Bucket List

Do you ever sit down and just think...really think, about some major goals or dreams for your life? Lately I've been pondering my bucket list. And although I've had these three things on my list for a while, I'm thinkin' if I get them out in the open {you know, like here on our friend the Internet...} they'll actually get done one day.  They are big and lofty goals, but that's why I love them- it's a challenge. WHEN, not if, I complete them, I will have a sense of accomplishment and joy. I know joy and fulfillment does not come from things we do or achieve, they come from God, but there's nothing wrong with setting goals and letting them spill out on pages of a journal, or the World Wide Web, in hopes of completing them. 
one of my favorite homes in our neighborhood. turquoise door is a must for my house.
So what about you? What's on your bucket list? And just for fun, here are a few more on mine :)
-go to Paris
-have my design work featured in a printed magazine one day
- try something crazy, something someone would never expect me to do
-go to Disney World {been to DLand many times!}
-be a great wife and mom and raise some cute babies:)
-go on a girls vacay to Hawaii, or somewhere tropical
-visit every state in the US
-be on national television once
-meet Denise Richards {people say we look alike, so I think we need a real life picture to settle it}
-work for Emily Henderson or Mary McDonald....hello dream job!
-buy a ridiculously priced pair of shoes just for fun. 

Okay, now you spill. And by typing it, we're keeping each other accountable! You have permission to keep me on track with my top 3 goals written above :)

Happy Thursday- make it wonderful and fulfilling!

Feature Weekend + May is Almost Here!

Happy Weekend! What's on your schedule? Today I'm going to a conference at church, then tomorrow I'm studying for my biology test that is on Monday {really- an interior design student taking Bio...something is wrong with that:( }
I'll also be spending a little time getting ready for my trip to Michigan! So for now, I'd love for you to read a bit about my sponsors and pay them a visit!

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Jillian Nicole. I'm just pleased as punch to meet you all! I'm a Southern California native who fell in love with a Brit, and is now trying to navigate her way through the ex-pat life in Scotland! Weddings make my little heart go pitter-patter, I've never met a dessert I didn't like, and I think my husband is definitely the most handsome man God ever created!:) If you're inspired by gorgeously styled events, if peonies make you go weak in the knees, and if you love to have a good gush over all things pretty, then we're sure to be fast friends!

Stop by and say hello to them this weekend :) also...
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What are you doing this weekend?


{Before & After} Modern & Cozy Living Room

A few weeks ago I gave you a small taste of my sweet client {and blogger} Jill's new living room. After working on her e-design last November, all the furniture has been purchased, curtains have been hung, and gallery wall has been put together! Want to see the results?!
Let's start with a blast from the past....

How sweet is that last photo?! Melt my heart.

What we did: In order to lighten up the room {and distract from the dark sectional}, I chose to paint the room a soft gray and dress up the windows with some great printed curtains. Subtle, but with just enough pattern.  Next, we needed to create a separate dining and office area- all in this little space! We did this in the two little nooks of the room and tried to designate the areas into two distinct zones.  Fun throw pillows and some beautiful wedding photos hung together in a gallery wall topped off the living room. 
I'm so thrilled with how the room turned out! Jill was a joy to work with and she was a master design-executor.  We were lucky enough to have a fabulous photographer in the area to capture Jill's hard work. Thank you to Deanna Di Marzio for photographing the room! 
Deanna is a talented photographer in the Boston area, and does everything from interior/real estate photos to children, families, engagement and weddings. She's so kind and wonderful, so if you're in need of a photographer in Boston, MA give her a shout :)

What's your favorite part about the room? If you're looking to update a room in your home, I'd love to create an e-design for you. Visit my e-design page here, or email me at michaelawarner90@gmail.com. Discounted rates for Spring! :)

Have a lovely weekend...
PS. Catch me over at The Designer Lifestyle sharing one of my favorite pieces of furniture!


Trends I Heart

pastels, brights, patterns

Aren't we all just loving these brights and floral patterns? Oh, and pastels, too?! I know I am.  I see them and they energize me. This Anthropologie bedding has me longing for a new comforter- and although I'm partial to fluffy, white bedding- I'm having second thoughts after seeing this one :) Some bright, patterned pillows are the perfect addition to any couch or bed for Spring.  And if you're looking to spruce up the kitchen or dining room with some brights, those Anthro bowls are inexpensive and will do just the trick {I have them in turquoise!} Let's not forget to mention that amazing flowered wallpaper. I can see that in my future office. Bookmarking that one!

Are you doing anything to brighten up for Spring?

Have a wonderful and bright Thursday!
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Got the Joy

I love my morning routine- I get up, make tea and waffles, read a few verses in the Bible and pray, turn on pandora and listen to some good music while getting ready for the day. Tuesday mornings I don't have class, so yesterday during my leisurely morning, I sat at my desk thinking about the things I am thankful for this week.  I needed to list them out, because if I can be honest with you, I've been a tad bit down. Not in a major way, just feeling a little emotional...ha! If you've been here for a while, you'll remember I'm taking part in the 1000 Gifts Challenge and trying to come up with 1000 things I'm thankful for or that make me smile. There's no time limit on the challenge- you just write them down in a journal as they come to you. It's amazing how many little joys pour out on the page when I get on a roll.  


...Seattle sun, warm and golden
...New shower gel
...Holding hands with my boy
...Waking up smiling
...Leopard print
...Home videos
...Learning something new
...Monograms- Specifically, my "M" mug
...Grace, so vastly undeserved and freely given
....Plants; namely, my succulent. Blooming!
...Pillows. Lots of 'em.
...White puppy ears
...Candles that fill the room with warmth
...Being content with where I am. Right. Now.

Writing out and reading over these tiny joys soothes my soul. Selfishness and unthankfulness is the quickest way to a bitter heart, but thankfulness is the root to blissful joy in living fully...right where you are.
What gifts are you thankful for this Wednesday?

PS. For those wondering, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not will be back next week like normal :)

Home Office: The Little Things

I think I've made my love affair for little things very public on this blog. When I say "little things" I would be referring to little trinkets. You know- business card holders, pretty jars, books, pencil holders, mugs, cake stands, trays, pencils, striped straws. Things of that sort :) I'm constantly in search of a new way to display my pens and pencils, jewelry, hair clips, and the like.  If they're displayed on something cute, it doesn't matter what it is...it's clearly sittin' pretty on a dish or tray {even my q-tips are in an old fashioned ice cream sundae jar!}. Lately I've noted that my desk is full of little things, in little jars and platters, that collectively take up a little lotta a bit of space on my work surface ;) 
That leads into what I'm talking about today: the home office, desk area, girl cave {as my dear friend calls it}, or the place you blog!  All those little things help personalize and hopefully organize your work space. So let's take a look at some fun & stylish office areas. At the bottom of the post I rounded up some of my favorite office accessories!

via my lovely friend Rhiannon who's house I'm staying at next week in Michigan!!
So besides the fresh flowers {which is a must to a happy girl getting her work done!} what is needed on or around your desk? Here are some ideas!

Folders and boxes and stylish storage for files is a great thing to have- hides the clutter and keeps things streamlined.

Business or calling card holders are cute and practical, and this monogramed one from Design Darling is perfectly personalized.
What desk is complete without some sparkle?! This could be a book end or paper weight.
Kate Spade always does it right with bright colors and clean lines. Every girl needs some stationary handy to write to her gal pals. 
No one wants cluttered notepads or thousands of sticky notes on your desk! These striped notepads would do the trick. 

And for those curious, here's my desk:

What are your desk essentials?! 
Happy Tuesday!
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