Tried & True Skin Care & Make Up Favorites

You all know I'm a recent convert to safer beauty products. I never looked at ingredients labels even a year ago and now I read them like a hawk because it's actually really important to me!  I'm sharing a couple tried and true products with safe, effective ingredients that I love. They all smell amazing and have been SO good to my skin.
face wash acne spot treatment cleansing balm / lipgloss / charcoal face mask / adaptive moisture lotion (moisturizer) / dew skin tinted moisturizer with spf 20 / kids bath wash

The Cleansing Balm is a new-to-me product! I just got it 3 weeks ago and love it so much. I used to use coconut oil to take off makeup, but I started noticing I was getting dry around my eyes, so I stopped that. The Cleansing Balm is a 4 in 1 product as it removes makeup (what I use it for every night!), is a moisturizing face wash, and can be used a mask (leave it on for 20 min and rinse) OR you can actually sleep in it and use it as a heavy moisturizer.

If you struggle with acne, occasional breakouts or oily skin, Beautycounter's new CounterControl line is perfect for you. This has totally curbed my oily skin. When I've had a breakout, I wash with this, then put the SOS Acne Spot Treatment on it and it drastically reduces the length of the breakout. Hooray!
It's so important to exfoliate our skin. We can do that a couple ways. The first is with an exfoliator wash and the second is by masking! Our Charcoal Mask is a best seller for good reason. It draws out your impurities and leaves your skin SUPER soft and not too dry after you wash it off (something most charcoal masks don't do!)

Heading into the dryer parts of the year, this Adaptive Countermatch Moisture Lotion is my best friend. It has technology in it that actually knows if your skin is too dry or too oily and it counteracts whatever is going on, giving you an even skintone and skin type throughout the day!
Have littles at home?! The Kids bath wash smells like strawberries and is obviously totally safe! My cousin's son says he loves it because it smells good and makes him all "slippery" ;)

A fun way to finish your look is with lipgloss. I've never loved a lipgloss more! My favorite colors are Peony and Bare Shimmer. We actually have a super fun holiday set with 10 lipglosses, which would make great, affordable gifts when broken up!

Have a wonderful day, friends! And please do share with me your favorite products; beautycounter or not!

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Decorating with What You Have: Fall Edition

Last month I wrote about how I was going to refrain from buying anything new for Fall, even though I really wanted to. I wanted to practice decorating with what I had + with a small apartment and plans to hopefully move to a larger place in the future, we don't need to be spending money on yet another pumpkin figurine only to take up space. 

My process for decorating for Fall with my existing decorations went like this:

- Clear off any specific summer decor (I mostly decorate with neutral pieces that could technically be used all year round, but there are some pieces I prefer to be out only for specific seasons. 
- Get out all my existing fall decor items and lay them out.
- DO NOT look at old pictures from past years. I wanted to use the items I had in (hopefully) a new place, although there's not tons of space in our place for things to go ;)
- Try to find some other pieces that could pass as "fall" to mix it up. I found a couple textured or patterned vases I loved, I even dug up an old frame and print and put it out. I actually didn't even know I had this, so it felt new!

I actually don't have too much fall stuff to bring out, but the items I have, I've had for nearly 5 years. My challenge was to be joyful while putting out the same things I've put out for years, not feeling the need for more. I thought it'd be fun to show you some comparisons from last year to this year's decor placement!

2017: layered pictures

2018: found this white frame and pretty watercolor painting. Same candles, same sign. I just like them here :) But feels a little different with an existing plant.

 2017: Gather sign on the ledge

2018: cute wood sign and collage of layered pics. That little white vase is the vase I've had and decided to fill it with dried hydrangeas this year.

Cotton // Olive branches (found that I had bought there earlier in the year)

 2017: more color

2018: more neutral (found these houses that I used last year at Christmas and used them for fall instead!)

 Pumpkins on a stack of books // pumpkins by themselves in front of vases.

2017: pumpkin on the buffet tray

2018: pumpkin on the bookshelf

You see a lot of the same things, but it's mixed up just a touch! It was more fun than I expected. Hope this inspires you to use what you have first! It was a challenge that got my creative juices flowing :)


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My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is just a week always seems to sneak up! I will be honest, my love language is gifts, so I can't help but create a wishlist of a few things I might like to spend my b-day money on ;) Here's what I'm crushing on!
Hand cream set: I'm a lotion addict. I definitely got this from my mom, who always is applying lotion ;) This set of 3 all have different smells and they are each incredible. They're soft but don't make your hands oily or sticky, which are both important factors when choosing a lotion, ha! 
 T3 curling iron: I've been hearing amazing things about this curling iron. Things like, perfect curls in one pass and curls that last overnight without needing to touch up the next day! This is definitely at the top of my list.

