more neutral, furnishings are becoming more playful and this is the perfect example. Striped or powder blue sofas? Sure, why not?!

What else am I loving about these image? I thought you'd never ask :)
-the lattice work and lime green
-the wood island and white cabinets
-seafoam. I could live in that bedroom.
-daring pink in the living room. Go pink or go home!
-the architectural detail in the ceiling of the 5th picture
-the pastels, bright and cheery colors, perfectly fresh and sweet for the season

What's your favorite element from these pretty pictures? Do you like a colored sofa?

Happy Friday!
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Life Lately & 5 Favorite Things

I've been a busy bee the last two weeks with school starting to pick up, fun projects at work and some personal design/life things! I've captured some of the fun on Instagram {@michaelanoelle} 
- I styled a stunning inspiration shoot with this awesome photographer in Santa Barbara. I can't wait to show you more, but for now, this instagram picture (bottom left corner) will have to do!
- These shoes are my favorite neutral flats. You should see the back, they're even cuter! Scoop them up! 
- Our bathroom makes me smile big when it's filled with beautiful blooms.
- Succulents for Monday's earth day!
- This Clarisonic (the Mia version) is changing my skin care life already, and I've only been using it for 2 weeks. My skin has never been clearer. Anyone have it?!

In other news, I'm over at one of my daily reads, Mimosa Lane, sharing my 5 favorite things. You don't want to miss it...especially if you like pictures of irresistibly cute white golden retrievers :) Albertina's series is one of my favorites, so I'm honored to be apart of it.

Happy Thursday, friends. What are you up to today?

{Hair Tutorial} Half Up-do Bow

Well, you know me...always looking for new ways to try my hair! I loved this half up style in the video above. It's simple and sweet. I came up with another simple style I'm calling the half up-do bow. 

At first glance you may think it's a bit complicated, but it's actually totally doable and only takes about 5 minutes! Here's the tutorial:

*photos by Ashley

I think it's cute, but not too put together.  So, are you going to try it? Do you have any hair styles you've been loving lately? This girl wants to know!
Have a great Wednesday!
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For Your Home, Closet + Friends: Spring Fever

Homeplates / pillow / pendant
Closetshorts / pants / dress
Friendspencil holder / strawsiphone case

I quite like this little series, because it's a fun way to show you my favorite things in all departments! Not sure about you, but I have Spring Fever! I'm loving all things floral, pink, peach, bright, and spring-like. Actually, it's feeling more like summer here in Los Angeles {in the 80s already!} but I won't brag ;)

This week I'm showing off the perfect plates for spring and summer, a pillow I think should be on everyone's must-have list, and a chic pendant light.  

I'm hoping to add these peach colored shorts to my closet this year. I have the same pair in berry and wear them all the time {which is saying a lot, considering I really don't like wearing shorts!} Flowered pants and a simple floral sundress are other current loves.

This striped pencil/pen holder would be a great house warming present. Some floral straws, which by the way I'm obsessed with, could make a great hostess gift. Lastly, the adorable phone case would be the perfect birthday present for a girlfriend. I mean, I wouldn't mind one for my next birthday. Oh wait, my birthday is in November ... ;)

Which item is your fave? Are you on a floral kick, too?

{Wall Art} Third Floor Design Studio Giveaway

I often get emails from eager home owners, apartment dwellers and college students decorating their first place asking for advice on how to accessorize. There are so many ways to do this: wall decor, mirrors, vases, family photos, sculptures, pillows, curtains...the list goes on and on. Incase you couldn't tell, my favorite way to fancy up your empty wall space is a good ole gallery wall. A well-currated, thoughtful, funky or classic, perfectly balanced gallery wall has the potential to make the greatest impact in a room. If it tells a story, even better! I love gallery walls to be a mix of personal photographs, paintings, quotes, editorial pictures, and letters.

Today I've rounded up my favorite prints from one of my newest favorite etsy shops, Third Floor Design Studio. Kimberly is the talented graphic designer behind the shop. She's also an interior designer, so we just "get" each other. The above four prints are my absolute favorite from her cutie patootie shop. That Eames chair print?! DYING. Art, architecture and design majors will totally understand where I'm coming from :)

Okay, so here is the fun part. Kimberly is graciously giving away any 8x10 print of your choice to TWO winners! Hooray! Simply enter to win a print from Third Floor Design Studio below using the Rafflecopter tool.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Monday!

April Sponsors to Love

Happy weekend! As usual, I have some awesome ladies for you to meet and greet. I adore each and every one of these talented gals. Learn a little about them and then go say hello!

