Traverse City Trip Recap

Last week when my mom was in town visiting, we went up to Traverse City and did some wine tasting with my husband, mom and me. It was so fun! The fall colors were about 70% there, so it was just gorgeous and God even blessed us with some sunshine (which enhances the colors!) I'm showing you a little recap of our trip (aka emptying my camera roll into this post ;)) and letting you know what wineries we went to, just in case you want to plan a trip in the future!

Our first stop was the Old Mission Peninsula and we went to 2 Lads Winery first. My mom loved their wine so much she became a member. We were laughing so hard because this was our first winery-- if she did this at all our stops my parents would have a TON of wine ;) Thankfully this is the only one she became a member at, ha! Their view is great, the building isn't my favorite (it's very modern) but the wine is tasty.

Next up we went to Chateau Chantal. It does have the most beautiful views (water on both sides!) but it was so crowded and I wasn't overly in love with the wines.

 mom's jacket (on sale) / my jacket (same, but gingham pattern)

Next up is one of my favorites of all, Brys Estate. They have a cute little gift shop, garden and the day we were there they even had a pumpkin patch complete with donuts and cider.

Their dahlia farm was so pretty! Just a few blooms were left.

Despite the cold weather, I still got their Froze since I loved it so much on our anniversary trip there about a year ago. My husband got a hot spiked cider and my mom got white wine. We met the people next to us and it was so fun chatting with them. It was crowded, but thankfully they shared their table with us. So nice!

The view off their upper deck is so stunning.

I didn't take any other winery pictures, but after Brys, we went to Mari which is really pretty and delicious (love their cheese boards!) but it was so cold since the sun had set, we didn't sit outside.

Later that evening we drove over to the Leelanau side of the bay and met my grandma, who was staying with her sister and her sister's daughter at their cottage in Northport. It's right on the water-- stunning views! So fun to see my grandma (my mom's mom).

It was so windy, so the waves were big! We stayed the night with my family, then got up the next morning to head out.

Our last winery stop on the way out of town was Black Star Farms. It was GORGEOUS. Though no water view, it was still one of my favorites. We got a bottle of their Late Harvest Reisling and Cherry Sparkling Wine. Both so delicious!

One day I want to stay on their property in their hotel:

On our way out of town, we got coffee from BLK MRKT per my friend Kristin's recommendation. It was tasty (I heard, I drank a hot chocolate ;))

Once we got back to Grand Rapids, we went to see my breeder friend's Australian Labradoodle puppies (same breed as Lincoln!) I had to show my mom in case one day they want another dog :) She fell in love!

We also went shopping together-- what we do best :) I found this adorable lilac / purple color tie sweater (comes in 4 colors):

This pink PJ set (omg it felt like I'd be sleeping in luxury)

My mom got lots of Lincoln snuggles while she was here:

She even got to see a beautiful sunset!

On her last day, we went to the dog park and Lincoln gave her a tour ;)

Then we got cleaned up, went to lunch at my favorite restaurant called Nonnas. If you're local, you've got to go!

Living across the country from my family comes with it's struggles, that's for sure. But I'm always so grateful for our time together!
Happy Tuesday!
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