Favorites Moments & Products of 2021

Happy 2022! I know we're halfway through the month now, but I couldn't forget to share some favorite moments and things with you from the previous year before moving on. 2021 was one of our hardest years yet due to our struggle with infertility and a couple of hardships in our families, but we've also seen how near God has been to us in this time. I'm so grateful for the pockets of joy we found, amidst a really challenging year.

First up, I'll share a couple favorite moments and then I'll share 15 of my favorite products below!


1. We finished our basement! We worked on this from fall of 2020-January of 2021 and it was so worth it! I'll have to show you how it looks as of now soon.

2. Our February trip to Florida. It was so beautiful and warm! We needed this time away so badly together.

3. We finished our bedroom design by getting a new rug, hanging our pretty artwork and getting a new mirror. It has made me love our bedroom so much! 

4. My flower garden produced so many little blooms this summer, I never had to buy flowers from the store from July-October. Bringing in fresh flowers (almost daily!) from just steps away in our own backyard was so fun and gave me some very needed joy.

5. One of my best friend's and I got to do the florals for a friend's wedding in July. Our friend was also in our youth group when she was in high school and we were her leaders, so it was extra special!!

6. We went out to California and got to meet my new niece, Ruth, when she was just 2 weeks old. She is such a doll and I love her so much! It was the same trip to CA where we got to stay at my parent's new house. It's been really fun to see their new home come together.

7. Celebrating 5 years of marriage in the place where we actually got married was so sweet! Carmel will always be one of the most special places to us. 

8. I got to visit one of my best friend's in the hospital to meet her new baby girl. Her mom was busy taking care of their other daughter, so I got to be their visitor and I nearly lost it when she told me I could come meet her at just a couple hours old. It was the best, most precious thing!!

9. I was met with such encouragement and love when I shared that we are currently walking through a season of infertility. We are so humbled that so many of you are praying for us as we wait for baby Beel. Thank you, friends!

10. This sounds so funny to make my favorite memories of 2021, but here we go: in November I had a surgery relating to fertility and I was so nervous about it. I'd never had surgery before. The procedure went so well, my recovery was better than I could have expected AND we got some answers for the first time since being on this journey. We are praying these findings lead us to a healthy pregnancy soon, but even if that isn't the outcome, I am so thankful that God brought me through an experience I was so terrified of and helped me be brave along the way. 

11. We loved our time in California for Christmas. Seeing our niece again for her first Christmas was really special and our trip to Tahoe was so fun. We also had a really fun New Years Day with my husband's family in Michigan. Thankful for some family time!


1. Weezie Towels. They're so soft and plush!! We have hand towels for our powder room and I also have the dark washcloth, which is great for removing makeup because it won't stain!

2. Our Powder Bathroom Redo! I need to get this photographed and then I'll be sharing it all with you. As you probably remember, my friend hand-painted these flowers and it looks like wallpaper, which is so fun! 

3. Averr Aglow. I have found some great skincare products (all clean) for acne, which I've been dealing with for a while now due to hormones. I really like their entire acne line!

4. Lou & Grey signature soft blend sweatpants and sweatshirts. This makes the list every year, because they're that good!

5. Our new nightstands. Finishing off our bedroom in 2021 was definitely a highlight for me! The nightstands really completed the design and can I just say, as a designer and 31 year old, it's real nice to have matching nightstands for the first time ;)

6. Olive & June nail polish. This is my new favorite cleaner nail polish and it's only $8 per bottle!

7. Voxer. I know this sounds so funny and probably outdated, but I have loved using this voice-messaging app to stay in touch with some friends who live far away. It's so convenient, as you can leave a voice message and then the recipient can respond whenever they have time! It's SO much easier than voice-texting within your regular texting app. 

8. Slippers. I know, I know, the criss-cross slippers are so trendy. I got them last year for Christmas after researching a ton of brands on Amazon. I totally lucked out and found the best brand! I loved them all year round (though in the winter in Michigan, I did wear them with socks ha!) I wore them so much, I needed a new pair this Christmas. For about $25, replacing them didn't seem like a big deal. 

9. Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy. This book was definitely the most influential book I read this past year, especially as my husband and I have been walking through infertility. If you know anyone who is hurting or grieving or in a season of waiting, I highly recommend this to not only them, but also you, so you can come alongside them in their struggles!

10. Fleece Lined Leggings. These are amazing! They're meant for outdoor winter work outs, but we all know I don't do that ;) For me, I just wear them on an everyday basis in winter because #puremichigan. They're so warm and comfortable and they have zipped pockets for your phone.

11. Ellis Brooklyn Perfume. As you probably know, I'm pretty concious of what is in the products I use for my home cleaning and beauty routines. One of the things that has the most toxins in it is the word "fragrance". Did you know that companies don't have to disclose ingredients in their fragrances because it's considered a "trade secret"?! I've always known perfumes weren't great for us to be ingesting, but I couldn't get away from it because I want to smell good!! ;) I would just spritz a tiny amount of the perfume on my clothes, not my body, for years and that was definitely better than putting it on my skin, but I wanted to find a more clean scent in the long run. Happy to report I finally found it!! Ellis Brooklyn's fragrances are beautiful and a much, much cleaner option. They're super conscious of the ingredients they use! My favorite scent is RROSE, but I also love FABLE & SWEET

12. Barefoot Dreams Blanket. This is about as boujee as it gets over here! My mom got me the blanket for a birthday present and I've literally not parted with it since November 1st. I sleep with it and sit on the couch with it every single day. McCann knows he can't use it ;) Ha! It's that good!

13. Neck Massager. I know this sounds like an exaggeration, but this thing is life changing. For under $40, it's truly incredible! The massage modules are strong, the heat setting is so great, and you can use it on your neck but also move it all the way down your back. My best friend got this for me before my surgery in November and I truly could not be more grateful!

14. Facial Steamer. This is making the list again, because it was truly a simple joy of 2021 for me! I use it once a week before a my charcoal mask. It really helps open the pores to unclog everything. 

15. A couple storage items: a lazy susan for our fridge to conserve space, woven baskets for a stylish way to hold toilet paper, and a hanging wrapping paper organizer. All of these small items have made my life so much easier!

Okay, that should do it! Now I want to hear your favorite moments, memories and products from 2021!

Have a wonderful week!

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