Maternity Photos

This is a really special post to be sharing today, because I really never knew if we'd ever get to take maternity pictures while we were going through infertility. It seemed like a far-off dream. But it is here! We have two healthy baby boys growing in my belly and I'm just so grateful we got to capture this special time in our lives. My friend Ashley did a beautiful job and I know they are photos we will treasure forever and ever! 

I was 28 weeks when we took these, so I've grown quite a bit since then ;) It was April, which in Michigan means the landscape is still very much dead looking. I was so excited to find this beautiful greenhouse nearby called The Glass House. It was just the perfect backdrop! My dress is Nothing Fits But and it is legitimately the most comfortable, well-made dress I own. It's not maternity (but is marketed as maternity friendly), so I envision keeping it forever!

We love you so much, little babies, and can't wait to meet you so soon!

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Peter Rabbit Themed Baby Shower

Last month I had both of my Michigan showers back to back. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but so, so fun to have everyone there to celebrate the blessing of these twin boys! My best friend threw the most beautiful Peter Rabbit themed shower for us, I just had to share :) All the details were precious and made me feel so loved! It was extra fun because one of my past clients, who I adore, hosted the shower at her house that we built back in 2019.

Come on in!

I have to tell you, I am terrified of birds (always have been!), but my friends just got these new chicks and they wanted me to hold them for a picture because TWINS ;) 

The entry was set up so cute with the shower favors of macarons and flower seeds. Did you catch the precious rain boots stuffed with flowers?! They got two pairs-- one for each boy -- and I can't wait for them to wear them when they're older.

We had the most delicious punch, teas and coffee waiting for guests. I just loved how the theme was was so beautifully tucked in every corner!

The shower was in the morning, so it was perfect for a lovely brunch. We had delicious quiches, salad with berries, scones and brunch coffee cake. yum!

My friend is incredible with flowers (you should see her massive cut flower garden she grows every year!), so the arrangements she made were stunning. She definitely brought the garden aspect of Peter Rabbit to life!

Look at these adorable napkins they found with bunnies!! 

Having all my friends there to celebrate was so special!

They had this little activity set up where they could write on cards with encouraging words or bible verses, then clip them to newborn diapers. I just loved this! I have tons of diapers with notes on them to read after a diaper change for some encouragement :)

I couldn't believe how many beautiful and thoughtful gifts we got! These babies are already spoiled ;) We asked everyone to bring a book and we got some of the cutest books I've ever seen. I'm so excited to read them to the babes!

I got my diaper bag (aka backpack!) and I was just so excited about it. It was filled to the brim with diapers, which was so fun.

Just a handful of my friends who came...I am so thankful for these ladies who have prayed us through a really difficult season and are now rejoicing with us over the babies' lives. God has been so faithful to us to provide such a wonderful community. And a really cool thing happened-- the friend on the bottom left was also struggling with infertility at the same time as us. We never knew if we'd get a picture like this, both holding our little baby bumps, but here we are both pregnant! Praise the Lord.

Thank you to my friend Ashley for taking these lovely photos to get to remember this special day!


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