Fall Staples: For Your Skin

Woahhhh, it's October! That happened quickly ;)

Back this week with some more fall staples; this time for your skin! If you missed last week's post on fall staples for your closet, you can catch it here. Cooler weather also means it might be time to switch up your skincare routine to accommodate your newly dry skin (anyone else?!) One thing I do pretty quickly once the weather changes is get our humidifier back in our bedroom. This not only helps my throat but also my skin! The other things I love using this time of year are all below. I hope you enjoy!

1. Face Exfoliator- I love this Nourishing Cream for a gentle exfoliator. I also use my Clarisonic once a week (when I remember) to exfoliate a little extra. This is key, even if you think you shouldn't because you have dry skin, because it sheds our dead skin layers so that new skin can grow.

2. Soothing Moisturizer- This one (no scent) is my favorite. I use one for day and one for night. However, if you need something even a little heavier to restore your skin more at night, I highly recommend this one. I switch to it in the winter, but fall is never too early to start giving our skin a little extra moisture. And if your skin is dry year round, the countermatch adaptive lotion is my favorite one.
3. Mask- Charcoal mask for drawing out impurities, but Cleansing Balm to restore moisture (also can be used as a face wash and overnight moisturizer! This is one of our best sellers, for good reason. If you're a Colleen Rothschild cleansing balm fan, this is the perfect safe version to switch to!)

4. Hydrating Foot Care Routine- about once a week I use a foot scrub and then a pompous stone to slough off dead skin. My feet are dry, guys. Maybe because of wearing sandals all summer?! Then I apply a hydrating body lotion. This one smells like a dream. You know, like the creamsicle popsicles?! 

5. Conditioning Lip Balm- this is about the time my lips start going through some changes. They start to get dry from the new, cooler weather. I used to swear by vaseline, but after learning the health risks, I replaced it with this lip conditioner at night before bed and this nourishing balm during the day, which has a soft tint.
6. Face oil- this may seem counterintuitive, that we wash our faces to rid our skin of oil then are told to slap some more oil on our skin. BUT I assure you, this is a necessary skin care step as we need to replace our skin's oil with good, nourishing oil. This one is my favorite as it has vitamin C in it, which is one of the best things for our skin to drink up, but I've heard great things about these as well. I put this on my skin (directly) every other night and then if it's feeling extra dry, I'll add just one drop to my morning moisturizer.

Let me know what your favorite fall/winter products are for your skin! And if you have any questions about Beautycounter, let me know in a comment or email. I've been a consultant for the past year now (because I genuinely love the products and see a visible difference in my skin!) If you'd like more information on safer beauty products, you can sign up for my once monthly newsletter here. I'd love to have you join it!

Happy Monday!
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