Hi there! My name is Marcela Barraza, I was born and raised in Chile, South America.  I came to the US following the love of my life who I met when we both were 18 years old. I’m the mother of a beautiful 10 year old girl.  I love everything that is home related: organizing, decorating and cleaning!  

I’m the founder of MB Green Cleaning, a home cleaning company in NYC and my mission is to teach everyone I can the importance of a green cleaning and how we can live healthier by making small changes on items we use on a daily basis, whether it be in our homes or on our bodies.  Tu Casa Blog was born last year and it is the outlet of my daily routine.  I hope people get to see what I do there and hopefully get inspired. I prefer tea over coffee, Summer over Winter, snow over rain (since I can't avoid Winter in NYC!), beach over country and funny movies over horror films.

Hey, I'm Shannon from GBO Fashion!  What's GBO stand for?? When my sisters and I were younger, we’d always get each other’s opinion on how we looked before going out. Sort of by accident, we came up with a quick & easy rating system – we’d simply look at each other and say ‘GBO?’. Translation: ‘Do I look Good, Bad or Ok?’. Now, these gals seem sweet enough from the pic, but don’t let em’ fool ya – when it comes to rating a fellow sister, they were BRUTALLY honest. Here’s a sampling of the kinds of answers we’d get: ‘Well your outfit is G but your face is B. You need to go re-cover that naaasty zit on your chin!’  Yep! That’s about how it went. Are you judging us right now for how ridic we were? Yeah, me too. 
Well, you get to rate my outfits according to the GBO rating system over at my blog. It's fun...and sometimes I share hilarious pictures in the weekly woofs and woots. Come visit me for lots of fashion, thrifting advice, and style inspiration. It's a party!
Hi Y'all! I'm Stephanie, my home on the web is & I also own the newly opened SS Print Shop! I am a student majoring in communications, photographer, lifestyle blogger & freelance writer. I have a big heart for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, getting to know people & their stories, helping others, photographing beautiful moments, rolling around with my husky and my beautiful soul of a boyfriend. My heart is the happiest when I am by the ocean or when I witness acts of kindness. After I graduate, I have dreams of travelling the world for two months and soaking in all the beauty God has created. I believe that working hard, being nice to people, and always being thankful (even during your trials), will allow for amazing things to happen in your life. 

I feel blessed to have connected with Michaela through this busy blogging world and wanted to take the time to thank her for the opportunity to be featured on her amazing website. She is a talent & a beautiful person, with a gorgeous heart. 
I am an outgoing, silly person who loves to laugh and meet new people! I have an obsession with shopping, minnie mouse, and the color pink. Everything happens for a reason and the small things in life always make me the happiest. I believe in true love and I know I have found mine. My life is captured through photographs and I hope to capture just a slice of your fabulous life too! I am based out of San Luis Obispo on California's Central Coast, but ready to travel anywhere to photograph fabulous weddings! My hope is for you to fall in love with your pictures over and over again, and I want you to be more then a client, I want you to be a friend.

Danielle and I are doing a photo shoot together this weekend in Santa Barbara. It's going to be epic. Stay tuned :)

Have a great weekend!


On My Desk No. 6: Room Inspired By a Painting

There two kinds of students in design school: those are who free spirits, who can see an object and do an entire room inspired by the feeling of that object. I don't just mean "decorate" around it, I talkin' come up with a whole theme, concept, with meanings, hidden meanings and bizarre / awesome thoughts to support their design. This type of student functions better without parameters. 
Then there's the type of student who needs a print out of the project with a checklist of details to turn in, freaks out when there are no guidelines (and is told "the sky is the limit") and is paralyzed if you give her something and say "design an art gallery space around this painting."

I'll give you one guess as to which of the above prototypes I am.

Ah, yes. I'm the second. What can I say?! I'm creative, but really like guidelines, a checklist, and would rather not be given a painting, sculpture, or object to be create an entire room around. Well you guessed it, that painting up there is the painting I chose for my next design assignment.  I have to design an art exhibition space, or gallery to hang this painting in, inspired by the feelings, emotions, concepts, and meanings found in this painting.

Here's where you come in. If you have any awesome ideas, I'd love to hear! I'll tell you my initial idea and see what you think of it.  Luckily I'm an art nerd and actually love Nighthawk by Edward Hopper, so I was glad to have chosen this painting (if I haaaddd to do the assignment ;)) My plan is to create an art gallery space that looks very similar to the diner seen in the painting. I will use a lot of glass, mimicking the glass wall in the painting, and have metal stools lining the gallery for people to sit and view the piece.  One of my favorite things about this painting is the fact that there's so much mystery. Who are those people? What are they doing there? Why aren't there any people out on the street? 

