Traditional Tudor with A Colorful Makeover

House Beautiful 

This colorful home sure is inspiring, don't you think?! I love all the fun patterns and hues spread throughout the house. What I love most is the fact that this is a traditional tudor style home, but has since been updated with this eclectic and bright palette by designer, Sara Gilbane. That sort of renovation takes guts!

A few of my favorite elements:
1. That butterfly art over the turquoise sofa. 
2. Speaking of that, I equally love the turquoise sofa :)
3. Navy blue molding in the bedroom.
4. The funky, bold stripes in the bathroom. 

Like I always sway, although this isn't my exact personal style, it's fun to admire other styles and pick out things I truly love. We can all appreciate and learn from other designs, right?! 

If you are a blogger, I recommend reading this insightful commentary on Design Sponge the way blogs are changing and what's going to be important over the next year or so. Grace executed this article so well and I agree with everything she said!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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DIY Floral Heart Wreath

Photos and Styling: Michaela Noelle Designs

We all know and love the flower crown, but for Valentine's Day I wanted to switch it up and take a familiar and pretty accessory, and turn it into something for your home. Today I'm showing you how to create a flower heart wreath, just in time for Valentine's Day, over on The Glitter Guide! Check it out and of course, let me know if you try it for yourself.

Have a beautiful Thursday!
PS. Go wish my BFF Ashley a happy birthday today!! 

Not To Be Missed No. 4

HomeLavender Bench / Brass Candlestick / Gray Sofa / Stripe Pillow / Monogram Pillow Cover / Abstract Journal
Closet: Gray Dress / Polka Dot Chambray / Bow Necklace  / Bootie / B&W Stripe Wallet / Asics 

This week's edition of Not To Be Missed features THE cutest lavender ottoman (it comes in hot pink, too!) At just $52 on sale this week, I don't think I'll be able to pass it up (and I don't even know where the heck I'll put it for now…) I've been loving that gray sofa for a while now and think that one day when I do get my own apartment, it would be the perfect mix of feminine and modern.

Speaking of feminine, this sweet textured, gray dress has stolen my heart. If I wasn't on a spending freeze, it'd already be in my closet.  One of the next things I actually need to purchase is a pair of running shoes. While I don't do that much running {read: maybe run a mile once a week…} I do run around town in them all the time and have had the same pair for 2 years now. These Asics are adorable!

Those are my favorite finds across sale racks at our favorite stores! What are yours?!
Happy Wednesday

Light It Up: Favorite Lamps

Image Credits: one / two / three / four / five

Row One: Scalloped Lamp / Cherry Blossom Lamp / Bronze Pharmacy Lamp 
Row Two: Nate Berkus Gold Base Lamp / Cobalt Lydia Lamp
Row Three:  Abacus Table Lamp / Geodesic Gold Lamp / Floor Lamp 

Recently I've been obsessed with table lamps, floor lamp, chandeliers and pendants. Today I'm showing you my favorite table and floor lamps, because there are SO many awesome ones out there at the moment. AND, the best part? They're at all different price points! I think lighting is one of the most important elements in a room, because if the space isn't lit, you won't see what treasures fill it. Overhead lighting is not enough (especially if it is recessed cans or track lighting.) Technically, as I learned in design school, you want at least three of the four types of lighting in each room. Here are the four types of lighting, so you can be sure your room has just the right amount!

1. General {the overhead lighting that generally lights up the room}
2. Task {light that helps you perform specific tasks, like reading or cooking}
3. Accent {sconces, pendants, or recessed lighting that are used to highlight artwork, sculptures, fabric, or architectural details}
4. Decorative {primarily the ornamental chandelier lighting, wall sconces, candles, entry fixtures, etc.}

Have you found any awesome table or floor lamps lately? I always say they are the "jewelry" to a room. 

Happy Tuesday!

Michigan Trip Recap: Traverse City

A few weeks ago when I went to visit my boyfriend in Michigan, we took a trip up North to Traverse City. A few of his friends have a home on the bay, and wow, is that view stunning! {I wouldn't mind looking out at a lake every morning when I woke up!} A bunch of his friends came up for the weekend as well, and on Saturday we went wine tasting at some beautiful wineries. It was such a cold fun time! Here are some pictures from our day...

DETAILS | Coat / Jeans / Boots / Scarf 

So beautiful, am I right?! 

Now, for a not-so-smooth transition… 

photo via 

I couldn't close today's post without a few comments about Sean and Catherine's wedding. As you know, I'm admittedly a Bachelor fan. Not always proud of that, but watching the wedding, I certainly was. Oh. My. Word. STUNNING is the only word that comes to mind. I adored her dress {I'm a lover of lace}, the flowers were unreal {although I didn't love all the pillars of flowers on the stage, I did love them around the ceremony space and her bouquet of peonies was gorgeous, too!} and the mixed chairs, settees and sofas for the ceremony seating was perfection. I only wish we would have seen some of the reception space. Goodness, I bet it was equally as drool-worthy. Mindy Weiss does it again  How can you watch that wedding and not dream about getting married?! ;) 

Did you watch the wedding and what were your thoughts?

Have a wonderful Monday!
PS. Speaking of The Bachelor, check out Desiree Hartsock's home tour and all the fun Lulu & Georgia goodies {the adorable online home decor boutique I work for.} I've been lucky enough to be working with her over the last few months and she is completely sweet!

January Spotlight

Happy weekend!! Today I'm showing off a few of my favorite, very talented ladies! 

