2020 Christmas Tour

It seems like just a couple months ago we were taking down our 2019 Christmas tree, and here we are again showing you our 2020 Christmas decor. Normally I have this all up on the blog by the first week of December, but since we got Covid on Thanksgiving, I was very delayed. It's December 23rd and my post is going live...so better late than never, right?! ;)

Welcome to our living room for Christmas! We also decorated the kitchen and dining room, but I didn't have time to take photos. This year we went with a flocked faux tree from Walmart of all places and I couldn't be happier with it. It looks so nice and I, for one, adore flocked trees! My husband took some convincing, but he has since come around :)

We got the 6.5' tree because our basement has 7' ceilings, so we wanted to be able to alternate this tree from upstairs to basement each year. The flocking looks so good and with some fluffing when it came out of the box, I'm really impressed with this Walmart find (not sponsored!)

I went with a metallic and blue theme this year for both the ornaments and gift wrap. I love the icy look it gives! And it goes with our living room palette!

My little model ;)

I added some blue hued ribbon to our stockings to tie the blue in with the red stockings.

This velvet ribbon is my favorite!

I used the same faux greenery garland as last year and added some ornaments in spots and then wrapped fairy lights around it. I programmed them to come on every night at 5pm; it's so fun!

This is our front entry way right in the living room, so I added a simple gold wreath and called it good.

As always, our nativity scene is one of my favorite things. It's made from olive tree wood in Israel! I also love that it's wood, so it's not breakable for future kids.

I added one poinsettia on either side of the bookcases to bring some red in (by my husband's request!) and I love how they turned out.

Not necessarily Christmas decor, but I did get new pillow covers for the fall/winter months and I love them!

Our tree ribbon is also a velvet ribbon trimmed in gold and I'm in love with it!!

My mom got me this ornament last year since it was our first year in our first house and it's my favorite one!

Okay, so Lincoln had a little photoshoot ;)

I hope you have a Merry Christmas, however you're spending it this year!!


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