My Favorite Guy's California Visit Recap

Happy Monday, friends! I'm back this week with a few fun things, but today I realized I never shared the pictures from when my boyfriend visited California last month. We had the best time going to San Francisco with my parents, Carmel, having my entire family over for a big Sunday dinner, and hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend. The time just flew by and I can't believe I now have to wait until May to see him again! Oh, long distance, how we don't care for you one bit. BUT we do feel confident God has placed this season in our lives for a reason, and we can definitely say we have great communication, know a ton about each other, and are so excited about when the distance will end one day.

Our first outing was San Francisco. I took him to walk across the Golden Gate. It was so fun! The next day we headed back to the city with my parents and took him to see the Giant's stadium {we're a huge baseball family, as my grandpa actually played for the Giants back in the day!} We also took pedicabs down the Embarcadero, had some mint chocolate chip ice cream at Ghirardelli {a must, duh!} and had dinner and drinks at the top of The Marriott building with one of the most stunning views of the city I've ever seen. Exploring your own city through the eyes of someone who's never been here before is really something special.  

Sorry for the picture overload in advance!

My cute mom and dad...

My grandpa's name is on this plaque outside of the ballpark! {If you're interested his name is Hobie Landrith and he was a catcher ;) }

My mom captured these sweet pictures of us. So much joy! 

We also took him to my favorite beach town, Carmel.  Have you been?! It's so quaint and beautiful! We laid in the sand and basked in the sun, while watching Hope literally frolic around on the shore. It was SO cute!

 OUTFIT DETAILS: Shirt, Jeans, Sunglasses

My sweet little girl... 

Sunset in San Francisco from The View... 

As I mentioned above, I don't get to see my guy again until May. Yikes! If you have any fun things to do while apart, do tell :) We're always looking for new things to do together on Skype or FaceTime. Every weekend we watch a sermon together from one of our favorite pastors, we play a fun quiz game app almost every night before bed, and I just watched a basketball game at the same time as him yesterday {I know…the things you'll do for love ;) He has watched so many Romantic Comedies for me, I figured I should do something he loved!} Anyways, any advice, as always, is appreciated!

Happy Monday!

West Village Chic Studio Apartment Tour

Photos via Kelly Stuart for House Beautiful

After living in a studio apartment myself, I'm always interested to see how others design and work around the space. I just love how Ali Fuge's studio apartment in West Village turned out. As an interior designer, Ali totally decked out her home in all the right ways. Don't you agree?! Some of my favorite pieces include the headboard, sunburst mirror and pillow shams. That red bookcase is killer, too!

In other news, Bloom sold out in less than 24 hours and Ashley and I were beside ourselves with joy! Thank you so much for your support. I, for one, am SO grateful that God is allowing me to share my talents with other amazing women hoping to dive into this industry, or just refine their talent and learn more about any of the topics we're discussing. We're humbled and so totally thankful for the opportunity to gather with a whole bunch of creatives and teach what we are both passionate about. Doing what you love AND passing it on to others is a lovely feeling. Life couldn't get any sweeter!

Because of the overwhelming response to the workshop, we are definitely going to bring it to more cities across the US. We can't wait to beginning planning those, but for now, it's back to work on all the goodness that will be Bloom | A Creative Workshop | Michigan 2014. You can catch all of our announcements regarding future workshops on Bloom's Facebook page.

Well, it's Friday! I hope you enjoy your weekend! 

Bloom Workshop is Open for Registration!

Happy Day! Bloom Workshop's registration is officially open and we're really excited to be getting so many so many fun ladies signing up. Thank you for all of the support! If you have any questions or need help locating travel accommodations, please email me at

Sorry this week on the blog has been sparse with new content, but because of the workshop, I've had to put this little place on the back burner. I will be back full force next week, don't worry! {Not that you were ;) }

If you're still thinking about whether or not to sign up for our workshop, don't wait too long to purchase your ticket! Spots are extremely limited because we want to have quality, one-on-one teaching time with each guest. This is going to be a very intimate, safe environment for lots of learning, questions answered, laughing and a whole bunch of pretty. And good food. Lots of it :)

Sign up for Bloom here! {and see all the registration details}
Like us on Facebook here for news about the workshop and future workshops!
Read my initial post about our inspiration to create Bloom!

Have a wonderful day!

