2021 Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our 2021 holiday home tour! I had fun putting a couple simple touches in almost every room this year! Come on in and take a look around :)

Living Room:


I love how our little Christmas card display turned out this year!


Our Bedroom:

Guest Room:

Thanks for peeking around our house at Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, you get to see your loved ones, and also pray you know the reason Christmas is celebrated! The birth of Jesus gives us present and future hope in Heaven; in an eternity spent with Him. This is truly the greatest gift! Out of everything I have ever shared here in this little space, this is the most important thing I will ever share. God sent his son, Jesus, to earth to live a perfect life because we couldn't, and then he died for us so we wouldn't have to, and now He's preparing a place for us in Heaven, where we will get to live with Him forever, free of pain and suffering. Praise the Lord for this gift! 

Merry Christmas, friends!!

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