Little Black Dress, Gold Heels & 2014 Goals

Happy New Year!! It's 2014! Friends, this is going to be a wonderful year. Believe it.

Yesterday I showed you some of my favorite blog posts and happenings of 2013, and today we're starting fresh. This is the day to resolve to love better, serve more, give yourself more grace, travel someplace new, have hope, joy and faith. This is the day to start fresh, trust in God and know that you can do anything with His help. Today I'm celebrating the hope a new year brings with some fun gold balloons, a lot of confetti, a black dress and gold heels:

DETAILS | Dress: Anthropologie; Tights: Target; Heels: Macy's; Necklace: BaubleBar (sold out but they have so many pretty ones!); Bracelets: Kate Spade & Margaret Elizabeth

This year I made a two separate lists of goals; personal and business. I always make a few goals, but never am one to make lofty statements and resolutions I know won't happen. Like going to the gym everyday... if you know me, you know that ain't happening! Each year I try to focus on a few things, words or overarching goals for myself, while realizing I might slip up. My biggest hope is just to do what God is calling me to and live fully, but because it's January 1st, I'll share a few of my goals with you. Sometimes it helps to get them out on paper (or on the internet, in this case...) so you have some accountability. Here we go...

Personal Goals:
Be more patient. Be intentional in time spent and invested in close friends and family. Read the Bible every day and grow in my relationship with God. Live a more healthy lifestyle by drinking more green smoothies, eating fruits and veggies more often, working out at least 2 times a week (this is a stretch!), and drinking water. Choose joy daily. Kick anxiety to the curb by trusting more fully in God and obeying His plan. Serve people and volunteer in the community. Plan creative dates for my boyfriend. Go somewhere I haven't been before. Continue writing down things I'm thankful for.

Business Goals:
Continue stretching myself creatively. Learn from those ahead of me. Help young girls develop a passion for design. Teach. Develop a business venture with one of my close friends (more on this soon hopefully!) Be more organized and learn the "business" side of my business more. This will include buying more filing cabinets ;) Grow my business. Cultivate a community of passionate people and inspire others. Have my interior design work published.

What are some of your personal and business related goals? I'd love to hear them! Happy 2014!!!


  1. You are adorable! Cute photos and great goals for the new year! Hope you all the suscess to reach them all!

  2. I am certain that 2014 will be filled with tons of adventures for you! You are just such a light! XO

  3. Fantastic photos! Happy New Year Michaela!!

  4. Love your personal and professional goals! Happy new year, pretty girl!

  5. This is so fun Michaela! I'm so inspired by both of your lists and I can't wait to see what 2014 brings you.

    Chelsea & The City

  6. That last photo captures so much joy! I love it. Good luck with all of your goals. You can move mountains. xo

  7. You are adorable!! Love the last 5 pictures!! And I love your heart and your goals!

  8. I love those balloons!! Great goals you've set for yourself this year ... some of mine include reading Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, visiting NYC and Maine with my husband, taking better photographs for my blog and painting a large 18x24" painting. :)

  9. Happy New Year to you gorgeous girl! Love the photo shoot, I was looking for the gold heels only just saw them from the back :)
    Best of luck with reaching your goals this year, I too want to eat more healthy and drink less and walk more instead of catching the buss. I have stuck my goals up on the fridge so I see them each day to remind me of what I want to achieve. Also having some fun goals is important too, almost like a reward for your hard work.

  10. I love these pictures, they are so beautiful and your goals are so sweet. They really made me think!
    Happy 2014!
    xo Kat

  11. Love these pictures of you! You look absolutely gorgeous! Happy New Year to you!


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