Bloom Workshop | Details & Sponsors

We're so excited to open registration for our Bloom Workshop tomorrow! We've just loved every ounce of support, encouragement and all your sweet emails over the last few days. It's making us even more fired up about the workshop on June 13th. Oh, what fun we will have! Ashley and I are both sharing about a few of our workshop sponsors today on our blogs, so you can get to know a few of the talented people who are making this event possible. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing a few sponsors every now and then. Today we're kicking it off by each introducing you to five of our favorites!

1. Hydrangea Blu Barn. This is the location of the workshop and we couldn't be more excited. So many laughs will be had, tips will be taught, story's will be shared and pretty things will be happening in this sweet barn on June 13th. Not only is this the location for our workshop, but it can be used as a fun wedding venue, photo shoot location and more!

 2. Ruby Cross Boutique. This shop is dear to my heart, as it's owned by one of my best friends, Megan. RCB offers stylish and cute clothing (love their dresses!) at an affordable price. Ashley and I will be wearing something pretty from Ruby Cross on the day of the workshop and we can't wait to show it to you. All the guest's of the workshop will also get a little something in your swag bags from the shop. Here's one of my favorite dresses in the store...

3. Evelyn Henson Art & Design. If you've been around here for long, you know I'm fully obsessed with Evelyn's art. The colors, the texture, the feeling…it's all so darn good. Evelyn has created three custom prints for all of the guest's swag bags and you're going to be beside yourself when you see them! Here's one of my favorite paintings in her shop...

4. The Day's Design. Miss Shelby is going to be doing some gorgeous florals for our workshop. Is it silly that this is one of the things I'm excited most about?! (If you know me, you're probably not surprised!) The Day's Design is a full service event design and planning company in Grand Rapids and we're counting our lucky stars that Shelby is helping beautify Bloom!

5. Dream State. FRIENDS! To say I'm drooling over this etsy shop is an understatement. Specializing in beautiful calligraphy on tote bags, Kristina creates custom bags for any occasion. Want cute totes for your bridesmaids? Check! Or how about a custom swag bag to hold a whole bunch of pretty things from a bunch of awesome vendors and shops for all our guests at Bloom?! Oh yes, that's right. Each guest is getting one of these darling bags, full to the brim with some of our favorite things.

6. Feast Events & Catering. Remember the apple orchard photo shoot I styled last fall? Feast Catering was the genius talent behind the amazing food for the shoot and we're so pumped to have Cindy and her team catering the lunch and dessert for Bloom. You will be licking your lips for days after tasting her food. Yum!

Those are just a FEW of our awesome workshop sponsors. Check out 5 more on Ashley's blog today! Registration for Bloom The Workshop will open tonight at midnight. The first 12 who sign up will receive the early bird price of $300. The rest will get the standard ticket price of $350, covering all your delicious food for the day, supplies, swag bags, head shots and more.  Hope to see you there!

If you have questions about the workshop, be sure to email me at so we can chat.

Happy Wednesday!

At Home Spring Flower Bouquet

A few weeks ago I went to the flower market with a client and, of course, couldn't help but pick up a few of my favorites flowers for our house. I grabbed the pink peonies, lavender sweat peas, and white anemones. While checking out, I always ask the worker if they're going to be throwing out any flowers I could perhaps take off their hands at a discount or for free ;) He said yes, I could have these gorgeous tulips! Are you kidding me?! These were perfectly healthy tulips, nowhere near the end of their lives, and I scored them for free. Always remember to ask about that!

I came home and made a simple floral arrangement for our dining room. 
Step one, find a pretty vase or vessel. I love this honeycomb vase. {Also, side note, I think we're going to be seeing the honeycomb pattern make a BIG appearance this next year, especially in wedding design.}

Step two: start with the tulips...

Step three: add sweet peas...

Step four: add the peonies.  I did two open buds on the right side, and one closed bud on the left. 

Step five: place the anemones to fill in the holes….

I had a few flowers left over, so I made a smaller arrangement for my room as well. In this one, I cut some Jasmine off our bush in our front yard, and holy wow. This combination of flowers smells like Hawaii bottled up in a jar, mixed with a little slice of Heaven :)

Photos: Michaela Noelle Designs / honeycomb vase

I can't wait for peony season, so all the local markets/grocery stores will carry them! Do you adore this sweet and girly flower combination as much as I do?! I think they're just perfect for the Spring weather we've been having here in California. 

Happy Tuesday! xoxo
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PS. Speaking of blooms, did you see my big announcement last week? I'll be co-hosting a creative workshop this June in Michigan. Hope you can make it! Registration opens on Thursday.

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