 Throw Blanket: this is the throw blanket we have in our living room, but in another color. They are just that good :) I love the dusty blush color!

 Penny riding boots: I have this boot in black and have had them for 3 winters now. I love them so much and always reach for them, when I saw they had them in brown, I thought it would be worth putting on my list! They are so comfortable. I've walked all over Chicago in them before.

 Homebody by Joanna Gaines: Of course JoJo's new book is on my list! And if I don't get it for my birthday, I'll be transferring it swiftly to my Christmas list.

 Cardigan poncho: My mom mayyy have already gotten me this as their gift to me and I'm in LOVE! It's not itchy (my main criteria) and it's warm! A coat can also fit on over it if need be (and I can assure you need will be here in Michigan ;))

 Rothy flats: I've heard nothing but good things about Rothy's from all my wedding industry friends who work long hours standing up. I love flats but have a hard time finding comfy ones, so that's why these are on my list! I love the leopard pattern, too. Since I wear a lot of neutrals, these could be perfect to spice things up a little. 

 Black coat: Girls, I need a new black coat. I try not to say "need" unless it's true. But it's true, I tell ya! I have had the same black coat since the year before I moved to Michigan, so it's pretty beat up. And to be honest, it's never really been THAT warm. My mom has this one and I loved borrowing it while she was here, so to my wishlist it went.

 She reads truth bible: I have a Bible I love (The Gospel Transformation Bible ESV), but I've heard that this one is great because of the devotional content pieced throughout the verses and chapters. It's also just beautiful!

  Pecan pie candle: Have you ever had one of Ellery Mae Candle Co.'s candles?! If not, you're missing out. This one was my favorite from last year's holiday collection! Also, stay tuned next week for a little giveaway on my Instagram :)

Earrings: I rarely change my earrings. I love my simple studs. But these I think are so sweet and feminine and would be easy to change out without making a massive statement :)

That's my list! Anything else you're loving that I should add?! Can't believe I'm turned 28 next week!
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Traverse City Trip Recap

Last week when my mom was in town visiting, we went up to Traverse City and did some wine tasting with my husband, mom and me. It was so fun! The fall colors were about 70% there, so it was just gorgeous and God even blessed us with some sunshine (which enhances the colors!) I'm showing you a little recap of our trip (aka emptying my camera roll into this post ;)) and letting you know what wineries we went to, just in case you want to plan a trip in the future!

Our first stop was the Old Mission Peninsula and we went to 2 Lads Winery first. My mom loved their wine so much she became a member. We were laughing so hard because this was our first winery-- if she did this at all our stops my parents would have a TON of wine ;) Thankfully this is the only one she became a member at, ha! Their view is great, the building isn't my favorite (it's very modern) but the wine is tasty.

Next up we went to Chateau Chantal. It does have the most beautiful views (water on both sides!) but it was so crowded and I wasn't overly in love with the wines.

 mom's jacket (on sale) / my jacket (same, but gingham pattern)

Next up is one of my favorites of all, Brys Estate. They have a cute little gift shop, garden and the day we were there they even had a pumpkin patch complete with donuts and cider.

Their dahlia farm was so pretty! Just a few blooms were left.

Despite the cold weather, I still got their Froze since I loved it so much on our anniversary trip there about a year ago. My husband got a hot spiked cider and my mom got white wine. We met the people next to us and it was so fun chatting with them. It was crowded, but thankfully they shared their table with us. So nice!

The view off their upper deck is so stunning.

I didn't take any other winery pictures, but after Brys, we went to Mari which is really pretty and delicious (love their cheese boards!) but it was so cold since the sun had set, we didn't sit outside.

Later that evening we drove over to the Leelanau side of the bay and met my grandma, who was staying with her sister and her sister's daughter at their cottage in Northport. It's right on the water-- stunning views! So fun to see my grandma (my mom's mom).

It was so windy, so the waves were big! We stayed the night with my family, then got up the next morning to head out.