My idea to make the art gallery space resemble the diner in the painting then lends itself to ask the same questions of the people viewing the art.  Who are we? What are we doing there?

Deep, huh?! ;) If you have any other ideas or suggestions for me, leave them below!
Happy Friday:)

Client Room: Help Us Choose!

If I've ever worked with a "dream" client, it's Kate. This nursery design marks the third room I've helped her transform and it's nothing short of a complete joy to do for her. Kate lives in Australia, so that has presented some shopping/sourcing challenges! After doing three rooms for her, though, I'm now very familiar with some great sites Australia has to offer. Her American shipping address comes in handy, too!

After finding out she was pregnant, Kate emailed me with the exciting news and we got started right away. We're going for something neutral, sophisticated, with a dash of playful. They don't know the gender quite yet (but are finding out soon!) so this is just the basic plan. We will embellish with more gender specific accessories, art and bedding once she finds out if it's a little man or sweet little girl!

For now, we need your help! Kate and I love both the above designs, but she can't decide on a few things so I told her I'll have my readers help her out :) Here are the questions:
1. Which rug?
2. Which dresser / mirror?

Comment with your favorite and help a sista out!
Have a great day!

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Domestic Fashionista

Hey ladies! It's Wednesday which means I'm here introducing you to a sweet blog friend to share her loves and love-me-nots with you! Meet Ashley of Domestic Fashionista
Ashley's blog is a bright, beautiful place where she shares about her home, DIY adventures, recipes, and entertaining ideas.  This gal is so creative, I know we'd make great friends in real life. Ashley's style so closely resonates with mine that I just had to have her here to share what she's loving and what she's not. Take it away!

Hi, I am Ashley, the blogger behind Domestic Fashionista and I am so happy to be sharing with you all today!  Over at Domestic Fashionista I share about my passion for the home...the pretty things in it and the precious people who come through it!  I am always changing up my home to fit my current mood, decorating fun themed parties for my friends and family, and in between--playing house and taking care of my sweet hubby!

1. Outdoor Entertaining
With the occasional warm weather in Sacramento lately, I am dreaming of spring time entertaining!  I have been busy cleaning up my garden and adding more flowers and preparing my vegetable garden for the season.  My husband and I joke that summer is our social time of year because we love inviting people over to hang out in our backyard!  I think a girl's luncheon needs to be put on my calendar soon and I hope to create something as beautiful as this little setup...

2. Disneyland Bound
As you read this I am currently in Disneyland with my adorable family and you can only imagine I am just about the happiest girl on earth (along with all those other little princesses running around this place)!  Growing up in California I have always loved Disneyland but it became especially meaningful when my husband included it his wedding proposal to me.  Now every time I go back I remember that sweet time four years ago that I went as a newly engaged woman!

3. Making My Own Jewelry
My go to DIY's are usually surrounded around the home but I recently picked up an old hobby of making my own jewelry!  I remember when I was a little girl I always made my own bead necklaces so who says I should stop now that I am an adult!  My favorite right now are these fabric flower rosette necklaces I recently made and shared about from my annual Ladies Valentine's Day tea.

4. All Things Color + Pattern
I am crushing on all the bright colors and bold prints that are popular in home decor right now.  Like this home designed by Emily Henderson!  And I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to this full on obsession!  I am currently trying to tie in some new colors into my home that makes being in it feel light and cheery!

1. Husband's Weird Work Hours
My husband has been working weird work hours this last week which means eating and cooking dinner solo.  It is hard to motivate myself to cook just for myself but I tried to be good this week and still make my planned meal as well as use the extra time he was gone to get some organizing done.  It's sometimes nice to have some alone time but I miss that sweet man of mine!

2. Cleaning the Toilets
Why, oh why, is this so hard for me?!  It is probably one of my least favorite household chores yet it's the one that bugs me the most when it is not clean.  I try to do it every other week if not every week to keep it maintained and clean but I am always dragging my feet.  Anyone else have this problem!? 

Thanks so much Michaela for having me!  It was so much fun to round up some of my favorites and not so favorites from the week!  Hope you all will come by and say hi over at Domestic Fashionista! xoxo

Thanks, Ashley.  I love Disneyland, too-- in fact my mom and I just booked a trip last night! Cleaning the bathroom is always something I dread as well. Doesn't everyone?!

Go say hello to Ashley today!

Happy Wednesday! What are YOU loving and not loving this week?

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