Led by her mantra, "painting is a celebration of life," Georgia based artist Evelyn Henson creates brightly colored work to uncover the the celebration in the everyday. Though she's had a lifelong love for all things creative, Evelyn didn't first pick up the paint brush until May 2012, when she was inspired to paint her Mom a Mother's Day gift. That first floral still life for Mother's Day immediately instilled Evelyn with a love for painting, and she hasn't put down the paint brush since. Influenced by her studies as an Art History major, Evelyn spent the following year exploring various styles and subjects, painting everything from elephants to perfume bottles. After graduating in May 2013, she quickly began selling her art online. Now, you can find a wide variety of carefully designed prints + paintings for sale in her shop. Through her designs, she strives to create chic and stylish artwork for the modern girl.


 I started The Life of the Party as a way to document past parties for my children, family and close friends and it’s since morphed into a fashion and interior design lifestyle blog.  I’m very passionate about design and find my brain constantly swimming with ideas of new and interesting color combinations and mixing of fabric textures and patterns. This blog has turned my passion into action; I’m constantly inspired by everything that surrounds me on a daily basis and The Life of the Party is my place to bring those thoughts and ideas to life.


Brittany is a blogger & designer of many things. From blogs to fonts to logos, her passion is design & creating beautiful visuals. She is the voice behind Gallery No. Eight, a curated site full of art, decor, fashion & the lovely things that inspire her. Currently working as a designer & illustrator, she has been blogging for over 2 years and enjoys working with bloggers to make their visions come to life.


Check out these gals and have a blessed weekend, my friends! I'm off to visit a client and put together some projects for the next few weeks. 
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Promise in the Petals

It's Friday, which normally I would celebrate by showing you a pretty home tour or some fun project I've been working on, but today I'm getting personal and digging into real life.  If you like the pictures above, you may want to continue reading :)

If you've been reading here for any length of time, you know I love flowers. There's something so special and sweet about colorful, delicate blooms. Flowers are sort of a mystery, because they are so soft, intricate and never-before-seen. Before that flower blooms, no one has ever seen its petals or center colors or shape before. Every time a new bud opens, I think of it as a little secret between God and me, thanking Him for creating those little joys; joys like pretty buds, luscious greenery, and a world filled with so much wonder, we could never see it all or experience enough of it. 

Something heartbreaking happened this week. My Grandparent's home was broken into, but thankfully nothing was taken and no one was harmed. God's protection was covering that home. When I heard this news, my heart sunk because I know firsthand how violating and scary this type of situation is. When I was a senior in high school our home was broken into, and I was the one who came home to the house first and found everything disheveled. How could someone do this to us? To my grandparents? It's a weird feeling of sadness and extreme violation of your space. I love the home, our home, and what it represents to our family. I love my Grandparent's home, because it's filled with such love and family and good food. To hear it was broken into made my heart sink.

As I was browsing through the flower market yesterday, I began thinking of those little buds blooming and how each one is hand-crafted by God. God cares about the big things in life, but he also cares about the little things. He cares about the flowers blooming, the birds chirping, the homework, the job, the pups, the dinner. This, I realized in that moment, is one of the many reasons I love flowers. A bouquet on the dining table reminds me of life, it reminds me that God always cares about what we're going through, because He is the one who just caused that bud to open in the morning sunlight, and then close back up again at night. My Grandma needed some flowers in her house yesterday. She needed to look at something pretty on her dining table and just know, as the anemone petals open this morning, so does a new day with the promise of hope. God cares about the little petals and He definitely cares for her, their house, and their protection. Yesterday, I whipped up this bouquet, stuck them in an old mason jar we had lying around and dropped it off with my Grandma. She teared up, we hugged, and we both know how it feels to have this happen to our homes. We have also both experienced God's protection and care over our families.

Flowers make a house feel alive and they certainly lift your spirits {I'm convinced!} We are so thankful our family is safe, nothing was stolen {it's amazing, really} there are fresh flowers on our dining table, and with each new bloom we are reminded of the promise the Lord makes to each of us. He cares for us.

"Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." 1 Peter 5:7

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fashion: Favorite Winter Clothes Remix

Last week I was in Michigan visiting my boyfriend, and I'm not sure about where you live, but Michigan is real, real cold. Like, my-eyes-water-when-I-walk-outside-cold.  Being from California {where, just so you know, we're in a drought and it's been 70 degrees all through January…}, I had to buy a few new jackets, sweaters and miscellaneous snow gear to get me through the week and today I'm sharing my favorite items with you, incase you're in search of some warm items for arctic temperatures! In addition to these outfits, I also LOVE this coat I showed you last week. 

My boyfriend is quickly learning about my job as a blogger, so he offered to take these pictures. Soon he'll be an expert photographer just like my dad, who takes most of my pictures you see here for fashion posts. The men in my life are really good sports ;)



Look One: Gray Puffer Jacket / Scarf (similar, similar) / Jeans / Boots

Look Two: Striped Shirt (similar-- sale!) / Sweater / Jeans / Boots / Gloves / Necklace

Look Three:  Striped Shirt (similar-- sale!) / Black Coat / Jeans / Booties (very similar and on sale!) / Gloves / Scarf (similar) / Hat (sold out, but these are cute!)
My favorite look is probably the last one, as that coat is about 50% wool, so it really does keep me warm! Not pictured are the cuddle duds I have on UNDER my jeans, and boy are those things lifesavers. I've never worn a pair of them before my trips to Michigan, but I'm not sure how I would have survived without them now. The best things I purchased for this trip, though, were definitely my black Ugg gloves. They are lined with really warm fur and you can use your phone with them! I definitely recommend everyone who lives in freezing temps to get yourself a pair. They make great Valentine's gifts, too! I've learned if my hands and feet are cold, the rest of me will surely be cold, so the most important items are warm socks and toasty gloves. These definitely do the trick.

Hopefully these looks have inspired you to stay stylish AND warm :) What are your lifesavers in cold weather?! This California girl wants to know.

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