Our last winery stop on the way out of town was Black Star Farms. It was GORGEOUS. Though no water view, it was still one of my favorites. We got a bottle of their Late Harvest Reisling and Cherry Sparkling Wine. Both so delicious!

One day I want to stay on their property in their hotel:

On our way out of town, we got coffee from BLK MRKT per my friend Kristin's recommendation. It was tasty (I heard, I drank a hot chocolate ;))

Once we got back to Grand Rapids, we went to see my breeder friend's Australian Labradoodle puppies (same breed as Lincoln!) I had to show my mom in case one day they want another dog :) She fell in love!

We also went shopping together-- what we do best :) I found this adorable lilac / purple color tie sweater (comes in 4 colors):

This pink PJ set (omg it felt like I'd be sleeping in luxury)

My mom got lots of Lincoln snuggles while she was here:

She even got to see a beautiful sunset!

On her last day, we went to the dog park and Lincoln gave her a tour ;)

Then we got cleaned up, went to lunch at my favorite restaurant called Nonnas. If you're local, you've got to go!

Living across the country from my family comes with it's struggles, that's for sure. But I'm always so grateful for our time together!
Happy Tuesday!
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3 Ways to Add "Fall" to Your Home

Fall is definitely here to stay! If you haven't quite gotten in the spirit yet, I'm hoping this post will give you a couple really simple ways to add small touches of the new season to your house to make it feel like extra homey. As you know, I'm a neutral gal, so I'm not going to be putting tons of orange or black in my house, but what I do love doing is adding things to our living space that evoke feelings of the cozier months. Read on for my top 3 ways to add fall to your home...

Items with Texture: blankets, pillows...bring on the cozy! I grabbed this blanket during the Nordstrom sale and oh my gosh, it's the best blanket I've ever owned. My husband wants another so we can each have our own ;) Other ways to add texture to your house are through storage baskets, plants, wood or metal accents, trays, vases and art with visual texture, metallic tones, branches and wreaths. Texture is one of the main ways to make a space feel warm and inviting, which is why it's so important in the cooler months!

our fall home tour
Harvest + Pumpkin Touches: maybe this is on your porch if you have one, or maybe you simply fill a hurricane jar with pumpkins and gourds! I got one of my client's houses an adorable gold pumpkin from Target and set it on the bookshelf. It was perfect! Either way, doing something to celebrate the season is always fun! I'm big on celebrating, no matter how big or small. 
Fall Scents: whether this is with a diffuser and oils (try thieves and tangerine or citrus or cinnamon and vanilla!), a lovely fall candle (have you smelled the Trader Joe's candles? They have apple and pumpkin and I got both because #decisions), or making your own potpourri on the stove (try orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and nutmeg!), new smells awaken your senses, inspire you, and help get you into the fall mood!

What have you done to celebrate the season in your house?

Happy Monday!
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Friday Finds: Fall Faves for Your Home + Links

I haven't done a Friday Finds post in a while! Instead of just sharing sale finds today, I thought it'd be fun to round up some of my favorite fall home decor for you. Then below I'm sharing some favorites from around the web, what I'm loving, etc.

1. Blankets:

*this is the one on my couch that I'm completely obsessed with. We fight over who gets it ;) 

2. Pillows with texture:

3. Other decor:

4. Doormats & wreaths

And now for some sales around the web:

Anthropologie: 25% off extra off sale, no code needed
LOFT: friends and family 40% off sale!
West Elm: 20% off furniture, 25% off storewide using code AUTUMN
Nordstrom: new markdowns!
J.Crew: 40% off coats, boots, sweaters + 25% off everything else with code BUNDLEUP
J.Crew Factory: pick a price sale
Madewell: extra 30% off sale styles with code ORDERUP

Lastly, I'm ending with 3 of my favorite things from the week:

1. I got a new fall nail polish color in the mail from Sundays Studio. It's a non-toxic nail polish and this brand honestly lasts longer than any regular polish I've ever tried (better than OPI!)

2. This podcast is always convicting and encouraging. If you are going through a season of grief, pain, or suffering OR know someone who is, I highly encourage you to listen to the latest episode on hope in suffering

3. I'm planning to try this soup next week. If it's as good as the pictures make it look, we're in for a treat :)

4. This pretty kitchen reveal.

5. This might be my favorite product of all time! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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