Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

I've always loved holidays, but since having the boys, they really do feel more special and magical. I want to savor their babyhood AND I can't wait for them to actually get excited about holidays, gifts and special traditions, all at the same time! I went back and forth on doing Easter baskets for them this year, but I decided to just go for it, because how cute will they be sitting up next to their Easter baskets as babies?! I'm a big fan of celebrating the big and the little things, so if filling a basket for your baby who won't remember it this year is fun and celebratory to you, then go for it :)

I had so much fun rounding up some fun Easter basket ideas for babies for you! I've tucked away the idea from other mom-friends to fill the baskets with a couple things the babies will be needing around now or come summer. Things like swimsuits, sandals, and a couple new toys or books to pull out over the next few months. 

The Easter Basket

We got these and I had their names personalized on the ears...they are just too cute! Almost all of these options come in multiple colors / patterned liners and with the option to personalize. 

BASKETS from left to right |
plain wickerblue bunny / floral ears 
white felt bunny / white scallop
blue gingham ears / woven bunny / blue wicker /
pink bunny

The Goodies Inside

Here's my round up of some simple toys, cute swimmies, bath toys and books for Easter baskets this year!

SHOP| baby boy rash guard swimsuit / baby girl swimsuit / baby boy sandals / baby girl sandals / stacking boxes / bath toys / Easter is Coming book / Little Blue Truck Springtime book / stuffed animal duck / teethers / baby sunglasses / boat bath set / stuffed animal dog / floral bib (lots of colors/patterns) / mix & match cupcakes / sippy cup with straw / wooden shape sorter

The boys are getting those adorable swimsuits, sandals (I mean, can you even?!), stacking boxes, the books, and the bath toys. They already have stuffed bunnies that they haven't played with, so I might put those in there too :)


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